Undead Sexist Cliche: Feminism is just women being irrationally pissed off.

My title is not to deny that feminists get angry. Sometimes very angry. I count myself as one and I get pretty pissed when I look at the bilge put out by men’s rights activists, and realize I live in a country where a woman deciding whether she should get pregnant or not isn’t a right, it’s controversial.
The cliche, however, is that women are angry for some totally irrational reason. Just like they’re humorless. They’re irrational.
The classic argument is that feminists were pissed off because they were ugly. Or at least unfeminine. So that meant they couldn’t get a man, and without a man, naturally they turned bitter at what was otherwise a wonderful patriarchal system where women who could get men really had all the power.
Mark Judge of Daily Caller has a new take: women are angry because of their daddy issues: “America is a very angry country because of missing, absent, and lousy fathers. The social science is clear and unambiguous about the devastation the loss of fathers causes in terms of drug abuse, promiscuity and loss of self-esteem among young people. The psychological and emotional wounds go very deep.”
Evidence? As in, you know, a correlation (“60 percent of the National Organization of Women and 90 percent of bloggers on Feministing all express bitterness over being raised by single mothers.”)? None. Judge’s logic is simple: women are really, really angry and it can’t be explained by logic. Therefore it must be based on some inner agony. And therefore there’s no reason to compromise because politics can’t fix their problems. They’re angry at Rush Limbaugh, at Republicans, at antichoice activists, that can’t possibly be explained rationally! Obviously they can’t be satisfied by anything but a “matriarchal utopia.” As a result, “feminists are so angry that debate with them is no longer possible.”
Of course it’s perfectly possible. It’s not really practical for conservatives because so many of them have committed to oppose birth control, dismiss sexual harassment and oppose women being able to sue for equal pay (my apology to all conservatives who don’t fit this bill). Some right-wingers object to women having the vote. Where Georgia considered a bill in 2012 that would deny an abortion even if the baby’s guaranteed to be born dead (cows give birth to dead calves all the time. Yes that was an argument).
If you stand by those positions, no, debate really isn’t possible.
But I don’t think it’s feminism’s fault.
And I don’t think women’s issues with their fathers are the problem either.

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