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Forced birthers: if you can get pregnant, God demands you do so!

In May, two men writing for the popular evangelical website The Stream warned that “maternal sovereignty”—the “right to refuse motherhood”—is so dangerous and “deadly” a notion that “rational women” who abort “for calculated reasons” should be placed in “short but mandatory psychiatric custody.‘” As Charlotte Shane writes at the link, these dudes aren’t outliers in the forced-birth movement: at its heart, it’s built around the belief that women have no right not to be pregnant. Nor any rights, period, compared to the fetus — women, as I’ve mentioned before, are aquariums.

The Federalist has printed multiple articles discussing how women refusing to get pregnant are making a terrible mistake. Matt Walsh thinks the very idea of contraception treats pregnancy as a health issue rather than celebrating the power of women to give birth (never mind that it does, indeed, come with lots of health issues). Despite lies about how the Dobbs decision doesn’t threaten birth control access, they are coming for our contraception (gay marriage too). Why wouldn’t they, when they hate the idea of women having premarital sex without consequences.

In other misogynist news:

“If, in a given day, twenty such fetuses are flushed into the Town’s wastewater treatment systems, it would be the equivalent of a shredded forearm or foot being passed through the system” — a bullshit claim one pro-choice group used against a proposed new Planned Parenthood clinic.

For years Texas pushed a disastrously ineffective abstinence-only education program on students. I’m pleased they’re finally discussing contraceptives in class too.

State Rep. Neal Collins said he was horrified to learn how the state’s abortion restrictions affected women. Faced with a worse bill, however — no rape or incest exemption — he didn’t vote against it, he simply abstained. Way to go!

The University of Idaho says if any of its staff or teachers do or say anything that might be construed as promoting abortion, they face possible jail time and a bar from state employment.

Forced birthers have claimed for years that they oppose punishing women who get abortions. This has always been a lie. I doubt we’ll hear the movement object to Pen. gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano supporting murder charges against women who get abortions.

The FBI recently took anti-abortion activist Mark Houck into custody for injuring a 74-year-old abortion-clinic escort. Franklin Graham, who was fine with Brett Kavanaugh committing assault claims the FBI sent a SWAT team to arrest Houck, which the FBI denies.

While Graham is a lying, immoral snake, it’s possible the SWAT team accounts are right — using SWAT teams when there’s little justification is a common thing. But Graham painting Houck as a godly man who should never have been arrested at all is nonsense, just another iteration of the right-wing belief (as expressed by some of the 1/6 coup group) that police are supposed to arrest other people, not them! I doubt a SWAT team dealing with a liberal activist or any of the unmarked police vans snatching people off the Portland streets a few years ago would upset Graham at all.

The Republican war on women getting non-abortion medical treatment continues apace.

In more general misogynist news

I wrote a lot about the incels in Undead Sexist Cliches. They haven’t gotten any less misogynistic.



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Unsafe in any station

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of the 1700s political recommendation that “The only security which we can have that men will be honest, is to make it their interest to be honest; and the best defence which we can have against their being knaves, is to make it terrible to them to be knaves. As there are many men wicked in some stations, who would be innocent in others; the best way is to make wickedness unsafe in any station.”

This is difficult to do. As Paul Campos points out, Donald Trump is “grotesquely unqualified, intellectually, emotionally, ethically, financially, aesthetically, and in every other way anyone can possibly think of to hold the most important single position in the system,” but he made it. Partly because people were willing to let him forge ahead, spew bullshit and ultimately to attempt a coup. Pointing out the king is naked isn’t much use when a significant part of the population will keep lying and insisting he does so have clothes.

In business, Elizabeth Holmes and the Sackler family ignored regulations, pushed bad products — and yet somehow neither regulators nor investors took any action. Three Arrows successfully bullshitted lots of investors. At a more trivial level, the University of Nebraska would have paid its unsuccessful head football coach $7.5 million less in separation money if they’d fired him after Oct. 1. They fired him this month, thereby blowing $7.5 million in funding. Mississippi funneled welfare money to ex-football star Brett Favre to help him build a college volleyball stadium.

So how do we make things unsafe in any station? In any station? Let’s take government. Campos has frequently pointed out how ineffective the Constitution is at safeguarding are rights if the government ignores them, and how the courts having the final say in what’s constitutional or legal isn’t working out too well with the Federalist Society staffing the courts. But if we let the legislature have the final say, that’s hardly a guarantee of good policy.

Having good people in office is a step in the right direction — but as that initial quote points out, men who appear innocent in some stations may become wicked in others. Power, as Robert Caro said, doesn’t corrupt as much as it reveals, and we may not know how bad they’ll be until they have power to abuse (Trump, obviously, made it clear up front).

Enforcing the law against the powerful is a big part of it. At least we’re seeing some of the 1/6 terrorists held to justice. A judge in Alaska just ruled that an Oath Keeper isn’t legally fit for public office because the group supports the overthrow of the United States. Central Park Karen just lost a lawsuit over her employer firing her. And the furor over the Mississippi welfare/volleyball case may yet produce some justice (we’ll see).

But the investigation into Trump stealing classified documents may not produce any results. Despite the absurdity of Trump claiming he has the power to declassify documents just by thinking about them, there’s a strong resistance to prosecuting someone who used to be president. Even though he deserves it. WaPo columnist Jason Willick, for example, argues Biden should pardon Trump. Um, no. Let’s have one standard of justice for rich and poor alike. And more generally, the media should not stand by passively when one side provably lies.

Protest, getting involved, running for office and supporting good people (to the extent we can tell) who run is part of it. Letting our reps and senators know what we support is another. So is accepting it’s a never-ending battle: as someone once said, if slavery were revived tomorrow morning, by tomorrow night we’d have people driving around with trucks loaded with chains, hoping to make money. It shouldn’t be that way, but apparently it is.

Pushing “radical” ideas until they become mainstream is a big part of it too.

“Unsafe at any station” is also a constantly shifting target. The rules keep changing so our approaches have to change too. The Citizens United decision made it much easier for rich people to pour money into political races; that changes the political landscape. The Supreme Court possibly neutralizing the ability of state courts to restrict gerrymandering would be a very bad change; if it’s impossible for a party to lose, they have nothing at risk. There’s never going to be one simple playbook that covers every situation.

I have no brilliant conclusion here, just sort of assembling some thoughts.

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Apparently I’m Donald Trump’s pokemon now

Well, the subject line of his latest fundraising email began with “”I chose you.”

Not that I give him money, but a couple of months back I somehow got on a Republican mailing list. This one last week was the best yet:

“Your MAGA status is unmatched.

Because of your notable MAGA standing, I have very exciting news to share with you –

You have officially reached Great MAGA King Status.

It doesn’t surprise me that you have reached Great MAGA King Status, given you’ve always been one of my most loyal Patriots and have helped me Make. America. Great. Again.

To secure your official status as a Great MAGA King, you must follow the link below by 11:59 PM tonight, and you’ll automatically claim this exclusive opportunity. 
Fraser, I need you to understand that I only offer this to the best of the best. This is the highest honor for any supporter.
I find it hard to imagine anyone responds to such bullshit (“Whoa! I’m a Great MAGA King!”). Then again, it reminds me of the way various groups such as the Masons, the Klan and such (no, I’m not equating the Freemasons to the KKK) used to use a lot of pomp and circumstance in their initiation rituals and when someone rose through the ranks. People like ritual, titles, all of that (see this discussion of the power of Trump rallies). Of course, simply getting an email saying I’m a Great MAGA King isn’t exactly ritual, but who knows? It sure beats Ivanka begging me to buy Jared’s new book.
In other Republican news:

Tucker Carlson’s all in on violence against gays. Because that’s all this talk of sexualizing children is about. He’s also convinced military vaccine mandates are about driving out men with high testosterone.

I think describing DeSantis as a one-man Donald Trump tribute band says it all. A shitty, vicious tribute band. Who lies that the American Revolution was when people started questioning slavery (Quakers did it well before 1776. The Founders didn’t listen). Meanwhile, one of his cabinet members is outraged credit card companies might track suspicious gun purchases.

The Arizona Repub nominee for Secretary of State says it’s impossible for Biden to win Arizona legitimately. Multiple Repub candidates around the country refuse to say they’ll accept defeat. I guess we won’t have to wait until  2024 to see if our country can resist the fascist creep.

Speaking of Arizona, anti-abortion Senate candidate Blake Masters says Trump should fire generals for being too left-wing, then replace them with Trump loyalists.

According to anti-gay Southern Baptist theocrat Al Mohler, real Christians vote Republican. He forgets Southern Baptists stopped being the voice of morality a long time ago.

The fifth circuit appellate court says websites have no right to moderate content. This is good for Republicans. More here.

You may remember the case of the football coach fired for praying with students and the Supreme Court’s decree the school district has to rehire him. He wasn’t fired and he doesn’t want the job — too busy being the Great MAGA King.

A Trump cultist pleads guilty for threatening DC Comics (Superman’s son is bi) and Merriam-Webster for definitions of woman and girl that discuss gender identity.

Slimeball Fox hosts discuss how to get rid of the homeless. Fellow slimeball Fox host Tucker Carlson now claims Nixon was an innocent man destroyed by the deep state.

Republican Joni Ernst is shocked, shocked, that unemployment is so low businesses are raising pay to get workers.

“f it weren’t for people like Mark Burnett, or the bankers at Deutsche Bank, or Mitch McConnell, or Vladimir Putin, I don’t think Donald would’ve gotten as far as he’s gotten. ”

Josh Hawley goes full theocrat. I doubt it was a big step. Oh, and he’s gone from arguing for traditional gender roles to claiming there’s only one gender.

Some people who spread the lie the election was stolen are now social influencers.

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News from the world of business, property and money

First some good news: while community activists have struggled to reform the police, insurers for PDs and cities are imposing changes.

Abbott Laboratories has faced multiple allegations of selling tainted baby formula. Here’s how their lawyers protect them from scandal.

Are you ready for fast-food restaurants that are exclusively drive-through?

As a reporter in Florida I covered multiple conflicts involving beachfront owners vs. tourists. Colorado’s facing the same thing.

“More than anything, they have succumbed to a mindset where “winning” means earning enough money to insulate themselves from the damage they are creating by earning money in that way. It’s as if they want to build a car that goes fast enough to escape from its own exhaust.” — a look at how billionaires have decided rather than avert the apocalypse, they’ll just save themselves.

A cash infusion for Trump’s Truth Social network may be falling through.

“They were clearly pumping their prowess as a crypto hedge fund after they already knew they were in trouble.” No surprise given their guiding investment principle apparently didn’t go beyond “cryptocurrency will go up for years!”

When turnover becomes high, it’s always someone’s first day at work.

“But it turns out that running a publicly traded company, with its attendant fiduciary duties, analyst calls and slog of quarterly earnings, is a far cry from the hustle and thrill of start-up life.” Which is why so many Silicon Valley stars are riding off into the sunset.

Republicans think corporate America should fight harder against efforts to reduce climate change.

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Writing, censorship, reading and watching: assorted links

“The fear of having your show or movie deleted on an executive’s whim — a growing reality for many, including Katai — is compounded by the fact that in the post-DVD digital age, viewers may never be able to access the shows again. Showrunners might not even have physical copies of their own work. And that’s not the only downside for creators.”

I agree with Paul Campos: if reporter Maggie Haberman knew Trump refused to leave office before it happened but held back the information for her new book, that’s bad and probably unethical journalism.

The WaPo bends over backwards to show the new owner of Politico is politically deeper than bog-standard Trump dude (“Do we all want to get together for an hour in the morning on November 3 and pray that Donald Trump will again become President of the United States of America?”). Similarly the magazine Evie pretends that being anti-feminist is edgy rather than spouting Undead Sexist Cliches (“Evie has long stressed the notion that women should only engage in “feminine” exercise, discouraging lifting heavy weights, and written about why women shouldn’t, in its words, ‘work out like men.'”).

“Censorship is the desperate rear-guard action of a movement that has already lost the fight for hearts and minds.” Which doesn’t mean it can’t do a lot of damage, as noted at the link.

A high school newspaper published a Gay Pride issue so the administrators shuttered the journalism program.

An OAN host thinks Nazi book burnings are a role model for America.

I’ve often wondered about the number of urban fantasies that treat the Catholic Church as the thin holy line between us and the forces of darkness (and rarely cover the church’s documented dark side). An article on Catholics in horror films looks at how the same dynamic happens in horror films, and how the church in real life uses its standing to perpetuate abuse.

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort on watching creative people work when they’re supremely gifted.

All rights to image remain with current holder.


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Suddenly abortion’s not about “states’ rights”

Much like classic defenses of slavery and Jim Crow, talking about “state’s rights” in abortion debates is a way right-wingers can duck saying what they actually want. Except Lindsey Graham has now called for a national 15-week ban, which the bill’s disingenuous title describes as late-term abortions.

No surprise, at least not to me. The forced-birth movement has never made any secret that what they want is an end to abortion, not merely to return the issue to state government. But given how much pushback the Dobbs decision has already generated, Republicans are not happy Graham has played this card pre-election. Shakezula agrees it’s a lousy political move although some political pundits are struggling to explain how it’s a win for Republican strategy. As witness it’s inspiring more young women to vote.

So no surprise either that Repubs continue lying about what they want. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for instance, insists the right to abortion (and gay marriage) are perfectly safe. As Alexandri Petri snarks, they’d like you to believe they don’t support Graham’s anti-abortion position (“We just want to ban abortion first in one state, then another, then another, and we want to do that 50 times in total — until all the states have banned abortion! “)

Yesli Vega, a Repub candidate in Virginia, recycles another old lie, that rape won’t get you pregnant: “it wouldn’t surprise me, because it’s not something that’s happening organically. Right? You’re forcing it.” This is both wrong and irrelevant: if Vega opposes abortion rights for rape victims, it wouldn’t matter if it’s only one or two people who lose their rights (I’m sure she doesn’t think aborting only a couple of babies is acceptable). She’s factually wrong about rape and pregnancy, but I imagine the point is the same as with the late, unlamented Todd Akin — if rape doesn’t produce pregnancy, women who say they were raped are just lying sluts so obviously no abortions for them!

Meanwhile the Family Research Council lies that abortion is never life-saving. They then whine at being called out for lying — and yes it’s a lie.

Fellow Virginia Republican Jennifer Kiggans grumbles that Dems “are trying to make that the issue to deflect, right, from all of the issues that voters really care about. They’re trying to distract with these shiny objects like the abortion issue.” How dare women inconvenience Kiggans’ political career by caring about their lives?

As for the idea touted by some right-to-lifers that red states will up their support for mothers and children, well, no.

And finally, Baptist News looks at the convoluted interaction of abortion and original sin. And here’s a profile of one activist who helped make abortion an issue.

I go into forced-birth bullshit in more detail in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights remain with current holder.

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Linkpost covering abortion, kids and schools

Good news: The Biden Administration has issued rule saying the VA will provide abortions and abortion counseling to veterans in cases involving rape, incest, life or health of the mother, even in forced-birth states.

In 2021, because of increased government assistance, food insecurity for families with children dropped to its lowest rate in two decades. As NC State professor Sarah Bowen says, “This shows that food insecurity is a solvable problem. We have the power to fix it.”

“Concerns about the economy start and usually end with concrete, personal concerns: Do I have enough money now? Will I have enough money later? And you know what blows a big hole in the personal economy? Pregnancy.” Which is why telling voters to prioritize the economy over abortion may not be a winning Repub strategy in November.

Similarly, “New research shows that the states banning abortion could see up to hundreds of thousands of new births each year, most of them unplanned, and concentrated among lower-income families already facing the greatest financial and health care challenges.

The Dobbs decision will not get courts out of evaluating abortion.

“Our culture loudly but also stealthily, promotes abortion. Telling women they should look a certain way, have careers, all these things.” — Minnesota Republican Matt Birk, who thinks pro-choice advocates play “the rape card” too much.

Utah Republican Dave Alvord thinks “the umbilical cord and the placenta do not directly connect to the woman” which proves pregnancy isn’t about the mother. He is obviously not an ob/gyn and obviously did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night either.

How to interview and report on pro-life politicians.

The effect of Dobbs on IV and embryos.

Should we be concerned that misogynist Peter Thiel is backing a period-tracking “femtech” company?

A Satanist responded to after-school Bible clubs by forming an After School Satanist Club. Christian theocrat Dalton Clodfelter thinks he should be locked up for terrorism along with anyone else who teaches children a “false religon” (presumably everyone who’s not Clodfelter’s brand of Christianity).

Broward County’s school board instituted a program to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Ron DeFascist removed the official responsible on the grounds the program caused the Parkland shooting.

NYC’s Hasidic Jewish schools are mostly crappy at secular education — but they get millions in state funding anyway.

Jeez, in Israel anyone who’s romantically involved with West Bank Palestinians has to register the relationship with the government.

Dennis Prager, who think a wife refusing to have sex with her husband is like a man refusing to do the job he’s paid for, also thinks women are too emotional (not a direct link) and don’t have traditional religious values any more. He’s not even an original misogynist.

Alex Jones is very upset he’s still criticized over Sandy Hook denialism.

As always, you can find more on this topic in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. It came out pre-Dobbs, but it’s still timely.

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Lying liars who lie: Republican bullshit

“In his speech, Trump claimed without evidence that Fetterman supports “taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine and crystal meth and ultra-lethal fentanyl. And by the way, he takes them himself,” Trump added. There is no evidence to suggest Fetterman has ever used illicit drugs. Fetterman has never expressed support for decriminalizing the drugs mentioned by Trump, although he has advocated for marajuana decriminalization.”

I blogged a while back about how Michelle Evans, running for office in Texas, lied that some schools provide troughs for furry kids to eat like animals. When an interviewer for some right-wing outfit parrots this to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Greene treated it as fact.

Sen. Ron Johnson has talked about cutting Social Security. It isn’t a popular stance so he denies it.

Sen. Marco Rubio opposes abortion in rape and incest cases, which isn’t a popular position. So he lies about his opponent’s position.

Texas’ new policy says schools must accept and hang donated In God We Trust posters. One school district twisted its interpretation to avoid hanging posters in pride colors or in Arabic.

“As “evidence” of this claim, Bachmann asserted that “you can find scripture” throughout both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—which, as we have pointed out countless times, is entirely untrue.” And no, our nation wasn’t founded on the Torah, either.

Ron DeSantis pretends he’s busting people who willfully registered to vote, knowing they weren’t entitled to. That’s another lie — the targets had no idea they were doing anything wrong.

It’s also untrue that all Trump declassified all his documents before stealing them.

I am pro-disinformation because one man’s disinformation is another person’s fact, right?” — Greg Gutfeld of Fox News. No, one person may think disinformation about covid (the topic of discussion) is a fact, but it’s still not a fact, any more than the creation story of Genesis or the QAnon belief in the vast pedophile conspiracy.

Fox host Mark Levin says that by calling out Republicans’ shift to fascism, Biden dehumanizes them. Alexandra Petri satirizes all such whining by fantasizing about what Biden could have said: “There is an election coming up. I think, and a lot of Americans do too, that for our democracy to continue, we need to accept the results of that election, even if our side loses. Other Americans agree: They will accept the results of the election if my side loses. That’s common ground, I think!”

Contrary to Michael Flynn, the covid vaccine did not unleash the zombie apocalypse.

Missouri’s attorney general is coming for the fact checkers.

Misogynist, racist law professor Amy Wax (also racist and misogynist), whose politically extreme statements have put her job at risk. She’s calling for charitable, tax-deductible donations to help her sue the university; Paul Campos cries bullshit. He’s probably right.

Republicans are still all in on the big lie Trump won in 2020.

For bonus non-Republican bullshit we have the bizarre spectacle of Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. Judging by this interview, Yang thinks not having any specific policies is a plus.


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The ongoing war against reproductive rights and women

As you may have heard, Kansas voters reasserted the state constitution protects the right to abortion. In Michigan, pro-choice supporters collected more than a million signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot in the fall; Republicans on the relevant approval board rejected it because the spacing between words was inconsistent. It’s now up to a judge whether it gets on the fall ballot. No surprise that people who want to assert their dominance over women don’t think women (or anyone) should have a say in refusing.

Abortion restrictions are unpopular so like Blake Masters, many Republican candidates are simply lying about their opposition to abortion. Rep. Michelle Steel in California, for instance, has backed off a no-exemption stance and insists that a nationwide ban is hypothetical so why discuss it? Of course the only reason it’s hypothetical is that Republicans haven’t been able to pass one — yet.

Governor Greg Abbott claimed Texas’ new forced birth law and it’s lack of a rape exemption wasn’t a problem for rape victims because he would see Texas eliminate rape. The arrest rate for rape has dropped by half since he took office but not to worry, rape victims can just take emergency contraception! I’m curious if he sticks to his claim it’s not an abortifacent — after all, despite winning several million in a personal disability lawsuit, he’s fought to immunize Texas from disability lawsuits. And while he says mass shootings are a mental health problem rather than a gun problem, he’s slashed mental health services to spend more fighting illegal immigration.

A number of forced birthers promised that with abortion banned, we’d see a golden age of right-wing legislation to make life easier for mothers, rape victims, children. etc. They lied.  “Sixty-two percent of pregnancies in Mississippi are unplanned, yet Mississippi does not require insurance to cover contraceptives and prohibits educators from demonstrating proper contraceptive use.” Because the only contraception many right-wingers believe in is women refusing sex (unless they’re married, because then they have no choice). However Mississippi was fine taking welfare money and paying Bret Favre to give speeches.

The difficulty of providing abortion training in abortion-ban states may mean some areas lose ob/gyn services.

Even before Dobbs, women, particularly women of color, were often prosecuted for miscarriage because they’d used drugs, whether or not there was a clear connection with the loss of the fetus.

I’ll close with a quote from evangelical writer Norman Geisler (via Slacktivist) that “Birth is not morally necessitated without consent. No woman should be forced to carry a child if she did not consent to intercourse. A violent intrusion into a woman’s womb does not bring with it a moral birthright for the embryo. The mother has a right to refuse that her body be used as an object of sexual intrusion. The violation of her honor and personhood was enough evil without compounding her plight by forcing an unwanted child on her besides. … the right of the potential life (the embryo) is overshadowed by the right of the actual life of the mother. The rights to life, health, and self-determination — i.e., the rights to personhood — of the fully human mother take precedence over that of the potentially human embryo.”

As always, you can find more on this topic in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. It came out pre-Dobbs, but it’s still timely.

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The yearning for toxic military masculinity

As I mentioned last Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. has a er, unique defense of Daddy possibly swiping documents with nuclear-weapons information: “By the way, for the record, I’d say that if Donald Trump actually still had the nuclear codes, it’d probably be good …Our enemies might actually be like, ‘ok, maybe let’s not mess with them,’ unlike when they look at Joe Biden and they say, ‘you know what, we should attack now.’”

This, of course, plays into the classic Republican pretense that they’re strong manly men who will keep this country safe where Dems are the “Mommy Party” that wants nurture and care for people — i.e., girls. It also plays into a delusion I’ve seen multiple times over the years, that the United States just comes off too soft. Pundit Thomas Friedman, for example, once argued that to negotiate with Iran, Obama needed to be more like Dick Cheney — a crazy mo-fo who might blow the shit out of Iran if they pissed him off (“you want Tony Soprano by your side, not Big Bird”).

Let’s have a history check, shall we? The United States in the last century overthrew the governments of Iran, El Salvador, Chile, Panama and Guatemala, none of which had attacked us — we just didn’t like who they elected. We supported death squads in El Salvador and genocide in Guatemala. We broke Vietnam into two nations so we could keep South Vietnam as our puppet state. In this century we invaded Iraq and broke it into pieces on the grounds of Saddam’s non-existent WMDS. We’ve tortured people for supposed terrorism and locked several hundred innocent people up in Gitmo without trial.

I honestly don’t think anyone outside the US imagines us as a soft teddy bear who’s easy to push around, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.

I think Junior’s remarks also tie in with the broader right-wing obsession with manliness, machismo and toughness. The thought of being weak or not tough enough terrifies them; that, in turn, has led them to redefine masculinity to include lots of bullying and dominance — in short, the kind of behavior rational people classify as toxic. Madison Cawthorne, for example, says “If you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster.”

Similarly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says the military’s “woke culture” is destroying toxic masculinity: “I would think toxic masculinity would be a number one requirement.” Sen. Ted Cruz’ response to one Army recruiting ad was that spotlighting a woman soldier raised by two lesbian parents was a sign the military were becoming “pansies … Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea” as it clearly can’t compete with the brutes Putin might throw at us.

Part of this, I’m sure, is that a military open to women, gays and POC doesn’t fit well with a Republican Party that embraces straight, white, male domination. But it’s also about the conviction real men are violent brutes. In the words of Jesse Kelly at The Federalist (no, I’m not linking to their bullshit), “part of men was made for violence and their instincts draw them to it. We cannot suppress human nature.” A man who doesn’t fit a macho, alpha-male mode isn’t a real man. And if our military isn’t composed of Real Men, how can anyone respect them, let alone fear them?

You can read more on this brand of misogyny in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights remain with current holder.


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