Bad Republican ideas

Several decades ago, Ronald Reagan claimed Republicans were the “party of ideas.” They still are, but all their ideas suck.

For example, Sen. Rick Scott’s unworkable proposal that all federal legislation ends every five years. Of course, given all the government functions a gridlocked/Republican dominated Congress won’t reauthorize, that probably means millions more for tax cuts to rich senators. Not that he’s outside the mainstream on cutting everything that doesn’t line their pockets.

One of their supposed killer arguments against newly confirmed Justice Jackson (Woot!) was that she couldn’t define what a woman is. As Monica Hesse points out, none of their ideas of what a woman is make a lick of sense.

And they’re still totally dedicated to Not Saying Gay. And accusing Disney of turning viewers gay. And it hurts the kids and parents they pretend to be protecting.

How about their dedication to forcing doctors to give patients ivermectin for covid? And less and less effort to treat Covid. with vaccines that work. But they will, however, spread conspiracy bullshit about it.

The Supreme Court increasingly using the “shadow docket” to overturn laws without giving legal opinions. More here. Though the Repub judges are quite insistent we should read their well-reasoned opinions rather than assume they’re partisan hacks …oh, no opinions in shadow docket cases? Go figure.

The increasing calls for violence. I suppose when they stop walking it back is when we’ll really know we’re in deep shit.

They’re the party of more and more guns, and then more guns.

And less and less effort to treat Covid.

And freaking out over their fear that Democrats will replace white people.

More generally, there’s their conviction that it’s A-OK to spew any amount of bullshit to get elected. Trump won in 2020. Covid vaccines kill. Trump’s fumbled Truth Social is doing better than Twitter. Even dumbass, easily disproven stuff such as claiming it was Trump, not Obama who had bin Ladin killed. They’re following in the wake of Trump, a man who doesn’t really believe in truth or lies, just saying whatever works. As I’ve said before, it’s depressing that if America dies, it’s going to be from cheap right-wing grifters.

So to counter depressing, a few small victories. Not enough to turn the tide; then again, no one victory ever turns the tide. So let’s celebrate!

Steve Bannon says he shouldn’t be held in contempt of Congress because he refused their subpoena based on his lawyer’s advice. A judge cries bullshit.

Ammon Bundy, right-wing slimeball, refused his 40 hours of court-ordered service. He’s now getting 10 days in jail.

An appeals court has reversed a lower court decision blocking the vaccine mandate for federal workers. The mandate is back on.

A 1/6 revolutionary is looking at a potential eight-year sentence.

Mark Meadows, 1/6 coup plotter and Trump toady, apparently registered to vote in 2020 based on an NC address he’s never lived at. North Carolina has struck him from the voter rolls. Though given blacks busted for alleged voter fraud have faced prison sentences, it’s a shame that’s the worst he’ll get.

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