The tarantula strikes! Oops, it’s actually James Taranto, but that’s even worse.

Following his column about the supposed war on male sexuality, James Taranto got a lot of flak (including my blog post, but I have a strong suspicion it wasn’t on his radar) and so he responds with what conservatives love to do, wail about how he’s persecuted, as quoted here:”All this viciousness was in the service of denying that there is, as we wrote in yesterday’s article, a ‘war on men.’ Well, imagine if a prominent feminist journalist wrote about the ‘war on women’ and dozens of conservative male writers responded by subjecting her to similar verbal abuse. Would that not be prima facie evidence that she was on to something?”
As Roy Edroso and his commenters point out at the link, women do write about the war on women, and they do get verbal abuse. Yet somehow Taranto thinks they’re full of shit, so what’s his point? Of course, the abuse isn’t at all similar to “woman-hating troll” which is one Taranto singles out; as shown here (I’ve linked to this one before) it’s much, much worse.
And of course, the war on women is a real thing: A push against abortion, birth control, job and pay equality, charging a woman with murder for not getting a C-section, discussions of “legitimate rape” and how rape victims are asking for it—stuff that actually affects women’s lives.
Taranto’s example? Finding a guy guilty of sexual assault (Taranto objects in his column to being called a rape apologist as the guy wasn’t actually charged with rape. I have a strange feeling he wouldn’t have changed his arguments any if the charge had changed, so I’ll stick with it). And it’s not like he generally supports the rights of defendants or believes we need some higher layer of supervision to protect their rights—in fact, quite the opposite.
And of course, being criticized doesn’t prove anyone is “on to something” as Taranto would like to think. It’s not in itself, proof that feminists are right: their arguments do that. Taranto’s, on the other hand, don’t.
As Robert Park once said, “To wear the mantle of Galileo it is not enough that you be persecuted by an unkind establishment; you must also be right.”


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