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Ignorant or lying, but definitely unethical: forced birthers speak!

So last week I mentioned Rep. John Becker, the Republican in Ohio whose proposed bill bans private coverage of abortion or birth control methods that prevent fertilized eggs implanting. It also exempts efforts to transplant an ectopic pregnancy back into the womb — that will remain legal and insurable. Of course the procedure  doesn’t exist, but Becker’s a big picture: the details of exactly which birth control methods are uninsurable will be left to “people smarter than me.” (I suspect this is both a way to duck responsibility for the bill’s effects and that he doesn’t give a crap if women can’t get birth control).

Now it turns out Becker’s dug up a couple of medical journal articles, one from 1917, that say the procedure is possible, so he claims vindication. Sure, a doctor told him that this was pretty much pie-in-the-sky, but he didn’t say it was absolutely never going to happen, right? So Becker’s just being forward-thinking. I remain unconvinced he’s arguing in good faith, but perhaps he’s just an idiot.

Over in Missouri, ex-cop and Republican state Rep. Barry Hovis supports an anti-abortion bill with no rape exception, but explains it’s not that big a deal: “Most of my rapes were not the gentlemen jumping out of the bushes that nobody had ever met. That was one or two times out of 100. Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible.” Despite the “terrible” it seems he’s distinguishing stranger rape (the real rape) from date rape which is, you know, not real rape. Otherwise why bring it up? Hovis went on to say that rape victims could get a chemical abortion any time up until the no-abortion deadline kicks in, so it’s no big.

Right-wing male supremacist Matt Walsh meanwhile asserts that abortion after rape destroys evidence of the rape, so “Abortion restrictions can actually protect rape victims, whereas abortion clinics often exploit rape victims and can cause rape to continue.” Of course it’s quite possible to get DNA samples as evidence (which is presumably what he’s alluding to, assuming he’s alluding to anything) without a pregnancy. However this bilge lets Walsh pretend that advocating 12 year old rape victims be denied abortions is somehow compassionate rather than cruel.

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick points out that some Alabama pols claim they support a rape exemption even though their new law doesn’t have one. If they’d put one in the bill would be less likely to get Supreme Court review, so there’s less likelihood of reversing Roe v. Wade. Rape victims, isn’t it nice to know you’re just political pawns?

And let’s not forget, while Republicans claim abortion is the moral equivalent of the Holocaust, many of them still think women using contraceptives is even worse.

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Undead sexist cliche: Women are buzzkills

This is the flip side of the cliche that women have to civilize men to make them marriage material. Because being a civilizing influence means your husband gets to be the fun one, you have to nag him to do the dishes (like the sitcoms so many conservatives freak out about).

Consider, for example, the unfunny, unromantic rom-com Knocked Up. As Meghan O’Rourke says in Slate, Seth Green is out for a good time until the prospect of parenting with Katherine Heigl forces him to shape up and grow up. Green is nervous about giving up his fun times; Heigl’s Alison and her sister “are entirely concerned with pragmatic issues. We never see Alison or her older sister, Debbie, pursue or express her own creative impulses, sense of humor, independent interests; their rather instrumental concerns lie squarely in managing to balance the domestic with the professional. It’s as if women’s inner worlds are entirely functional rather than playful and open.”

Or consider the odious Sean Connery film A Fine Madness. Connery, playing a selfish jerk — er, a rule-breaking free spirit — has no use for fidelity, monogamy, day jobs or consideration for others. His wife (Joanne Woodward) labors at a waitress job to support him so he can finish his poetic masterpiece. At the end, it’s clear that due to Woodward getting herself pregnant (the movie doesn’t use the phrase but that’s the tone), Connery’s jackass will be tied down to domesticity and supporting a child. We’re supposed to feel sorry for him, not Woodward for being stuck with him.

Or the novel The Warded Man, where the primary function of women is to grumble about how men keep going off on adventures instead of staying behind to raise a family. Women in specfic have often been portrayed as dream-wreckers, as The Hathor Legacy website says about the 1930s short story He That Hath Wings, about a man who can fly, but sacrifices the skies to marry a woman who slowly drains the joy away. As the Hathor Legacy says, “his wife is the personification of Society and Expectations and Domesticity. She’s his golden prison.”).

Underlying this USC is the assumption that women really don’t aspire to anything but marriage. It’s their end goal, their dream, the be-all and end-all of everything for them. They lose nothing, men give up their freedom. Writer Tracy McMillan made that point in a godawful HuffPo article some years back entitled Why You’re Not Married (I’m not giving her any clicks but you can google it). McMillan assumes that women just have to get married, the way lemmings supposedly rush into the sea and drown. Marriage, as McMillan paints it, sounds kind of sucky: “You’re just going to need to get rid of the idea that marriage will make you happy. It won’t. Once the initial high wears off, you’ll just be you, except with twice as much laundry” but she’s convinced her single readers are so desperate to get a ring they’ll happily trade it for a life as live-in laundress, maid and cook.

Yet at the same time, McMillan says this is fair because men are the ones who pay a price for marriage, as it “involves sacrificing their most treasured possession — a free-agent penis — and for us, it’s the culmination of a princess fantasy so universal, it built Disneyland.”

The possibility that women like having free agent private parts does not occur to her. Or she ignores it to make her point (a TV writer in her fifties has to be pretty blind not to have noticed some women do, in fact, enjoy sex without commitment).

And it didn’t occur to Edmond Hamilton, author of He That Hath Wings (which I still think is an excellent story), or other male authors of that era. As The Hathor Legacy puts it, they didn’t grasp “that perhaps the women who tempted the Davids of the world into marriage (seemingly against their will) and tamed their wild sides…well, maybe those young women had wings of their own, or wanted them, and the last thing they wanted was to have a man latched onto them, and were as trapped by societal expectations as any male was.”

I made the same mistake in some of my earlier writing. I think I’m doing better now. I certainly hope I’m right.

#SFWApro. All rights to image (I don’t know the artist) remain with current holder

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New frontiers in the Republican war on women

One of the staple claims of the forced-birth movement is that they don’t want to persecute or prosecute women; no, the only people who should be prosecuted are the doctors, the evil baby-killers. If someone slips and says sure, the women need to go to prison too, it’s quickly walked back, as with Donald Trump saying it in his 2016 campaign.

As Jessica Valenti says, this is an obvious lie even before this past month. Now? Well,  Georgia, which passed a 20-week limit to abortion a few years back, has a breathtakingly extreme heartbeat bill that says women can be prosecuted as killers if they get abortion. Georgia  attorney Andrew Fleischman explains that as the bill also gives fetuses full human status as legal persons, that implies most rules on dealing with human deaths would apply. That raises the possibility women can be prosecuted even if women go outside Georgia to abort, or that law enforcement could investigate miscarriages Just In Case (the late, unlamented Georgia Republican Bobby Franklin proposed that a few years ago). Mark Joseph Stern warns against assuming it can’t happen here.

The reaction from all those right-to-lifers who don’t want to punish the mother? Crickets. Or arguments that the law may allow that but Of Course it won’t be enforced. The Resurgnt website (no links, sorry) objects it didn’t go far enough, and rants about people who support abortion because they’ve “gotten so used to being able to have sex whenever they please.” The writer considers this a bad thing.

In Ohio, Republican state Rep. John Becker has sponsored a bill banning private insurance coverage of abortion, as well as birth control methods that could block a fertilized egg implanting in the womb. This doesn’t usually happen with birth control pills, often not even morning-after pills — good discussion here — but I’m sure even a .1 percent chance will be found illegal. Becker doesn’t see this as a problem: if women can no longer afford current birth control methods, someone will invent new ones, right? Oh, but the bill specifically states that transferring an ectopic pregnancy (the embryo develops outside the womb) back to the womb is not abortion; this actually can’t be done. Possibly Becker’s an idiot; he’s actually said he doesn’t know what the bill blocks, he’ll leave that to “people smarter than me.” Or given the right’s distaste for birth control, he knows perfectly well. Maybe the ectopic pregnancy exemption is to make it look like ectopic pregnancies are viable so they can’t be aborted despite the health risks to the mother (El Salvador won’t allow ectopic abortions until the embryo ruptures). Yes, I’m that cynical about forced birthers.

Ohio is also a heartbeat-bill state, banning abortion after six weeks, with no rape or incest exception; as A-OC has pointed out, abortion is illegal if your period’s just two weeks late.Which could mean an 11-year-old rape victim has to complete her pregnancy. More details here.

And then Alabam passed an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest, but an exception for IV embryos that die in the lab. According to state Senator Clyde Chambliss, IV’s different because “it’s not in a woman. She’s not pregnant.”

I have never understood liberals who insist Republicans don’t want to outlaw abortion. Supposedly that would ruin the power to get people out voting to Stop The Holocaust, but how? It’s not like “Vote Republicans or Dems will bring back abortion!” wouldn’t work — they’ve been doing well with “Democrats will confiscate all your guns” for years and that’s complete bullshit. Plus, a lot of Republican officials are true forced-birth believers; as Scott Lemieux details, it’s pure chance the Supreme Court didn’t outlaw abortion under Reagan.

That doesn’t mean their beliefs make sense: if abortion is equivalent to the Holocaust, as Fred Clark says, forced-birth terrorism would be the moral response, not “vote Republican.” But believe they do.

For extra sexist goodness, Alabama Republican Dickie Drake wants to make it a crime to file a fake rape/sexual molestation charge. Of course, filing a false charge is already illegal, so presumably the goal is to broaden the scope of what can be punished and thereby intimidate victims into silence. The bill doesn’t specify what qualifies as “false” — no charges filed? Wrong person identified? DA decided not to prosecute? — which makes me suspect the worst. It’s not like law enforcement is objective about rape. And some Republicans are that rotten.


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The thing about Trump’s cabinet … (and other sexism links)

I seriously doubt the sexist-in-chief actively hunts for misogynists and sexists to join his team. He is, however, certainly cool with having them on board. Brett Kavanaugh. Staff secretary and accused spousal abuser Rob Porter. Alex Acosta who broke the law as a prosecutor to let an accused sexual predator walk. Are they drawn to him because he’s become a symbol of male supremacy? Or is this kind of thing common enough that just random chance could bring them together? Neither is a pleasant thought.

The most recent example was Trump’s pick to lead the Federal Reserve, Stephen Moore, who has a long history of sexist columns and statements (he’s also a shitty economist): “another travesty: in playground games and rec leagues these days, women now feel free to play with the men — uninvited in almost every case.” 2) “Women are sooo malleable!” he said. “No wonder there’s a gender gap.” (based on his wife voting for a Democrat because of environmental issues) 3) “If there is an injustice in tennis, it’s that women like Martina Hingis and Monica Seles make millions of dollars a year, even though there are hundreds of men at the collegiate level (assuming their schools haven’t dropped the sport) who could beat them handily,” he wrote. 4)Coed soccer games are “a giant social experiment imposed upon us by the geniuses that have put women in combat in the military. No one seems to care much that coed sports is doing irreparable harm to the psyche of America’s little boys.” 5) “What are the implications of a society in which women earn more than men?” he wrote. “We don’t really know, but it could be disruptive to family stability. If men aren’t the breadwinners, will women regard them as economically expendable? We saw what happened to family structure in low-income and black households when a welfare check took the place of a father’s paycheck. Divorce rates go up when men lose their jobs.”

Oh, and he’s also an adulterer and deadbeat dad, though the Wall Street Journal gave him some column inches to say how people who bring up those inconvenient facts are persecuting him!

In other links:

A look back at a right-wing trolls attempt to start a feminist war online.

An MRA claims romantic relationships are automatically abusive to men.

A man frustrated with not being able to score at the mall threw a child over a balcony. White nationalists somehow make this all about them.

Why are all the women running for the Democratic nomination considered unelectable?

Ancient Jewish wisdom about dealing with incels.

Jordan Peterson and other sexists continue to insist there’s no pay gap.

The Iowa Writers Workshop is a prestigious ground for training great writers — and has a long history of machismo and sexual harassment.

The UN “recognizing the importance of providing timely assistance to survivors of sexual violence, urges United Nations entities and donors to provide non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, in line with Resolution 2106” to victims of rape in war (which is often used as an offensive weapon). The health consequences of rape are severe, but the US made the UN drop the quoted language. As usual, the outrage some sort of abortion might be involved in “comprehensive health services” outweighs any compassion for rape victims. As Echidne says “All that matters to those people is that a woman who is, say, gang-raped by enemy soldiers not be allowed to avoid the possibly risky pregnancy and forced birth of a child from that rape.

In the UK, a teenage boy facing multiple charges for sexual assault on younger girls wound up with a 45-day sentence. A woman’s rights activist in Iran, on the other hand, got 33 years and 148 lashes.

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Undead sexist cliche: It was only one rape, no big deal

A thought prompted by the case of Shane Piche, a school bus driver who raped a fourteen-year-old girl. Over the prosecutor’s objections, the judge gave Piche probation and Piche won’t be listed in the sex offender registry? How come? Only one victim and no prior arrests.

Even assuming this really was the only girl he raped, so? Raping a fourteen-year-old (or anyone) is a crime. Hard time is the appropriate sentence. But what does “appropriate” have to do with it? Ask Alaska prosecutor Andrew Grannik who accepted Justin Schneider’s plea deal on sexual assault charges, letting him walk with no jail time. Grannik and the judge both warned Schneider this was his “one pass” — he’d better not rape anyone else or they’ll give him a much stiffer talking to!

Or the Baylor University rape case in which the prosecutor struck a plea deal because (allegedly) he said he couldn’t get a conviction for a first-time rapist.

This is not surprising. A lot of people act as if a rapist who isn’t a psycho should be cut some slack. Take Captain Pete Rose of the NYPD who said in 2017 that acquaintance rapes weren’t bad but “f there’s a true stranger rape, a random guy picks up a stranger off the street, those are the troubling ones. That person has, like, no moral standards.” You know, unlike the ethical rapists.

As I’ve said before, it’s this kind of thinking, accumulated and piled up, that creates rape culture.

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Sexism and Fighting Back, Around the World

First, international:

Over in Italy, two men were cleared of rape charges on the grounds the victim looked too masculine to be the target of rape.

Someone’s keeping a database in China that apparently tracks “breed ready” women and identifies them by name and address.

In Nigeria, women are pushing back against marketplace harassment. Women are also in the forefront of Sudanese protests against government oppression.

In Saudi Arabia, even women covered up except for their eyes can offend decency with tempting eyes.

Now, the US:

Actor Lupita N’Yongo on her first-person experience of how Harvey Weinstein harasses women.

“Women have more adverse reactions to drugs than men, and while the number one adverse reaction in women is nausea, the second most common is that the drug just doesn’t work.”

As you may have heard, a man threw a child off a balcony in the Mall of America because he’d had no luck picking up women at the mall.

Is “brilliant” in politics a descriptor reserved for men?

The new movie Unplanned is supposedly the based-on-truth story of a Planned Parenthood staffer who became a right-to-lifer. Amanda Marcotte suggests it’s more “based” than “truth.”

Katie Bouman got some media attention as a woman working on the project that photographed the first black hole. For some people, the attention was too much. Particularly online misogynists.

Some guys in an Alaska high school staged a protest against trans-bathroom access by barging into the girls’ bathroom. Reportedly they blocked one girl from leaving the bathroom so she kicked one in the groin — and got suspended for it. Twitter discussion here.

In Texas the legislature recently debated a bill that could impose the death penalty on women who get abortions. Self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor, however, claims that it’s the left wing that wants to execute pregnant women.

Joshua Harris was a major player in the evangelical push to replace dating with a more formal, parent-controlled courtship. Women who experienced guilt and shame trying to live up to this standard aren’t thrilled Harris now takes it all back.

Like so many people, feminists on Twitter can get vicious with each other.

A federal ban on female genital mutilation has been ruled unconstitutional.


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No, clothes do not make the rapist

I’ve had Jessica Wolfendale’s law journal article on Provocative Dress and Sexual Responsibility on my desktop for a while. I’m glad I finally got around to it. The article covers a topic I’ve written about before (the myth a rape victim was asking for it) and does it well. Two points in particular jumped out at me:

1)Under the standards used in some states, a husband or boyfriend murdering his wife for divorcing him or taking out a restraining order could be classed as manslaughter rather than murder, on the grounds the killer was driven by overwhelming emotion. As Wolfendale says, this allows the man to rewrite the law: a restraining order doesn’t really restrain him. A woman’s right to divorce doesn’t entitle her to leave if he loses it.

2)The standard that a woman should expect rape if she’s “dressed to convey sexual availability” supposedly makes women responsible for what happens. In reality it takes away their agency: whatever they think they were doing (looking professional-but-attractive for work, wearing makeup because it’s expected, wearing shorts because it’s hot), their intentions are less important than what men think they were doing. By Rod Dreher’s logic, if a man thinks a woman looks like a hooker, it’s natural for him to rape her. Most women I know with tattoos don’t think they’re flaunting their sexuality; Dreher thinks they’re slutting it up. So presumably they’re asking for it, the jezebels. Much as Saudi women who cover up everything but their eyes can be punished for having sexy eyes.

And of course, women often look sexy because it’s a job requirement. And because they’re constantly being judged on their clothing in ways men aren’t.

In other news:

An older article from Time on sexism and school dress codes.

Jessica Valenti looks at comments on one article about anti-rape slutwalks.

Back in Steubenville, OH, two teenage boys raped an unconscious girl (they’d all been drinking) and shared videos with classmates. Think Progress looks at how the media took the boys’ side, for example discussing how hard it will be for them if they have to register as sexual offenders the rest of their lives.

A fascist endorses the idea that women should have to pay incels sexual reparations. And here’s an incel who thinks slave women had it easy because all they had to do was have sex.

Passage is a long-shot but I do like this Dem-backed bill fighting sexual harassment.

Another prominent harasser (whom somehow I’d missed hearing about).

“Older men are sex symbols” has been a fantasy for a long time (a fantasy in that while some older men are sexy, a lot of us are just old). It’s also a popular fantasy for incels who imagine themselves getting hotter with age while women wither up and become spinsters. We Hunted the Mammoth tackles the bullshit.

Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta broke Florida law as a prosecutor by giving accused serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart plea bargain. In a recent Congressional hearing, Democrats pummeled him for his decision. The standard Repub defense in these situations seems to be that it’s all politics, but that’s no excuse for Acosta (despite which, one Republican in the hearings hailed him for integrity).

Echidne of the Snakes parses out the complexities of what causes the gender pay gap.

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My state and other links

A North Carolina school insisted female students wear skirts to “preserve chivalry and respect among young women and men.” How does that work? “Visual cues” signifying this is not a boy and should be treated accordingly. Plus blather about teen pregnancies and casual sex, which as we all know never happen when women wore skirts.

Oh, and in North Carolina, once sex starts a woman can’t change her mind. It’s a 2017 story, but online research indicates it’s still the law here.

Now for something positive from NC: the Guilford County sheriff fired a jail chaplain who thought his mission included converting inmates.

Less positive: the Supreme Court told Texas must either allow inmates to have a spiritual adviser with them in the execution chamber, regardless of faith, or ban all spiritual advisers. Texas went with option 2.

Rod Dreher bemoans kids who’d sooner play online than get physical in the sports arena. Of course he never played himself.

If women have “daddy issues” why do we mock them instead of their fathers?

Donald Trump has decided Homeland Security shouldn’t focus as much on domestic terrorism. Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Christopher Hasson, the prez has your back!

The problem with capitalism is often that capitalists suck.

Conservative Austin pastors unsurprisingly fight an ordinance that protects against firing for gender identity and sexual orientation.

How America sold out to Russian (and other) kleptocrats.

A pastor told his female parishioners God would bless them for submitting to his sexual demands. (hat tip to slacktivist).

The appeal of Satan-fearing paranoia? “Even if there isn’t a good guy, there sure as hell is a villain.” Or as Fred Clark puts it ” It was a lie that reassured them they were the good and virtuous and heroic people, distinct from and better than hundreds of thousands of their neighbors who were — in fact and, more importantly, by comparison — unspeakably vile and depraved.”

A-OC reminds us that tech companies and Big Pharma rely on government support for innovation and don’t pay much back.

In El Salvador, having a health crisis in pregnancy can get you 30 years in prison.

“But, being “not quite as bad” when it comes to gender discrimination isn’t enough for Democrats, not ever, but especially not now.” Which is to say Michigan Democrats are not doing enough.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (yep, that guy) is totally in favor of trans rights (the same way he’s concerned about the environment), but if we give them rights, couldn’t Trump declare himself the first female president?

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney thinks it’s terrible that we don’t support anti-gay discrimination in other countries. The administration is also comfortable with overseas efforts to push women into having more babies. Unsurprising given our own alt.right movement is fueled by male supremacy. And Republicans have been courting the far right overseas for a long time.

Beware! Trump claims the noise from wind turbines gives people cancer. No More Mr. Nice Blog provides some perspective (it’s a fringe theory that the noise will keep people awake, which weakens their health).

National Review‘s Graham Hillard says it seems reasonable to respect trans people’s requests about which pronouns and names to use, but we shouldn’t! “A man is a man. A woman is a woman. Let us not pretend otherwise.” Remember, it’s the people who hate LBGTQ people who are the real martyrs.

A woman in West Virginia claimed she saved her daughter from an Egyptian-immigrant kidnapper by flashing a gun. She lied about everything.

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Menstrual pads should not be a luxury (and other political links)

And no, nothing in here is an April fool’s joke. I wish!

Incarcerated women in Maine only get a limited supply of menstrual products. Republican State Rep. Richard Pickett thinks giving women all the supplies they need would turn prison into a country club.

Serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, on the other hand did go to a club fed prison, and then he left that half the day to work at his office. It’s almost like law does not treat the rich powerful men and imprisoned women equally …

The GOP has been surprisingly ineffective at using the Mueller report and Trump’s supposed exoneration to shift public opinion. That doesn’t stop them trying to put the spotlight back on Clinton.

“Only in the elite media are there people who dislike Trump and feel bad about it.

Faced with a lawsuit over his claims the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked, Alex Jones says he was wrong, but not guilty by reason of insanity. And the media drove him to it!

There’s a lot of pessimism about America’s future since the rise of Trump, but here’s some optimism.

A gay prosecutor talks about the consequences of employers being able to fire him for being gay.

Boys at one high school had an organized system for rating girls’ hotness. The girls pushed back.

A Florida man raped his neighbor, offered to do some yard work in return, then asked her to shake hands so he could trust her not to call the cops. She called the cops, he’s serving 50 years.

The complexity of hate crime statistics.

One of the standard religious-right excuses for dropping the whole “we want moral Christian leaders” pretense is that Trump is a godless instrument chosen to serve the godly, just as the Persian conqueror Cyrus the Great brought the Jews back to Israel from exile. As I pointed out in an old And column, American Christians are not in exile.

Supposed deep thinker Stefan Molyneux blames ADHD on immigrants and single mothers.

The new right-wing idiot theory: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a real congress member, she’s a paid actor. Um, no matter what they say (and like Edroso at the link, I’m sure this crap won’t disappear, even though it’s dumb), she got elected, ergo she’s a real congress person. It’s sort of like the birther paranoids, it’s easier to imagine that their adversary isn’t really entitled to her office. Oh, and trans people are trying to turn us all into cyborgs. See why I wish there were some April Fool stuff in here?

Last month the Supreme Court let Alabama execute a Muslim prisoner without making a spiritual counselor of his own faith available. This month, they did the opposite (I don’t know if the difference is that the prisoner is Buddhist, or what).

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Judging Tucker Carlson by things he says? That’s outrageous!

So as I linked to recently, alt.right-curious Tucker Carlson (who thinks its bad when women out-earn men and that women buying men dinner is disgusting) told a radio host that women like being ordered “do what you’re told” and that a statutory rapist whose willing to marry his victim shouldn’t be treated as a crook (“arranging a marriage between a 16-year-old and a 27-year-old is not the same as pulling a stranger off the street and raping her”). Given his continued sexist views (he also believes men are the oppressed sex in America) his defense that “if you want to know what I think, you can watch” lacks a little something. Right-wingers, however, have an explanation: his words are irrelevant because liberals used research to unearth his quotes! How dare they look up things Carlson said in the past! It’s like a Jedi mind trick, or that time they stole Kevin D. Williamson’s career! Liberals destroy everything! While I doubt Carlson will go down, he is at least hurting.

In other news:

It’s way too early to place bets on 2020, at least for me. I hate the fact that running for president has already started. And there’s absolutely no predicting anything at this point. Okay, I think it’ s a safe bet that if Trump doesn’t die or get impeached (and he’s not getting impeached), he’s the Republican candidate in 2020 but beyond that? But I do think there’s some truth to the argument that the media will gush over Trump a lot and that this will help him. It wouldn’t be the first time media gush has shaped the election. And we’ll also get silly commentary like this.

Anti-Islam bigot John Guandalo says it doesn’t violate the First Amendment to ban Muslims from government because Islam is not a religion. Fox News’ Jeanine Piro claims Ihlan Omar follows sharia which is unconstitutional so she can’t be in Congress. And other people think allowing her to walk around being Muslim means we’ve forgotten 9/11. I’m sure if we start showing posters with prominent white conservatives and ask why we’ve forgotten Oklahoma City, they’ll agree it’s just the same, right?

Trump can’t stand to admit to even a tiny mistake.

Why people shout racist abuse.

Reagan signed MLK Day into law, but he wasn’t a fan of King, and implied King brought it on himself by encouraging people to break the law.

Professional liar Dinesh D’Souza struggles to prove the left inspired Hitler’s genocidal views.

Oh, the horror! “Every email announcement the Federalist Society sent out met a snarky, vitriolic response by progressive students.”

Right-winger Tony Perkins demands the feds regulate PayPal because it’s too left-wing.

A feminist guide to raising boys.

The far-right in Europe isn’t very different in its sexist views from the Muslim far-right.

Why Facebook moderators supposed to moderate crazy political posts start to believe them instead. And people targeted by conspiracy theories find their lives become nightmares.

Will self-driving cars have a harder time spotting black pedestrians than white?

Successful people are often shocked when someone points out they had luck (including being born rich, born white, not growing up in an abusive home) as well as talent.

Let’s end on an upnote: two boys starting a feminist club in their all-male school.


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