I would fist-bump myself if I weren’t so tired

So after debating about it Tuesday, I decided to jump in and go for finishing 125 Demand Media articles this month.
Financially, it will pay off (apparently I can be bought), and I’ll make up the lost time for other projects in July. But man, it’s exhausting. I’ve been doing eight articles a day, which (barring Internet outages or other disasters) will put me slightly over the cutoff point for the bonus by Thursday, so everything should be approved by June 30. It’s not hugely difficult, but it’s quite draining.
One reason I doubt I’ll do it again unless I really need the money is that it’s tiring enough even leftover time just gets left. In theory, I should have been able to do a little fiction this week, but in practice? Not so much. Okay, not so any at all.
And I hate that.
Still, I’m very pleased that I stayed on schedule despite having a contractor sanding the floor this morning, and a quick unplanned doctor’s visit yesterday (unnecessary as it turns out, but I can take comfort in knowing I’m fine).
No fiction to talk about, but here’s my article list approved this week:
•Deduction of Business Acquisition Expenses
•How Does Being Near a Granite Mine Impact Real Estate Values?
•What Is the Minimum Initial Investment for a Traditional IRA?
•Are Personal Liability Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible?
•Roth IRA Vs. Stretch IRA Conversion
•Which Forms of Business Organization Have a Limited Liability Feature?
•How Do I Transfer Real Estate Property Into Someone Else’s Name?
•What Is Fair Compensation to a Tenant for Breaking a Lease?
•Tax Implications of Retiring With a House Owned by a Self-Directed IRA
•What Is a Jumbo Home Loan?
•How to Report Credit Sales for Income Tax Purposes
•Tax Deductions for International Business Travel for Partners
•Can Investment Seminar Expenses Be Tax Deductible?
•Can Companies Deduct Car Allowances From Taxes?
•Tax Deductions for Dentists
•How to Deduct a House You Partially Rent
•Tax Deductions for Donating Professional Services
•Is LMI Insurance a Tax Deduction for an Investment Property?
•Are Masonic Dues Tax Deductible?
•Tax Deductions for Impairment-Related Work Expenses
•Can You Deduct Renovation Costs for a Home Office?
•Can Disability Premiums Be Deducted as Self-Employed Health Insurance?
•Can I Deduct My Mortgage Interest After a Cash-Out Refinance?
•Can Co-Homeowners Claim Deductions?
•Are Property Taxes Deductible in Subsequent Years?
•What Can Be Deducted on Income Tax for Building a New Home?
•AGI for Passive Loss Limitations for Married & Filing Jointly
•How to Account for Real Estate Closing Fees
•Tax Deductions for Business Property Improvements
•Top Five Ways That Real Estate Easements Are Created
•Accounting for a Limited Partnership Distribution
•Employee Stock Option Plans and Taxes
Thank goodness the weekend’s here and my slave-driving boss will now let me take it easy.

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