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Virgins don’t want sex, at least if they’re women (and other links)

At least according to some dude caught up in this We Hunted the Mammoth linkpost: God made women to serve men and bear children so they feel sexual urges when married because that bonds them to their husband. No, it appears the idiot was serious. And apparently doesn’t think the same applies to men. I’m not surprised.

If, as expected, the Supreme Court kills Roe, the U.S. will be worse for women than it was before 1973. But the Texas right wing has a solution — women should just say no to sex. There’s no suggestion that women could just use birth control because that would require being okay with single women having sex. And Texas would sooner women get pregnant from ignorance than actually let them have sex without consequences.

A young woman fights to end child marriage in Nigeria.

Women are more likely to die or suffer injury in car crashes because crash-test dummies are almost all male.

A Texas church fights for abortion rights.

Slacktivist looks at the end of the Daughters of Sarah evangelical women’s magazine.

Country singer Jason Isbell uses his shows to promote black women artists.

Jesse Kelly is an ex-military right-wing hack who poses as a real tough guy. He’s actually scared shitless that if our military makes an effort to be open to all genders and orientations, our enemies will attack (I suspect a few decades back he might have said the same thing about desegregating the races). And keeping with his history fetishizing violence and machismo, he wants our military to be filled with bloodlust. You’d think someone who’d actually served would understand about rules of war and such, but it’s in keeping with the masculine insecurities chronicled in Jesus and John Wayne.

It’s a never-ending battle: right-wing purity culture reborn.

Slacktivist again, pondering why some conservatives believe God’s curse in Genesis requires childbirth without drugs but doesn’t require men to labor by the sweat of their brow: “The simplest explanation is that this is simply crude dishonesty in service of cruel misogyny.

It will shock you — okay, maybe not — that the Supreme Court has more concern for the speech rights of right-to-life “clinics” than doctors.

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is helping women in repressive nations obtain abortions. That now includes the US.

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Political links: The Former Guy and other liars

The Former Guy has, of course, no interest in facts, only what lie serves him best at the time. So he’s gone from holding up the Sedition Day rioters as wonderful, patriotic people to claiming (along with Candace Owens) they were a false flag operation. Never mind that we know the right-wing, pro-Trump Proud Boys were there — one of them just got more than four years.

And while some pundits have been marveling that TFG has turned pro-vaccine, Roy Edroso points out what he’s really in favor of is getting credit for inventing them (“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines … “All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.”). He remains anti-mandate and anti-mask. Even so, that’s too pro-vaccine for Alex Jones and others.

The head of Gab says when the Jewish group ADL attacks him he can feel demonic energy coming from them. Meanwhile, TFG tosses out anti-semitic tropes about how Israel controls Congress.

Bullshit historian David Barton lies that so many people die of knife attacks in England it’s obvious banning guns doesn’t save lives.

An “ex-gay” Christian activist insists he’s still an ex-gay Christian even if he keeps having gay hookups.

Rudy Giulani and OAN accused some Georgia election workers of being part of the non-existent election steal. The election workers are suing them. Over in Texas, corrupt AG Ken Paxton has spent more than $2 million fighting non-existent voter fraud.

Tucker Carlson announces we should all stop discussing the Trump Virus because it’s boring.

The religious right has been all about First Amendment Freedom when it comes to exemptions from mask mandates. I’m inclined to agree with NBC News that they won’t be sympathetic to a guy who says he was fired for masking even though his Christian beliefs required it.

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The Republican Party is pro-covid (and other links)

That’s Paul Campos’ argument: treating social distancing, masks and vaccination as personal lifestyle choices is no different from someone who argues drunk driving is a personal lifestyle choice, not any of the government’s business.

We know masks and social distancing help control the Trump Virus, but some right-wingers are still peddling the “don’t be afraid of covid” bullshit — and getting to do it in major mainstream outlets. As a subsequent LGM post says, the problem with the post is not an argument “people don’t care about covid policy” but liberals are fools for caring. 

“I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they cant bring themselves to admit it.”

New York governor Kathy Hochul referenced people claiming a religious mandate exemption as “people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” That’s a fairly standard religious sentiment, routinely uttered on the right but to Neal Gorsuch it’s proof of anti-religious bias. As noted at the link, this didn’t bother the Supreme Court when it was bias against Muslims at issue.

Another anti-vax Republican dies of something, hmm I wonder what?

Why even Trump can’t get his voters to reverse course on the vaccine.

Anti-maskters left a blistering review of a Durham’s Luna Rotisserie, grumbling its mask policy shows the place is “full of Satanic activity.” Which is now the logo on the restaurant’s T-shirt.

I anticipate The Former Guy’s new social network, Truth Social, will crash and burn. But even though it’s not yet live, he’s already using it to fleece the flock.

Balloon Juice argues the Jan. 6 investigation is hitting harder than I thought with things like finding Mark Meadows in criminal contempt. Time will tell, but there’s only so much time left. On the plus side, using felony obstruction against the insurrectionists has passed its first court test. Oh, and when the hearing brought up Fox News, Fox News doesn’t mention its own anchors’ ties to the coup.

The DC attorney general is suing Proud Boys and Oath Keepers over their 1/6 involvement.

Trump is suing the New York state AG to stop her investigating his business.

Similarly the Supremes permitting Texas “anyone can sue an abortion doctor” won’t stop them ruling a proposed California “anyone can sue over guns” law unconstitutional. As discussed in this comments thread, though, there may be a political gain in showing non-Republican voters how the game is rigged.

More Republicans are more openly white supremacist. At the link, one bigot notes that “great replacement theory” plays much better in the mainstream than “white genocide.”

I linked to this earlier but here it is again: former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs offers an example of how to fight poverty and how to stop talking about the poor as if it’s all their own fault. By contrast we have Megan McArdle explaining that sure, Scandinavian countries might cover your education and health expenses, but you can’t afford servants — as if the average American family had maid service, or might not think that was a fair trade off. In contrast to Tubbs, McArdle has claimed when poor people are poor, it’s always their own fault.

Electric companies “don’t make money off of solar power generated from rooftops” which is why one Florida company is trying to make rooftop panels less of an investment.

Ever heard those Facebook rants about how Dems being men forced Republicans to elect Trump? Tucker Carlson’s a believer.

The right-wing never tires of the lie that Democrats are setting up concentration camps. Presumably because that’s what they’d do if they could.

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Extremists, liberals and Joe Biden the Red Menace

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, there’s always a push from centrists, moderates and “sensible” people in the Democratic Party to push against the left. Just compromise on abortion. Or stop worrying about the special problems of blacks, gays, Hispanics and women. That’s how to win!

The current incarnation of this theory, Jamelle Bouie writes, is that the moderates in the party are complaining that the left winger such as A-OC are alienating moderate and conservative voters. As Bouie points out, though, moderate politicians such as Biden and Pelosi currently dominate the party. They’re setting the policies; if they’re not connecting, they should take the blame.

Of course, as NMMNB pointed out recently, it doesn’t matter how moderate Democrats hew. Republicans will always paint them as ultra-extremists, as in all the claims I’ve seen that Biden is converting America into a communist state or that sure, Biden’s fine but Kamala Harris is his evil commie puppet-master! She pulls the strings! Moderation won’t change that (more discussion in this thread).

Case in point: after 9/11 Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, both major players in Republican politics, said God let it happen to punish America for something or other (I don’t remember which hobbyhorse they were riding that day). So did Sen. James Inhofe. On the Democratic side, the Republicans had to dig up Ward Churchill, a professor at a Colorado university who thought the attack was a reaction to America’s Mideast policies. Conservative voices held him up as proof of how liberals hated America and he wound up getting much more attention than Falwell, Robertson and Inhofe did (IIRC at least).

Similarly, although liberal cancel culture is a blatant right-wing lie,millions of mainstream voters have bought into the myth of woke political correctness ruining careers and suppressing discussion (more here). Typhoid Ron DeSantis has just announced, a la Texas’ abortion laws, allowing private citizens to sue schools for teaching critical race theory (presumably anything short of “white people are god’s favorite” will qualify) but that won’t get the same outrage. Nor will Louisiana anti-vax attorney general Jeff Landry demanding LSU punish a professor for calling Landry’s assistant a flunkie.

For another example, Clinton ran as a centrist and adopted a variety of centrist policies (as Bouie points out). Welfare reform. NAFTA. Tough on crime laws. Said abortion should be safe, legal … and rare. He was still the ultra-liberal, pot-smoking, draft-dodging president (at the time a lot of Republicans pretended they couldn’t stomach a draft dodger, but they were fine with W, and with Trump mocking the military). His sensible welfare reforms, cutting back most federal programs if you weren’t working, were supposed to end welfare as an issue — nobody could complain now about welfare queens getting handouts! The results were people wound up worse off but the right-wing remained adamant that nobody but them should receive any government help.

I don’t mean that if the Democrats support left-wing policies they’ll win over Republican voters, let alone win office. I support them because in many cases (“left-wing policies” is obviously a very broad label) they’re the right policies. As one former congressman said recently, only a small fraction of America will ever have the power the members of Congress do — use it for more than winning re-election. Former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs offers an example.

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The war on Christmas, religion and other links

“A company could be selling goods made in a sweatshop that employs child labor and still make the “Nice” list simply because it puts the word “Christmas” on its website more times than it uses the word “holiday.””

The new definition of evangelical: it’s not about religion, it’s about supporting Trump.

The Carson case coming before the Supreme Court claims families who want their children to attend religious schools should get tax funding to do so. Slate looks at how radical this is. As LGM sums it up, it looks like the right wing of the court will endorse subsidizing education at not merely religious schools but schools that teach religion and discriminate against gays.

While Neal Gorsuch and Sam Alito are very, very worried about religious bias in vaccine mandates they had no trouble with Trump’s Muslim ban.

NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is a Christian anti-gay bigot and wannabe theocrat. Not that theocracy hasn’t bee on the right-wing wish list for a while, but they talk about it more openly now. Case in point, SC pastor/politician Mark Burns who wants to ban anything contrary to his interpretation of the Bible. Burns asks “Do you believe that Jesus should be at the center of American politics in the United States of America?” No. The United States is a secular democracy and it’s healthier that way

Christian celebrity Josh Duggar abused some of his siblings for years and got away with it. But at least he’s been found guilty of downloading child porn.

“Marcus Lamb’s death from covid last week has caused me to revise my impression of the man. It seemed to be the first authentic thing he’d ever done.”

In contemporary America, the compensation for a job is inversely correlated with that job’s social value.”

“The victory was hailed as a watershed moment, the first example of Black people forcing the return of property that was taken from them by one means or another, often violently, over the years.”

“Trump, who also used his position at the zenith of global power to voice outrage over toilets that he said required flushing “10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once”, vowed to bring back the older lightbulbs” Unlike Trump’s racism, his grumbling about environmental standards sounds to me like generic old fart rants (“Goldang toilets! Don’t work as well as when I was a kid!”).

“After reaching what she calls her “hell-iversary” last month, Patino remains unable to rejoin the workforce. With no income of her own, she’s exhausted, racked with pain, short of breath, forgetful, bloated, swollen, depressed.” —  a look at the effects of long covid. Not much like flu at all.

“Turokk Dow is one of about 87,000 young children who are diagnosed with lead poisoning in the US each year, more than three decades after the neurotoxin was banned as an ingredient in paint, gasoline and water pipes.”

“You couldn’t pay me enough to work with Mel Gibson.” — actor Josh Malina on Jew-hater Mel Gibson’s career.

“Over the past 14 years, the Central Intelligence Agency has secretly amassed credible evidence that at least 10 of its employees and contractors committed sexual crimes involving children. Though most of these cases were referred to US attorneys for prosecution, only one of the individuals was ever charged with a crime. Prosecutors sent the rest of the cases back to the CIA to handle internally.”

“I am beginning to doubt the veracity of Tucker Carlson’s claim that 1/6 was a false flag operation” Though with his usual flair for bullshit, Carlson is also claiming it was patriotic America protesting a rigged election. Fascism doesn’t have to make sense.

“You don’t like that I want to hang traitors to our nation? Sorry, not sorry. Men, women and children have died, suffered unimaginable pain and anguish at the hands of those who stole our voice and installed an illegitimate government.” — QAnon is total bullshit but their lust for bloodshed is real.

Kevin Sorbo’s wife Sam claims evolution is evil because it promotes “slavery and inequality.” First off, it doesn’t: slavery wasn’t based on evolutionary theory in any era. Evolution was invoked as an excuse (black people aren’t evolved enough to live on their own) but so was Christianity. And evolution doesn’t promote inequality; it’s quite possible to believe in equality and evolution both.
Religion on the Internet is taking strange new forms
To end on an upbeat note: “Now living in the U.S. for nearly two years, Spyke says he finally felt comfortable enough to kiss another man in public for the first time just this April.” A great story about a church helping gay refugees seeking asylum.

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We should not give up or lose hope

Watching the march of Republican Stalinism is certainly depressing. In Michigan, Republican activist Nancy Tiseo wanted Trump to declare martial law in 2020. She’s now an election canvasser. I have a strange feeling she may not be impartial in her work.

It’s tempting to just assume Republican totalitarianism is inevitable, but that’s partly because Republicans work to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Matt Gaetz, for example, claiming that the far right will take over the House in 2022. But the truth is, except for 2004 Democrats have won the popular vote in every election of the past 30 years. That doesn’t count for as much as it should in our messed up electoral system but it’s not inconsequential. Whether it will be enough to overcome Republican fascism is unknown — but it’s worth trying. I’ve started reading up on ways to encourage turnout and do other things to contribute. More than I contribute by blogging.

I think No More Mr. Nice Blog is right about this: Republicans and their right-wing media machine work to make any liberal with a bad opinion the embodiment of all liberals and Democratic policies, everywhere. Democrats don’t make the counter-argument that everyone still in the Republican Party supports Trump and the coup. “The result is that the Republican Party is a party that’s run by extremists but is perceived as moderate, while the Democratic Party is run by moderates but is perceived as extremist.” Similarly they’re an anti-American party that successfully paints Democrats as opposing American values. That’s something I can push back against, though obviously I have a very small platform. But I’ve always believed pointing out the right-wing emperor has no clothes is worth doing, just to put an alternative view out there.

Another problem, WaPo‘s Dana Milbank says, is that press coverage of Biden is as negative or worse than Trump got in the middle of the pandemic. LGM adds commentary. LGM also cites the Afghanistan withdrawal as an example: the coverage was negative despite the lack of any alternative beyond “stay there forever.” Just as the media’s take is often “the economy is tanking” when jobless claims are at record lows. And now we’re having complaints — not at all influenced by sexism, I’m sure — that Kamala Harris doesn’t use bluetooth enough. This kind of thing can definitely affect the election so it’s one more hurdle to keeping our democracy.

Now, some links:

Republicans remain committed to no gun control measures of any sort, which is damn extremist. But it seems Sen. Chuck Grassley considers school shootings like the recent one in Michigan less horrifying than inconveniencing gun owners. So we teach kids active shooter drills or close the schools. But never mind, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro explains that the teachers not stopping the kid is because they’re liberals (see what I mean about blaming our side for everything?).

It is of course bad to prosecute political adversaries purely out of politics. The people involved in the Jan. 6 coup attempt deserve prosecution but Merrick Garland ain’t having it.

An ICE program to enlist sheriffs across America to report dangerous immigrants unsurprisingly generated racism, profiling and abuse.

Two lawyers who filed Stop The Steal lawsuits will have to pay more than $100,000 to cover the legal fees of people they sued. Even outside Stopping the Steal Sidney “the Kraken” Powell remains an incompetent grifter. However she’s very successful at raising cash from suckers.

A right-winger criticized his school and got coddled by the legislature. Minority students got much less sympathy.

“How can you detain an enemy combatant when there’s no war going on?”

Cop shows have obsessed for years about guilty suspects getting off through legal technicalities. What happens when innocent people stay in jail because of technicalities?

“Corruption is bipartisan. Support for anti-corruption measures is less so.” — a look at a new Biden administration paper on fighting corruption.

Florida’s Education Department has removed an anti-bullying page with links to LGBTQ resources. No surprise: the right-wing has a history of opposing anti-bullying efforts because then they can’t push around gays.

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Reaching across the abortion aisle

In an LGM comments thread about the imminent end of Roe rights, someone made the point that liberals have been asked since the 1990s to reach across the aisle. Respect that the right-to-life side is driven by sincere religious beliefs. Show we get it. Maybe compromise and allow a certain amount of restrictions, so that abortion is “safe, legal and rare” in Bill Clinton’s phrase. That way we can preserve the right to abortion and probably turn all those forced-birthers into committed Democratic voters!

Nobody ever suggests that the forced birth side should compromise and say, guarantee the right to abortion for rape victims as proof that they’re not anti-women. It’s always pro-choice who have to reach across the aisle (much like Democratic leaders are supposed to prove their independence by striking a conservative pose — nobody suggests Republican leaders should stand up to their voters by supporting gay rights or women’s equality).

And yes, the forced-birth side is indeed anti-woman. For all the claims that abortion is the American Holocaust, they aren’t willing to stop it by, say, making it easier for women to work and care for kids or making it easier to obtain birth control — that’s irresponsible! Better they take a stand against premarital sex that has no effect on abortion rates.

Nor do they give a crap about miscarriage, even though that means half of all children die in the womb (no, I don’t think they’re children, but going by right-wing logic …). They will, however, happily use miscarriages as an excuse to punish women.

Part of Mississippi’s argument is that with all the progress made in women’s rights, not being able to abort won’t hurt their careers or future plans. The evidence says otherwise. Amy Coney Barrett suggests that killing abortion is no big deal because it’s legal to give up your baby right after birth. But that won’t help with the costs of ob/gyn care, the emotional trauma of rape or incest or the health risks to some women of carrying to term. Let’s not forget, some Republicans believe that even if a fetus is dead or guaranteed to be born dead, women shouldn’t be allowed to abort. The right to give up the baby won’t help. Nor will it help if a court forces a woman to take bed rest or otherwise strips her of her rights.

The ever useless excresence Megan McArdle argues outlawing abortion is only an issue for elitists who worry about planning their career: the simple, working-class woman has has higher values than the option to have sex without pregnancy. And McArdle has a point — it’s not like an hourly wage worker would have money problems if they were off work for a couple of months due to an unplanned pregnancy. Of course, McArgleBargle claims poor people are all poor because of bad lifestyle decisions — a conclusion she argued showed her respect for the working class.

Justice Sotamayor has vented freely, asking “will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?” Of course, it is — Republicans have been working toward a court decision against abortion for decades. Through the rancid luck of 2016 and various other factors, they can now do it. Nevertheless, Reason magazine — nominally libertarian, conservative in lots of ways — thinks the real problem is Sotamayor’s uncivil language.

But she has the right to be uncivil: Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh all lied about their views on abortion when they were confirmed. This was always the right-wing’s dream. If there was ever a chance for compromise (I doubt it) it vanished long ago. Unfortunately too many Democratic politicians waited too long to realize it.

I’ll close with a reminder that anti-abortion as a major right-wing issue is younger than the Happy Meal.

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The Republican desire that we die

Okay, not entirely fair. I think they’d be perfectly happy if we all just gave up masking and distancing and fighting the Trump Virus and accepted that horrific and needless deaths are just a fact of life. That’s how they approach gun deaths, after all. And it’s not just The Former Guy: the entire party is liable.

Republicans in Congress are willing to shut down the government to fight President Biden’s vaccine mandates. As noted at the link, the Democrats have worked out a tentative agreement to keep going until February, but it’s not guaranteed. And shutdowns are bad for Americans in multiple ways, including public health.

In Tennessee they’ve banned medical boards from disciplining doctors who lie about covid (I assume they’re liars rather than just wrong, given how many medical professionals profit from being anti-vaxxers). A federal Trump appointee has blocked the mandate for healthcare workers using brilliant insights such as if the vaccine was any good, it wouldn’t need booster shots! Like his master The Former Guy this judge is a very stable genius (Roy Edroso vents entertainingly as always about this). So is Rep. Ronny Jackson who claims Omicron is a Democratic plot to rig the 2022 election. And isn’t it suspicious it’s all right-wing anti-vaxxers who die of covid, not Democrats?

While Republicans were outraged over generous unemployment benefits supposedly inspiring Americans to stay home and not work, four states so far have expanded benefits for anyone who loses their job for refusing a vaccine mandate.

And despite their denial that covid is a serious threat, anti-vax conservatives keep dying. Too bad The Former Guy, who took no precautions after testing positive (Scott Lemieux suggests he’d have been delighted if debating Biden infected Biden), got the best healthcare on Earth.

Organ transplant candidates who refuse to get vaccinated are also risking their lives for bullshit (“Breen also expressed skepticism over the public campaign for vaccination, saying she questioned the reasoning ‘behind pushing it so hard.'”).

At the nutjob end of the lying right-winger spectrum, Jew-hating preacher Rick Wiles claims covid vaccine changes our DNA.

“Typhoid Ron” DeSatis is a more accepted figure than Wiles, but he does just as much damage.

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes back to the old “traffic accidents have killed more people than Covid” meme by arguing we don’t close schools for cancer. Which, of course, is non-contagious. I seriously wonder why Greene’s even in Congress as she doesn’t do anything but babble bullshit — is the right-wing celebrity an end in itself or does she anticipate a Fox News show down the road?

To end on an up-note, a reminder the pandemic will end, eventually.

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Death and death threats

So as you’ve undoubtedly heard, Kyle Rittenhouse got off on gunning down two men at a BLM protest. Which partly reflects the insanity of gun fetishiazation. As Farhad Manjoo says in WaPo, Rittenhoue’s gun made things worse, not safer: “Rittenhouse says he carried a rifle in order to guarantee his safety during a violent protest. He was forced to shoot at four people when his life and the lives of other people were threatened, he says. What was he protecting everyone from? The gun strapped to his own body, the one he’d brought to keep everyone safe.”

Or as the family of one of the victims put it, “It sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street.” Dahlia Lithwick ponders whether having everyone armed encourages everyone to shoot in “self defense.”

But it also reflects that he’s doing what a depressing number of Republicans want to do or want other people to do for them: kill all the liberals. Marjorie Taylor Greene proposes giving him the Congressional gold medal. Matt Gaetz says he’s introducing a national Stand Your Ground bill so that even if you can retreat without hurting anyone, it’s okay to kill them. Rep. Madison Cawthorne, as usual, is enthusiastically pro-violence. In online discussion, some Republican voters want more Rittenhouses killing more people. Misogynist Matt Walsh argues there’s no law against shooting people. Despite being a Christian pundit, he doesn’t find any moral objections to Rittenhouse either.

Which is disturbing given the growing rise in death threats as acceptable public discourse. Anti-American Rep. Paul Gosar made an anime video showing him murdering Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez. Gosar says it’s symbolic about policy differences and therefore not a threat. Republicans aren’t criticizing him. Never mind that they freaked out about an adaptation of Julius Caesar that made Caesar a Trump figure and shrieked outrage at comedienne Kathy Griffin for showing Trump’s head on a pike. When they make death threats it’s totally forgivable! Criticizing them is like the blood libel against Jews. In the same vein, Molly Jong-Fast joking about calling the FBI on your family over Thanksgiving is monstrously fascist; giving Jong-Fast death threats over it is apparently cool.

It’s not just Gosar. We have death threats against Rep. Ihlan Omar. There have been multiple bomb threats in Washington since 1/6. Violent threats against congress-members who don’t tow the Stalinist party line enough, including death threats. The Threats please Greene. Threats against school boards and other officials over everything from race issues to mask mandates. Against election officials — alarmingly with law-enforcement doing very little. And right-wing celebrities like The Former Guy Jr. are happy to wonder why we don’t see more anti-mandate riots. Not that he’ll ever risk his own neck in one, but he’s happy to pose for right-wing media by pretending to be a badass.

And this shit spreads downwards, making death threats look normal, something routinely flung against doctors and nurses for not seeing someone fast enough. And that’s horrifying because there’s no way for anyone to know whether the threat-maker is just venting or seriously psycho.

Even if another member of the Anti-American Party never takes the White House, they’ve still done irreparable damage with this shit. I’m not sure what the solution is, but making them face consequences is a good start. So is exposing their identities.


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It is fortunate that I do not have Wolverine’s claws

For it is a certainty people would provoke me slice and dice them. Particularly if I had his healing factor so I couldn’t be stopped.

The ass-hat who provoked this was Seventh-Day Adventist pastor Burnett Robinson who said in a recent sermon that ““In this matter of submission, I want you to know upfront ladies, that once you get married, you are no longer your own. You are your husband’s.” By which he means it’s moral to rape your wife.

No, no, it’s not.

It’s true that Paul’s letter to the Ephesians says wives should submit to their husbands. But a)it does not therefore follow that she must do anything her husband asks. Even misogynist Southern Baptist preacher John Piper thinks there are limits; unfortunately his dealbreakers are if the husband wants to engage group sex (or roleplaying or bondage, even consensually), not if he’s abusing her. That she has to submit to “for a season” or for one night of physical abuse. Then she can turn to the church and ask for help. Not, apparently civil authorities.

Keep in mind that (as Beth Moore has discussed), Ephesians also sets rules for husbands, who are required to love and cherish their wives. Rape is not loving. Abuse is not loving. Yet for men such as Piper and Robinson, demanding husbands do what’s right isn’t half as important as ensuring the wife never challenge patriarchal authority.

When people such as this present themselves as moral voices, my contempt is limitless.


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