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Donald Trump still wants to win the 2020 election

Maybe he’s just panicking about the FBI digging into his possession of classified documents, but Trump just freaked out and declared he’d have won in 2020 if the FBI hadn’t buried the Hunter Biden laptop case — so either declare him the real winner or have an immediate re-election. As noted at the link, Fox News is ignoring this claim completely but OAN is enthusiastic.

It is, of course, bullshit. The allegations Hunter Biden’s laptop proves Biden Sr. is massively corrupt don’t hold up. That the FBI didn’t jump on the case as aggressively as they did Clinton’s emails isn’t election tampering by any means. As Dana Milbanks says, what the FBI has done so far is nothing compared to how they handled the email investigation, which did indeed contribute to her losing the election.

And there’s no legal rationale by which “if this happened, I’d have won, therefore I should be president” makes sense. No more than Trump’s supposedt power to declassify any documents he wants to. Even if he did, the redacted warrant suggests Trump’s been engaged in obstruction of justice. And his own lawyers keep contradicting him. Some very suspicious people may have been in Mar-a-Lago while the docs were there.

It says a lot about Trump’s death grip on the Republicans that they’re backing him up — Sen. Lindsey Graham, for instance, is warning that if Merrick Garland dares prosecute Trump, he can expect violence in the streets. Attorney John Yoo, who under W advocated that the president could break any law he chose (Yoo notably did not keep up this stance during the Obama years) says the simplest way to settle the case is for the government to declassify and publish all the top secret documents. Donald Trump Jr. argues it would be good if his dad still had the nuclear codes, because it would make people respect America. Lara Trump’s very troubled. Mark Levin insists that when Biden calls out Republicans’ fascist streak, he’s dehumanizing conservatives.

This is, of course, par for the course for the current Republican Party and its supporters. Mike Lindell claims all votes cast in Utah are fraudulent.  Indiana’s Rep. Jim Banks thinks the bad thing about forgiving student loans is that fewer young Americans will join the military. Arizona senatorial candidate Blake Masters has discovered forcing women to give birth isn’t popular, so he’s scrubbed things like his support for a fetal personhood constitutional amendment from his website.

Some Republicans are still going with the defense that only Democrats have agency — they’re angry and extreme because just like Graham claims, we drove them to it with our cruel attacks. But as LGM points out, the Clintons were accused of multiple murders; Republicans accused Obama of not being a natural born citizen, as well as being a secret terrorist plotting to turn black street gangs into his secret police. People who revere Donald Trump claimed in 2020 they were shocked — shocked — by Kamala Harris’ sex life. Somehow we haven’t reached the same level of loonie.

It’s better to be liberal, I guess.

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Republicans think people should pay their debts. Oh, wait.

As the White House is pointing out, multiple Republicans in Congress who are shocked — shocked! — that students might get out of paying their loans were fine accepting debt forgiveness for PPP loans, which helped keep companies afloat during the pandemic.  Curt Schilling, an ex-baseball star, is likewise shocked —never mind that he was fine with defaulting on a $75 million state loan from Rhode Island for his now defunct business.

Hell, for that matter they’re fine with Trump filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy — the “I don’t want to pay my debts but I don’t want to shut down my business” version — six times. Republicans are squealing a lot about how forgiving student loans leaves hardworking blue collar types on the hook for unemployed liberal arts majors but they’re fine voting for a god king who leaves contractors with unpaid bills.

All the emphasis on how hardworking truckers will pay tax to support unemployed philosophy majors ignores, as a friend of mine pointed out on FB, that a lot of these loans cover trucking school, paramedic training, construction training and lots of other employment. Training on the job isn’t as common as it used to be and not everyone who takes out student loans is white collar or rich.

Megan McArdle is horrified the program, rather than helping those in need, is a giveaway so that people can “have nice clothes and go out a lot.” Of course, McArdle also believes that poverty is always the result of bad life decisions so it’s the individual’s own fault they’re poor. And that blacks commit more crimes and get more welfare, both incorrect. So I am somewhat unimpressed she thinks Biden’s program is too generous.

Right-wing pundit Timothy Carney proposes this is all a diabolical conspiracy: mocking the PPP moochers is saying that anyone who gets some sort of benefit from government isn’t allowed to criticize the government. That’s why government is constantly expanding benefits, to silence us! But no, that’s not it: it’s criticism of people whose cries of Pay Your Debts, Don’t Burden Taxpayers don’t apply to themselves. That’s legit.


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Still exhausted by indexing and proofing—

So instead of my usual Saturday Things Viewed post, some links relating to movies, books and comics.

The Chinese authorities were apparently unhappy with the end of the movie Minions letting Gru get off scott-free — so in the Chinese version, he reforms.

Sarasota County schools are so wary of donated books containing something Ron DeFascist might not like, they’ve declared there will be no donations.

Unsurprisingly, right-wing authoritarian preacher Franklin Graham thinks libraries refusing LBGTQ material is a good thing. He’d probably love these QAnon conservative book-banners.

John Wayne’s The Conqueror is a bad film (Wayne plays Genghis Khan, need I say more?). It also led to many of the cast getting cancer.

Fifty years after the 1973 Oscar awards, when Sacheen Littlefeather spoke out against Native American stereotyping in Hollywood, the Academy has apologized for how they treated her.The DCEU has never been close to an MCU style powerhouse. Now that Warners has been bought out by Discovery, it’s going to get worse.

A conservative church did an unauthorized version of Hamilton and rewrote it to include an anti-gay statement at the end. Isn’t that charming?

“People keep writing things into scripts that they could never do practically.” When this happens, not much thought is given to how those visuals will be created. Another source summed up the approach bluntly: “People are not giving a lot of thought to, Is this film filmable? They’re like, Someone else will figure that out. That’s not my problem.” — a look at how Hollywood is burning out its visual effects people.

“All the goodwill in the world just evaporates when everything gets changed and they decide they’re replacing that character with a different actor or changing the entire environment – they’re now in a pizza restaurant instead of a cornfield. It can be that extreme at the very last minute.” — or why Marvel/Disney is one of the big offenders.

Supposedly the diary of a teenage drug addict, Go Ask Alice was very well known when I was a teen (I don’t know about now). Slate looks at Beatrice Sparks, the writer who made the whole thing up.

Sparks also stoked 20th century Satanic panics with Jay’s Journal, a based-on-not-much-truth story about a teenage Satanist. Which reminds me of Fred Clark’s assertion that fake Satanists are routine — their audience’s hunger to believe is what’s interesting.

Why Stan Lee took Spider-Man #100 as an opportunity to declare himself sole creator of Spider-Man (he wasn’t).

How the $25,000 Marvel promises creators when their characters appear in an MCU movie gets whittled down.

An artist got some media attention by taping a banana to a wall. Now she’s being sued for copyright infringement.

Rachel Swirsky’s new novel tackles the pros and cons of universal basic income.

The time Marvel Comics changed a series’ title to avoid pissing off Hell’s Angels.

#SFWApro. Cover by John Romita, all rights to images remain with current holders.

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Abortion and other misogyny issues

New Orleans officials say they won’t investigate abortion cases. AG Jeff Landry is pushing to deny them flood-mitigation funds as a punishment.

The parents of the second and third place winners in a Utah girls’ athletics competition have demanded the state investigate whether the winner was trans. Which is what pundit Monica Hesse predicted.

Andrew Yang’s new Forward Party has a position on abortion that’s …. forward.

“It’s hard knowing that I’m carrying it to bury it.” — one Louisiana woman on not being able to abort a fetus that can’t survive.

“There’s an agency called Gladney, which is based in Fort Worth. There’s a flat fee to adopt through Gladney. It’s $55,000 to adopt an infant.” — from a Mother Jones article about how adoption pre-Roe was big business, and how state abortion bans will make it profitable again.

“When asked by Fox 2 Detroit anchor Roop Raj whether she’d support a 14-year-old rape victim getting an abortion, nominee Tudor Dixon said had spent time talking with the children of rape victim and believes their birth provides a sense of “healing.” “The bond that those two people made and the fact that out of that tragedy there was healing through that baby, it’s something that we don’t think about,” she said in the interview.” Hmm, could it be we don’t think about it because it’s brutal and cruel.

Small wonder increasing number of woman are opting for tubal ligation.

“White men are passed over for any kind of promotion or even for being hired in the job place,” according to Marjorie Taylor Greene which is why they watch porn and engage in shootings. Unsurprisingly feminism, in her worldview, is part of the oppression. Oh, in case you were wondering, she’s lying about the lousy career prospects for men.

Feminist Women Aren’t Real Women is an old Undead Sexist Cliche, so I’m not surprised by Ted Cruz speculating Elizabeth Warren could be a man. Perhaps Cruz is bugged knowing she’s a woman and she’s tougher than he is.

“in Wisconsin, a woman bled for more than 10 days from an incomplete miscarriage after emergency room staff would not remove the fetal tissue amid a confusing legal landscape that has roiled obstetric care.” — more fallout from the Dobbs decision.

The Justice Department is probing the Southern Baptists’ failure to report abuse.

On the plus side, as schools and conservative parents push to keep kids ignorant about sex, teenage girls are educating themselves. They shouldn’t have to, but I’m impressed.

You can get more on these topics in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward.

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Order in the court! Legal links

An Arkansas state senator blocked atheists from his Twitter feed. They sued. He has to pay.

“Ciavarella ordered children as young as 8 to detention, many of them first-time offenders deemed delinquent for petty theft, jaywalking, truancy, smoking on school grounds and other minor infractions. The judge often ordered youths he had found delinquent to be immediately shackled, handcuffed and taken away without giving them a chance to put up a defense or even say goodbye to their families.” The vile judges in the “cash for kids” scandal of 15 years ago have been hit with $200 million in damages.

Given his history of ignoring his lawyers’ advice and not paying them for services rendered, I’m absolutely stunned that Donald Trump is finding it hard to hire them for the current stolen documents case. I hope he winds up with a wet-behind-the-ears public defender.

Prosecuting Trump for those documents would be unprecedented, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Well that’s lovely. The prison-industrial complex would sooner have prisoners pay them money than pay court-ordered damages.

“The lawsuit also alleges that Ryan Thames, who runs a Facebook page called “Bayou State of Mind,” posted a meme of Jones on or around July 21 showing her smiling and sitting behind a desk and saying that she advocated teaching anal sex to 11-year-olds. ” — from an article about a librarian suing the censors.

Republicans have become enthusiasts for suing across state lines. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled 16 state AGs have filed amicus briefs in a lawsuit over Ron DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay policies. And the ACLU is suing Florida too. A judge just blocked some of DeSantis’ laws from going into effect; let’s hope that’s a good sign.

Along with punishing corporations who disagree with him, DeSantis also fired an elected prosecutor who did the same. He is, however, fine with Florida sheriffs who ignore the law. And while ex-felons are being jailed for mistakenly registering to vote, white Republicans who voted twice, get a hand-slap.

When paying for concussion injuries, the NFL gave black players less on the grounds they didn’t have as much cognitive function as whites so the concussion had less effect. Finally that bullshit’s over.

The right-wing Project Veritas (which despite the name, has nothing to do with the truth) sued Stanford U for questioning the accuracy of statements about ballot harvesting. The case was dismissed and Veritas has to pay Stanford $150,000 in fees.

Trump’s threatening to sue CNN. He’s lining his pockets with contributions from his

College affirmative action is before the Supremes again. A number of businesses have told the court they need the policy to maintain a diverse workforce.

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I’d say Republicans had become unhinged by the Mar-A-Lago raid but they were already there

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago had already produced some bizarre Republican responses when I blogged about it last week. They’re not getting better, possibly because the case against Trump is getting worse. What was he doing with classified nuclear documents or possibly information identifying intelligence sources.

It’s no surprise Trump is freaking out. It’s what he always does whenever he’s challenged, balked or criticized. But as his handling of declassified documents could violate the Espionage Act, the right wing has suddenly decided the act is bad. As noted at the link, that’s true in general — it’s the default law for prosecuting whistle-blowers — but Trump wasn’t blowing the whistle or releasing the Pentagon Papers (one comparison some Repubs are making). Nevertheless, Rand Paul wants the act killed. Other right-wigers want FBI agents killed.

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who’s running for the federal House, thinks state law-enforcement should arrest FBI agents and other federal law enforcement officers if they’re acting against Trump. Breitbart doxxed two FBI agents involved in the raid. Remember when Republicans were so loud and proud about how they backed the blue? Now it’s defund the FBI — though as Zeeshan Aleem says, they’re lying when they pretend to care about the FBI’s history of bad behavior (see here). Don’t be fooled: if the search was the political persecution they pretend it is, but directed at A-OC or Rashida Tlaib, they’d be cheering.

Heck, they’re already cheering in advance: Charlie Kirk and Eric Metaxas are demanding right-wing state attorneys general raid liberals to pay them back and warn them away from pushing Trump: “State attorney generals that are Republican have to authorize raids against Soros groups, BLM, Planned Parenthood, the alphabet mafia, groomers, the chemical castration of children now! Here’s why—a hundred facilities should be raided by next week” even without a legal pretext (given the current Repub mindset, I’m assuming groomers means teachers not religious conservatives).

Right-wing pundit Mark Levin scraped the barrel to come up with this brilliant insight: how can we know Obama and Biden and W don’t have documents at home too, huh? How come nobody searched them? Um, possibly because nobody put together enough evidence to justify a warrant? By Levin’s logic, I could ask how we can be sure Mark Levin doesn’t have dead bodies in his basement — I mean, have we checked so we can know for sure? Oh, and Fox posted a fake photo of the judge who authorized the warrant in hopes of making him look bad.

Some QAnonites are claiming the raid is good news: the (non-existent) pedophile Satanist cabal is going after Trump because he’s about to destroy them at last! David Brooks faux wrings his hands with concern: what if this enrages the base so Trump wins re-election? Which as Roy Edroso says at the link, is like arguing if Pence had only done what Trump wanted in 2021, we wouldn’t have had the Jan. 6 attempted coup — or as someone quipped online, that we shouldn’t have infuriated Sauron’s base by sending those hobbits into Mordor. Because only Democrats have agency.

Regardless of its effect on politics, I agree with Edroso that Merrick Garland made the right call.

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Undead Sexist Cliche: Sexual Consent Is a Bad Standard

Determining whether a specific incident meets the legal definition of rape can be complicated. The concept of rape, however, is quite simple: unless all parties consent to sex, it’s rape.

If someone says no to sex either verbally or physically (e.g., pushing someone off, backing away), there’s no consent. If someone says yes at first, then says no, there’s no consent. If someone doesn’t say no because they’re too drunk or otherwise incapacitated to make the call, there’s no consent. The lack of a verbal no isn’t the same as consent; not fighting back, or not fighting “enough,” isn’t a sign of consent either.

That doesn’t mean consent is the only standard. A teacher sleeping with their fourteen-year-old student is committing statutory rape even if the student freely consents. Someone cheating on their partner is in the wrong even if they and the person they have sex with both consent. Manipulating or pressuring someone into consent (“You say you love me. Prove it.”) isn’t acceptable. But consent always matters — except not to a large part of the right wing, particularly the religious right.

It doesn’t matter before marriage because all that matters is that women aren’t supposed to have sex. Misogynist Matt Walsh, for instance, says if a woman feels traumatized after date rape, it’s “not because you were raped but because you allowed yourself to be degraded for the sake of cheap and fleeting pleasure.” After marriage, according to Phyllis Schlafly and multiple other conservatives, it isn’t rape: “By getting married the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape.”

Of course, every straight male conservative understands the importance of consent if they walk into a gay bar. But when men want to have sex with women? Forget about it! Consent doesn’t matter, only “are you married?” matters.

“You can do anything, the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything, so long as there is one element,” Rush Limbaugh said in 2016. “Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine. Whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police.” Well,  yes. If there’s no consent, then it’s rape. Calling the police is the appropriate response, though a lot of police won’t give a crap.

Antifeminist Jordan Peterson dismisses the feminist concern for consent as a taboo, equivalent to conservative taboos against premarital sex. That’s a telling choice of words: “taboo” implies an irrational, arbitrary standard with no real logic behind it. Requiring consent before sex isn’t irrational, it’s extremely logical.

Pennsylvania Republican Tom Smith said in 2012 that learning your daughter is pregnant and unmarried is just the same as learning she’s been raped; she’s damaged goods, whether she consented doesn’t matter (that’s my interpretation, not his statement). That’s a common message in abstinence only education where girls learn premarital sex makes them worthless as used chewing gum. Consent isn’t discussed so even rape victims think they’re used chewing gum. Of course, the rules are supposed to apply but as Christian feminist Samantha Field says, guys aren’t really expected to deliver their snowy white virginity as a wedding night gift to their bride.

Field says conservative Christians don’t value consent because they assume fallen human beings have no sexual morals. If we don’t confine our lustful natures within marriage we’ll jump into bed with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Conservative David French makes a similar point: if consent is all that matters, why shouldn’t men hit on all attractive women everywhere, even in Bible study or a business conference? She might say yes, so there’s nothing wrong with asking (which ignores, as I said, that consent isn’t the only standard in play).

Walsh and others insist that’s why “no sex until marriage” is the superior standard — it avoids all the complications of figuring out whether someone consent or not, and it’s unambiguous: every man knows that trying to talk an unmarried woman into bed is wrong.

This is a bullshit argument: even if we start from the premise “sex before marriage is a sin,” it doesn’t follow “therefore it’s acceptable for a man to force a woman to have sex.” Nor does “marital sex is godly” mean marital rape is washed in the blood of the lamb and morally acceptable. Nor does believing, or at least giving lip service to “sex only after marriage” really protect women. It’s never been a standard universally embraced or enforced; lots of men have been told no means yes or that suing for sexual harassment means she’s into you.

And of course, a lot of people dislike consent standards because they make it harder to get laid. If you have to worry about whether the woman wants it or respect her no, that means less sex! Limbaugh, that late and unlamented misogynist was very big on “no means yes” and how guys can always tell (spoiler: no, they often can’t). If you weigh rape trauma on one side of the scales and a man’s orgasm on the other, for a depressing number of people the scales should tilt in the man’s favor.

Consent matters. Be wary of people who don’t think it does.

You can find much more on this topic in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers.


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If the law applies to Donald Trump, no American is safe!

Seriously, that’s what the right-wing are offering in response to the FBI obtaining a search warrant for Mar-A-Lago and then searching it. This is exactly the way searches are normally handled under the law but the idea the law applies to Trump — and by extension, other Republicans — has them screaming about how its Gestapo tactics. According to forced-birther and female misogynist Abby Johnson ““If the FBI can go after a President, they can come after any of us.

Or as Alexandra Petri puts it, “If this is what investigators will do to the former president of the United States — follow all the steps to obtain a warrant from a judge to search his home for documents that they (and the judge) believed probable cause suggested were there, then leave without arresting anybody — imagine what they will do to you! You might also have to deal with a search warrant from a judge! You, too, might receive due process when suspected of committing a crime!” But of course, that’s us little mortals — coming after powerful Republicans is Totally Different, at least to Republicans.

The logical assumption, given how over-cautious DOJ head Merrick Garland has been to date is that the FBI’s searching an ex-president’s mansion, they have a damn good reason: “In order to get court-authorization for the search warrant, federal investigators would have needed to demonstrate that there was probable cause to believe that a crime had been committed and that evidence of the crime could be found at the former president’s Florida estate.” Going after powerful people this way usually indicates something very serious at the root of it. With help from a confidential source.

But the right-wing wants to start from the assumption they had no justification. Heck, if the FBI found classified documents they must have planted them. Lying snake Franklin Graham compares it to the Ruby Ridge incident of decades ago. Online chatter is freaking out about the need for revolution. Fellow bullshit artist Newt Gingrich declares the FBI has turned on America — “And the left is so desperate, so frightened,” he adds, projecting as usual. Oh, and Steve Bannon claims the FBI is taking out a hit on Trump.

Of course, if the FBI had broken into the Clintons’ home without a warrant and thrown them into Gitmo, the outrage would be lacking. When Republicans complain about government turning against Americans they mean against them, not anyone else. Trump, of course, is whining about how he’s been martyred, while pleading the Fifth in an unrelated New York case. But he does that anyway.

Another Republican tactic (covered at one of the links above), is to claim this guarantees Trump’s victory in 2024. I doubt it. If he wins, it’s more likely because his acolytes are now running election offices all over the country. If Republicans can cheat, they will.

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Let’s start with some good political news

“We thought everybody had already been divided into voters and vessels. The voters got to pass restrictions, and the vessels got to sit there and smile! ” — Alexandra Petri on the pro-choice win in Kansas. It’s also amusing to see Republicans insist it means nothing. And Aaron Coleman, abusive teenage Kansas State Rep. (Democrat, I’m sorry to say) came in last in his re-election primary. That I’m happy to say.

One of the Jan. 6 seditionists is getting seven years in prison.

An ad by a pro-choice group really socks it to Texas governor Greg Abbott.

Donald Trump has a long history of threatening and filing lawsuits to get his way. I don’t think his CNN Is Mean To Me lawsuit will be successful.

Alex Jones knows his Sandy Hook trial is not going well so he’s resorted to ranting about how his judge is demonically possessed. And while he’s trying various tactics — bankruptcy to avoid paying damages, paying money to a company his family owns — it sounds like the plaintiffs’ attorneys are pushing back hard. I hope they leave him living under a bridge. But even then he’ll probably still have fluffers in the media. And the “shooting was a false flag” argument lives on.

Now for some not-so-good Republican political insights:

West Virginia’s Chris Pritt thinks forcing dads to pay child support will lead to them pressuring women to get abortions, so it’s bad.

Biden went back to work after covid much faster than Trump. Sean Hannity says that’s not because Biden was vaccinated, it’s because the strain he caught was puny compared to TFG.

Illinois gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey says the Holocaust was nowhere near as bad as American abortion.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville objects to the new PACT act because among other reasons, the VA would be giving veterans prostate cancer care.

Arizona Republicans are stealing pens from election sites in the belief they’re designed to change your vote.

Republicans are banning books. Democrats are holding hearings on book bans. So clearly both sides are exploiting the issue.

The continued right-wing claim that despite Jan. 6 and Charlottesville, it’s the left that’s violent.

Florida’s Governor DeFascist is all about parental rights, unless parents let little kids go to drag shows. He will not, however, condemn ne0-Nazis — after all, they’re supporting him!

I may have mentioned this before, but some Republicans oppose a school lunch-funding bill because it won’t let schools deny trans or gay kids lunch. Twenty Republican-led states are suing over the rule.

Alleged sex-trafficker Matt Gaetz is one of 20 House Republicans voting against an anti-human trafficking bill.


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Interracial marriage is bad, 25 percent of Republicans say

Sure, Loving v. Virginia is 50 years old but plenty of people still hate black/white marriages (and other “race mixing”). One-quarter of Republicans opposing mixed marriage doesn’t surprise me. Like abortion, contraception and gay marriage, it’s the kind of personal decision right-wingers don’t think people should be able to make — and the logic behind the Dobbs decision could easily extend that way.

It’s also not surprising that the CPAC right-wing conference had no problems with Hungarian strongman Viktor Orban condemning mixing the races in a recent speech. They’re not disinviting him to speak; I suspect it’s one more reason for them to love him.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court’s ruling about the high school coach who led his team in prayer has unsurprisingly encouraged other Christian conservatives to impose more prayer. For all the whining about how prayer has been pushed out of the schools, it hasn’t; federal law solidly protects the right of children to pray. And  curiously, the same conservatives who complain that even talking about “gay” in schools takes away parents rights are fine with ignoring parents who don’t want organized, coercive school prayers.

Even before Don’t Say Gay, the religious right claimed comprehensive sex ed grooms children. You can make a better case for abstinence only sex ed grooming kids because it ignores consent. As Elizabeth Smart said at the link, her classes taught her having sex made her worthless, so after her rape/kidnapping what was the point in escaping? She was damaged goods. The right wing preaches the issue with date rape isn’t coercive sex, it’s that the slut had sex. Nothing makes kids (or adults) more vulnerable to consent than teaching that consent is irrelevant.

And while the forced-birth movement insisted for years that they would never punish women for getting abortions, now that they’ve gotten Roe overturned, criminal penalties for women is looking good. North Carolina Republicans want the death penalty for women who get abortions. Oh, and remember how post-Dobbs the right wing insisted there was no risk to contraceptive rights? About that … Matt Gaetz tries putting lipstick on the pig by explaining he votes against the right to contraception because he’s so very pro-birth control. As Jennifer Rubin says, they aren’t pro-women and they aren’t pro-life. As witness one woman says after her Texas miscarriage it took two weeks to find a doctor who’d remove it.

Irin Carmon sums it up: everything the left predicted would come to pass if Roe fell has happened, and things we didn’t anticipate.

To put that in perspective, the right-wing predicted a string of nightmare scenarios if gay marriage became law (they still do). Straight marriage would collapse. Anti-gay preachers would be silenced! The Boy Scouts will have to shut down rather than admit gay scoutmasters (given subsequent scandals, that one really hasn’t aged well). None of that happened. Our prophets are better than theirs.

So are our historians. Northier Than Thou looks at a gun-lover who cites the US interning Japanese-American citizens as proof we need guns to defend ourselves against government. As the post points out, if Japanese Americans had fought back, or even showed their neighbors they were armed and ready for trouble, they’d be dead. Ditto civil rights activists, gays fighting for their rights, women marching for equal rights, etc. Heck, South Carolina prosecutor Culver Kidd has specifically claimed women can’t claim stand your ground if they kill an abusive partner in self-defense.

“In many of these instances,” the post goes on, “gun owners were actively involved in the very repression suffered by those in question. Since the founding of the country, gun violence has played a far greater role in the repression of civil rights than it has in protecting them. There are exceptions to be sure, but this narrative is not built on the exceptions. It is built on a fantasy that skips any active consideration of how these things actually work.”

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