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Talking tough, talking stupid

As I’ve mentioned before Republicans love to talk about killing their opponents but they don’t want to be held responsible for their rhetoric. Case in point, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene declaring Americans must use the Second Amendment to fight liberal tyranny, but of course she’s not suggesting violence, not her!

Conversely, when indulging in heated rhetoric about liberal fascism or the communist takeover, they evoke Stalin while offering tame examples like liberals “manipulating their access to status and comfort.” Stalin did a damn sight more than that, dudes. Likewise, lying Trump toady Matt Gaetz claims that blaming Republicans for 1/6 is the blood libel. Dude the blood libel involved mobs killing Jews for supposedly using children’s blood in their Passover bread; I don’t see mobs coming for your head, The QAnon accusations about cannibal pedophiles are much closer to the blood libel in substance, and they’ve already led to some violent incidents. And they do want people’s heads.

That does not, however, stop them from just making up injustices, like J.D. Vance claiming dozens of 1/6 seditionists have been jailed without charges. It’s a lie. So is Dennis Prager’s claim the 1/6 insurrection was a false flag like the Reichstag fire. Ted Cruz told the truth about 1/6 this month, but then had to walk it back. SC Senator Lindsay Graham has a shit fit that Biden calling out the insurrection as just that is politicizing events. Yes, what could be political about an attempt to overthrow the duly elected president.

By contrast Republicans have no problems with the Republican party committing to the goal of more people dying of covid. And yet some members of the press pretend there are no significant issues in current politics.

Now, to the stupid —

Speaking of covid, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, brings the stupid to his anti-vax arguments with “Why do we think that we can create something better than God in terms of combating disease?” Yes, remember how natural immunity has conquered smallpox, polio, tetanus, measels and flu? Oh, wait, we get shots for those. In Wisconsin state government, nitwit Republican Treig Pronchinske argues that since we can’t see covid virus particles, we can’t tell if anyone has it, let alone treat it. Again, a few centuries of medical history show he’s full of it.

Then there’s anti-vax militant Christopher Key, who says you can beat the Trump virus without a vaccine by drinking your own urine. And the conservative who claims, a la Ron Johnson, that God’s a better doctor: healing through prayer will be like universal health care with no deductibles. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is siding with anti-vaxers on the dubious grounds that workplace safety laws don’t specifically cover pandemics.

And then there’s the guy who said history classes about Nazism and Soviet communism should be impartial.

David Bateman of the Silicon Valley firm Entrata lost his CEO gig after claiming the covid vaccine is part of a Jewish takeover plot (“For 300 years the Jews have been trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and place a Jew covertly at the top. It happened in 2013 with Pope Francis.”).

Returning to  the tough talk, at least a few bullies are getting their comeuppance. Kaleb Cole of the Atomwaffen Division neo-Nazi group got seven years for threatening journalists with death. The leader of the right-wing Oathkeepers has been arrested for his 1/6 role.

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It’s not about winning (and other religious links)

As Jack Kirby once observed, humans are really bad at living by their ideals. It’s much easier to turn them into flags, then go and kill everyone carrying a different flag. The idea that our religion, for instance, is about something bigger than “our side wins!” is a difficult one.

Case in point, Donald Trump Jr. informs young conservatives that they’re playing too nice: We’ve turned the other cheek  … I understand the mentality but it’s gotten us nothing,” he complained. “OK? It’s gotten us nothing while we’ve ceded ground in every major institution.” Dude, it’s not about getting us something in this world, it’s about acting in the way God requests. Of course, I doubt Junior cares — I’m sure his Christianity is ass nonexistent as his father’s — other than convincing his audience to support The Former Guy when he tries to overthrow the government again.

I have similar thoughts about Melissa Crabtree, an Oklahoma Trump voter and conservative Christian who says she’s angry at being ridiculed for opposing mask mandates: “Why people are choosing to shame others, I don’t know.” Given she’s also angry over men not being masculine enough, gender blurring and teaching kids racism is bad, I suspect she’s fine with shaming people — just not people who think like her (I could be wrong).

An old Slacktivist post looks at the right-wing bullshit that women should give birth without drugs because, the Bible!

And of course we have right-wing bullshitter Charlie Kirk comparing Kyle Rittenhouse to Jesus.

The pandemic has stressed out clergy just like laity.

Militant Islam is on the rise in Pakistan. Not that our religious right here wouldn’t be just as bad once off the leash.

I’m an admirer of Beth Allison Barr and Kristen Kobes Du Mez but to patriarchalist ministers and Christian leaders they’re false teachers and wolves. As the article at the link says, the problems are “not the fault of those asking the questions; the problem is building a take-it-or-leave-it worldview on premises that don’t hold up to scrutiny made in good faith.”

A Christian in Virginia is outraged that a banned books display includes the Bible.

Even some of The Former Guy’s evangelical allies are upset with his cussing out Israeli leaders — how dare Netanhayu call and congratulate Biden? I suspect they’ll still vote for TFG when time comes though.

Conservatives love to blame sexual harassment and predators like Harvey Weinstein on liberal sexual values. But then we get conservative Christians like like Pennsylvania DA Bill Higgins, a Very Moral Man who goes easy on female defendants in return for sex. He was later convicted.

Christian finance guru Dave Ramsey has been sued by an employee, Brad Amos, for religious discrimination. Amos says his religious beliefs require him to mask and take other steps to avoid spreading Covid; Ramsey is anti-covid restrictions and allegedly fired Amos. I’m sure all the Republicans so outraged about vaccine mandates will raly to Amos’ cause … I’ll come in again.

And now some Christmas links:

“An escaped camel sent police scrambling in a Kansas City suburb this past weekend. The dromedary in question escaped a Nativity scene in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Learning history from It’s a Wonderful Life. Caution, it’s not always a good teacher. It’s a better teacher in matters of faith.

“Christmas hope may well fall in the psychological category of wish fulfillment. But that does not disprove the possibility of actually fulfilled wishes. On Christmas, we consider the disorienting, vivid evidence that hope wins.” — Michael Gerson on not giving in to despair (pitched to fellow believers, but I am one).

“Most evangelical posturing on covid mandates is really syncretism, a merging of unrelated beliefs — in this case, the substitution of libertarianism for Christian ethics. In this distorted form of faith, evangelical Christians are generally known as people who loudly defend their own rights.” — Gerson again.

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Not exactly the finish to 2021 I expected …

I’m still dealing with so much non-writing stuff during the morning that it’s very difficult to get into a creative headspace. So nothing on fiction this week.

On the plus side, I gave Undead Sexist Cliches it’s final proof (via a PDF downloaded from Draft 2 Digital). I spotted a few mistakes and several places where I need to clarify what I meant, but it’s done. The Ebook will go out next month; the hard copy too if I can index it fast enough. So woot! I admit I haven’t followed best policy and hyperlinked the footnotes to the text, but that’s more work than I’m willing to take on right now. Hopefully it won’t be a big issue.

I also squeezed three more Leaf articles out of my brain as those don’t require a creative headspace. And batted out an Atomic Junkshop post about Christmas just so I had something up this week.

Looking back at 2021 — man I remember when that was such a futuristic setting — and my goals, it’s obvious I fell way short. Part of that was covid and the anti-vax covidiots ensuring we wouldn’t get out of the pandemic for more than a few months. It was also the sheer amount of work it took to get Alien Visitors — oh, the official title from McFarland is now The Aliens Are Here — finished on deadline. So I’m not beating myself up. And I did well — Undead Sexist Cliches and The Aliens Are Here done (and both good), that golem article finished (and also good) — even if I didn’t get any fiction written.

Still for 2022 I feel quite unenthused about coming up with my usual detailed list of goals, so I’m not. While I’m a firm believer goals should be specific and measurable — it’s much easier to quantify success or failure with “submit sixteen short stories next year” than “submit lots of shorts” — I’ve got a lot of general goals such as “do something interesting locally,” “travel,” “push myself in writing” and “end the year with more money than when you started” (usually my financial goals are more specific). My intention is to set more specific goals for each month and see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe I don’t eat out in January but we have two dinners out in February; if TYG’s schedule doesn’t permit us to take joint day trips, maybe I go solo.

I’ve also got a number of specific goals written, mostly writing related. Publish Undead Sexist Cliches — that one, at least is a done deal at this point. Finish Impossible Takes a Little Longer. Finish six short stories — I do variations of that one every year but this year with no massive nonfiction projects, it should be doable (I hope). And readjusting my schedule to make it more effective again. Eating healthier but also cooking more desserts. If I keep it sensible, both should be doable — though the pecan cream cheese bundt cake I made last weekend is definitely not sensible. I would have made it for a potluck or something but I really liked the recipe and the results were delicious.For January I want to get in 25,000 words on Impossible Takes a Little Longer and the same on Oh the Places You’ll Go (as it’s a short story, that represents multiple drafts). A bunch of other projects too. And to resume bicycling regularly. My aerobic workouts in the morning are good, but too many push-ups and lifts takes a toll on my elbows and shoulders (though my impinged shoulder has improved — I think general strengthening has helped). I’d like to shift more of the exertion to my legs.

I’m also going to reward myself if I get a lot of stuff done. I haven’t done that in years but I’m thinking it might be feasible financially to make more big-ticket purchases this year. So why not treat myself to an expensive book if I do well on my goals?

And I’m also going to research just how to adapt to our current reality. I’ve bookmarked a number of articles about “what is safe to do now” and I’ll be browsing them and thinking what’s possible and what isn’t.

If you’re reading this, you too made it through 2021, hopefully without too many battle scars. Here’s to wishing all of us a better 2022.

#SFWApro. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights remain with current holder.

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Political links: The Former Guy and other liars

The Former Guy has, of course, no interest in facts, only what lie serves him best at the time. So he’s gone from holding up the Sedition Day rioters as wonderful, patriotic people to claiming (along with Candace Owens) they were a false flag operation. Never mind that we know the right-wing, pro-Trump Proud Boys were there — one of them just got more than four years.

And while some pundits have been marveling that TFG has turned pro-vaccine, Roy Edroso points out what he’s really in favor of is getting credit for inventing them (“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines … “All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.”). He remains anti-mandate and anti-mask. Even so, that’s too pro-vaccine for Alex Jones and others.

The head of Gab says when the Jewish group ADL attacks him he can feel demonic energy coming from them. Meanwhile, TFG tosses out anti-semitic tropes about how Israel controls Congress.

Bullshit historian David Barton lies that so many people die of knife attacks in England it’s obvious banning guns doesn’t save lives.

An “ex-gay” Christian activist insists he’s still an ex-gay Christian even if he keeps having gay hookups.

Rudy Giulani and OAN accused some Georgia election workers of being part of the non-existent election steal. The election workers are suing them. Over in Texas, corrupt AG Ken Paxton has spent more than $2 million fighting non-existent voter fraud.

Tucker Carlson announces we should all stop discussing the Trump Virus because it’s boring.

The religious right has been all about First Amendment Freedom when it comes to exemptions from mask mandates. I’m inclined to agree with NBC News that they won’t be sympathetic to a guy who says he was fired for masking even though his Christian beliefs required it.

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The Republican Party is pro-covid (and other links)

That’s Paul Campos’ argument: treating social distancing, masks and vaccination as personal lifestyle choices is no different from someone who argues drunk driving is a personal lifestyle choice, not any of the government’s business.

We know masks and social distancing help control the Trump Virus, but some right-wingers are still peddling the “don’t be afraid of covid” bullshit — and getting to do it in major mainstream outlets. As a subsequent LGM post says, the problem with the post is not an argument “people don’t care about covid policy” but liberals are fools for caring. 

“I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they cant bring themselves to admit it.”

New York governor Kathy Hochul referenced people claiming a religious mandate exemption as “people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” That’s a fairly standard religious sentiment, routinely uttered on the right but to Neal Gorsuch it’s proof of anti-religious bias. As noted at the link, this didn’t bother the Supreme Court when it was bias against Muslims at issue.

Another anti-vax Republican dies of something, hmm I wonder what?

Why even Trump can’t get his voters to reverse course on the vaccine.

Anti-maskters left a blistering review of a Durham’s Luna Rotisserie, grumbling its mask policy shows the place is “full of Satanic activity.” Which is now the logo on the restaurant’s T-shirt.

I anticipate The Former Guy’s new social network, Truth Social, will crash and burn. But even though it’s not yet live, he’s already using it to fleece the flock.

Balloon Juice argues the Jan. 6 investigation is hitting harder than I thought with things like finding Mark Meadows in criminal contempt. Time will tell, but there’s only so much time left. On the plus side, using felony obstruction against the insurrectionists has passed its first court test. Oh, and when the hearing brought up Fox News, Fox News doesn’t mention its own anchors’ ties to the coup.

The DC attorney general is suing Proud Boys and Oath Keepers over their 1/6 involvement.

Trump is suing the New York state AG to stop her investigating his business.

Similarly the Supremes permitting Texas “anyone can sue an abortion doctor” won’t stop them ruling a proposed California “anyone can sue over guns” law unconstitutional. As discussed in this comments thread, though, there may be a political gain in showing non-Republican voters how the game is rigged.

More Republicans are more openly white supremacist. At the link, one bigot notes that “great replacement theory” plays much better in the mainstream than “white genocide.”

I linked to this earlier but here it is again: former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs offers an example of how to fight poverty and how to stop talking about the poor as if it’s all their own fault. By contrast we have Megan McArdle explaining that sure, Scandinavian countries might cover your education and health expenses, but you can’t afford servants — as if the average American family had maid service, or might not think that was a fair trade off. In contrast to Tubbs, McArdle has claimed when poor people are poor, it’s always their own fault.

Electric companies “don’t make money off of solar power generated from rooftops” which is why one Florida company is trying to make rooftop panels less of an investment.

Ever heard those Facebook rants about how Dems being men forced Republicans to elect Trump? Tucker Carlson’s a believer.

The right-wing never tires of the lie that Democrats are setting up concentration camps. Presumably because that’s what they’d do if they could.

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The Republican desire that we die

Okay, not entirely fair. I think they’d be perfectly happy if we all just gave up masking and distancing and fighting the Trump Virus and accepted that horrific and needless deaths are just a fact of life. That’s how they approach gun deaths, after all. And it’s not just The Former Guy: the entire party is liable.

Republicans in Congress are willing to shut down the government to fight President Biden’s vaccine mandates. As noted at the link, the Democrats have worked out a tentative agreement to keep going until February, but it’s not guaranteed. And shutdowns are bad for Americans in multiple ways, including public health.

In Tennessee they’ve banned medical boards from disciplining doctors who lie about covid (I assume they’re liars rather than just wrong, given how many medical professionals profit from being anti-vaxxers). A federal Trump appointee has blocked the mandate for healthcare workers using brilliant insights such as if the vaccine was any good, it wouldn’t need booster shots! Like his master The Former Guy this judge is a very stable genius (Roy Edroso vents entertainingly as always about this). So is Rep. Ronny Jackson who claims Omicron is a Democratic plot to rig the 2022 election. And isn’t it suspicious it’s all right-wing anti-vaxxers who die of covid, not Democrats?

While Republicans were outraged over generous unemployment benefits supposedly inspiring Americans to stay home and not work, four states so far have expanded benefits for anyone who loses their job for refusing a vaccine mandate.

And despite their denial that covid is a serious threat, anti-vax conservatives keep dying. Too bad The Former Guy, who took no precautions after testing positive (Scott Lemieux suggests he’d have been delighted if debating Biden infected Biden), got the best healthcare on Earth.

Organ transplant candidates who refuse to get vaccinated are also risking their lives for bullshit (“Breen also expressed skepticism over the public campaign for vaccination, saying she questioned the reasoning ‘behind pushing it so hard.'”).

At the nutjob end of the lying right-winger spectrum, Jew-hating preacher Rick Wiles claims covid vaccine changes our DNA.

“Typhoid Ron” DeSatis is a more accepted figure than Wiles, but he does just as much damage.

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes back to the old “traffic accidents have killed more people than Covid” meme by arguing we don’t close schools for cancer. Which, of course, is non-contagious. I seriously wonder why Greene’s even in Congress as she doesn’t do anything but babble bullshit — is the right-wing celebrity an end in itself or does she anticipate a Fox News show down the road?

To end on an up-note, a reminder the pandemic will end, eventually.

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Time to check in on the grifters

As I’ve said before, while Republicans are sincerely committed to white supremacy and misogyny, they’re also shameless about scamming the marks. It may be unfair but that’s my default assumption. For instance, Rep. Lauren Bobert insists nobody needs maternity leave — she gave birth in a truck, then got back to work! The possibility that not giving birth in a truck and going back to work might be a good option doesn’t come up. But like pretty much every Republican politician, she has to oppose all things liberal and love Trump to have a future.

I assume QAnon cult leader Brian Protzman is sincere about his raving anti-Semitism. However he’s also pushing a financial scam in which you invest in dinars or other low-value currency, then become rich when they’re revalued to be worth $1 per dinar (currently it’s like $.00069). And he also claims Covid testing swabs are designed to track down the descendants of Jesus so the Jews can kill them. As Fred Clark says, to fleece the suckers, “the only lie you’ll ever have to tell them is the lie they were already telling themselves.”

“Donald Trump won Arizona by a quarter million votes,” according to Mike Lindell. He’s been consistently wrong about overturning the election, but he’s still selling the same snake oil.

Trump-lovin’ preacher Shane Vaughn now claims the Founding Fathers were descended from the tribes of Israel. It appears the dude has a history of fraud before he become a MAGA grifter. Though Vaughn’s penny ante compared to billionaires such as Kenneth Copeland (more here).

Then we have not only the bullshit about Critical Race Theory but the pretense it’s a grass-roots movement. Roy Edroso’s pointing out it’s costing teachers their jobs. And now we have a Texas politician whose criticizing school districts with books that make (white, straight, probably male) students uncomfortable. Or TX Governor Greg Abbott claiming there are pornographic books in school libraries. Ah, remember the days when they sneered at safe spaces  for snowflake liberals? I’m sure Republicans are sincere about wanting to ban books that discuss race or gay rights, but they’re playing to the bigots in their voting bloc too.

In a sense, the entire GOP is now a scam. They’re presenting themselves as a party that didn’t support violently overthrowing the election and they’re getting away with it. Partly because the media keep assuring us the system worked. A mob attacked Congress but they didn’t succeed so clearly Republicans aren’t that bad.

Speaking of the media while this story about how milk used to be just $1.99 a gallon before Biden took over isn’t grift per se, but it is a lie, one the reporters should have caught. Even the cheapest milk hasn’t been that cheap in a while.

In our current environment there’s very little consequence for the people who spew this crap. But there are exceptions:

James O’Keefe has a history of incompetent scam operations against liberals, but that hasn’t killed his career. We’ll see what this FBI investigation does.

NewsMax correspondent Emerald Robinson warned that the covid vaccines are evil because “the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked.” Luciferase is indeed a component of fireflies’ cold light, but it’s not in the vaccine (it was used in research) and despite the name it’s not Satanic (Lucifer in Latin is “light-bringer”). Newsmax contradicted her and temporarily benched her, while Twitter has suspended her, apparently permanently.

Jenna Ryan, the seditionist who bragged that a pretty white woman would never do jail time, has received 60 days. She’s milking her martyrdom, but I’ll take the slight win.

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Got my booster vax!

Happily I didn’t suffer any ill effects other than a sore arm so I gained some extra work time (I’d planned for a couple of dies lying inert. As I’ll be going to the movies to catch Eternals next week, I figure it’s just as well to be extra vaccinated.

I don’t have a good image for my vaccination so here’s a photo of Wips and Snowdrop waiting on the front steps to be fed.If I have the energy I’ll post this afternoon. If not, this will serve as my week in review post.



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Blogging about bad Republicans is low-hanging fruit

But since I’m too tired for a deeper post, I’ll pluck it.

Football coach Jon Gruden was recently fired for his many sexist, homophobic emails. Erick Erickson protests that lots of people talk like that so what’s the big deal?

Lying anti-Semite Rick Wiles claims he only opposes Zionism, not Jews. Of course, he also says “Merrick Garland is a Jew. That’s why they’re taking over school boards.” Like I said, he’s a liar.

David Barton says only people who pretend to be Christians supported slavery. His son ain’t much better.

Trump says if the GOP doesn’t stop Democrats from cheating in 2022 and 2024, Republican voters should stay home. For once I hope they listen to him.

“Michael Gableman, the former judge leading the review, admitted days later that he does not have “a comprehensive understanding or even any understanding of how elections work.”  — a look at another fake audit of elections, this time in Wisconsin.

Will the GOP make the logical leap from “covid vaccine mandates are bad” to “no vaccine mandates for anything?”

Ohio Republican Josh Mandel complains about vax mandates at a school board meeting, and it’s not even his school district.

Texas’ child welfare agency yanked its LGBTQ resources page after a Republican complained.

A school official warns parents that the state could crack down on them if they give kids anti-Holocaust books without pro-Holocaust material for “balance.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney has spent $100,000 of campaign money on her own companies.

Cyber Ninjas in Arizona didn’t find the fantasized massive proof of fraud. So of course Mike “MyPillow” Lindell says they’re part of the cover-up. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s Republicans want to search voting machines in Durham, one of the bluest parts of the state.

Contemptible as I find Republicans equating vaccine mandates with the Holocaust, it’s not a new shtick with right-wingers — I’d forgotten Sarah Palin referred to criticism of her “gunsight” ads as blood libel.

Here’s OAN host Dan Ball explaining not only are vaccine mandates turning us into Nazi Germany, vaccines have killed thousands of people. Which is what is known as a lie.

Michelle Bachman, former Congressional representative and permanent bullshit artist claims that firing people who won’t get vaccinated is no better than murder.

A judge in Tennessee had some black elementary school kids carted to jail in handcuffs. Their crime? Well they watched a schoolyard fight and the judge decided that could qualify as a crime, so …

A Tallahassee police chief says as a Christian, he can proselytize to his employees. Which is a)not legal and b)it would be front page news if a Muslim said that.

Michael Flynn tries to convince his fellow QAnon supporters that he hasn’t switched sides to Satan.

Right-winger Charlie Kirk claims we Democrats want Americans living in sexual anarchy.

It’s always projection with the right-wing. They think we’re out to brainwash their children because that’s what they want to do.

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Lies, liars and … AT&T?

How did the far-right Trump Won The Election OAN “news” network come to be? According to Reuters, AT&T saw money in adding another right-wing network to their U-verse Internet TV options, from which OAN migrated to DirectTV (that part is complicated).

For me the money shot of the story is a former OAN employee defending them on the grounds nobody else is doing stories like these or catering to viewers who share the network’s worldview. In other words, if there are viewers who want to be told lies about how Trump won, catering to them is no different than making a romance or SF series because there’s a market for it. And of course, OAN is creating that market for bullshit by reassuring its viewers they’re right.

Not that OAN’s the only lying liar: Sen. Ron Johnson claims there is no FDA-approved vaccine in America. And right-wingers constantly lie about how the older, higher tax rates didn’t take more money from the rich because of all the loopholes.

As I mentioned in a previous post right-wingers have been waging an astroturf campaign against mask mandates for a while. But for all their “my body my choice” bullshit some of them are increasingly unhinged with anyone who disagrees with them, saying kids wearing masks is “rape” and “abuse.” Or we have this guy’s plans for National Walk Your Child To School Day: “They think it’s gonna be a fun and safe photo opportunity with parents and kids,” David Hakimfar, a West Hollywood attorney and anti-vaccine activist said at the protest Tuesday. “Let’s show up here and show them it’s not. Let’s show them how we really feel. Let’s make them afraid.” Some people are already afraid with good reason. And the same for healthcare workers.

Not that this kind of reaction is unusual when privilege gets challenged Cops like to pose as heroes, but if they’re asked to help the wrong people

Or consider Janet McEachin, Idaho’s lieutenant governor, who keeps trying to seize power whenever the governor’s out of state. Or the head of CyberNinjas who’s refusing to participate in a Congressional hearing. Hell, if I’d made several million dollars for a bullshit audit like his, I doubt I’d want to discuss it either.

How about Republicans who say they were horrified Biden abandoned our Afghani allies — but don’t like Afghani refugees living here.

Not that it’s all Republicans Millions of lawyers are supposed to get their student loans forgiven for entering public service. Not how it works in practice.

To end on some good news:

Biden has reversed the Trump rule that family planning clinics getting federal funds cannot recommend clients to abortion services. And a federal judge has temporarily blocked Texas’ “anyone can sue an abortionist” law

A 1/6 rioter broke down in tears at his sentencing. I’m sure it’s because he never expected to face consequences, but I relish his tears. A Texas man gets 15 months for the covid-licking hoax.

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