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Bad Republican ideas

Several decades ago, Ronald Reagan claimed Republicans were the “party of ideas.” They still are, but all their ideas suck.

For example, Sen. Rick Scott’s unworkable proposal that all federal legislation ends every five years. Of course, given all the government functions a gridlocked/Republican dominated Congress won’t reauthorize, that probably means millions more for tax cuts to rich senators. Not that he’s outside the mainstream on cutting everything that doesn’t line their pockets.

One of their supposed killer arguments against newly confirmed Justice Jackson (Woot!) was that she couldn’t define what a woman is. As Monica Hesse points out, none of their ideas of what a woman is make a lick of sense.

And they’re still totally dedicated to Not Saying Gay. And accusing Disney of turning viewers gay. And it hurts the kids and parents they pretend to be protecting.

How about their dedication to forcing doctors to give patients ivermectin for covid? And less and less effort to treat Covid. with vaccines that work. But they will, however, spread conspiracy bullshit about it.

The Supreme Court increasingly using the “shadow docket” to overturn laws without giving legal opinions. More here. Though the Repub judges are quite insistent we should read their well-reasoned opinions rather than assume they’re partisan hacks …oh, no opinions in shadow docket cases? Go figure.

The increasing calls for violence. I suppose when they stop walking it back is when we’ll really know we’re in deep shit.

They’re the party of more and more guns, and then more guns.

And less and less effort to treat Covid.

And freaking out over their fear that Democrats will replace white people.

More generally, there’s their conviction that it’s A-OK to spew any amount of bullshit to get elected. Trump won in 2020. Covid vaccines kill. Trump’s fumbled Truth Social is doing better than Twitter. Even dumbass, easily disproven stuff such as claiming it was Trump, not Obama who had bin Ladin killed. They’re following in the wake of Trump, a man who doesn’t really believe in truth or lies, just saying whatever works. As I’ve said before, it’s depressing that if America dies, it’s going to be from cheap right-wing grifters.

So to counter depressing, a few small victories. Not enough to turn the tide; then again, no one victory ever turns the tide. So let’s celebrate!

Steve Bannon says he shouldn’t be held in contempt of Congress because he refused their subpoena based on his lawyer’s advice. A judge cries bullshit.

Ammon Bundy, right-wing slimeball, refused his 40 hours of court-ordered service. He’s now getting 10 days in jail.

An appeals court has reversed a lower court decision blocking the vaccine mandate for federal workers. The mandate is back on.

A 1/6 revolutionary is looking at a potential eight-year sentence.

Mark Meadows, 1/6 coup plotter and Trump toady, apparently registered to vote in 2020 based on an NC address he’s never lived at. North Carolina has struck him from the voter rolls. Though given blacks busted for alleged voter fraud have faced prison sentences, it’s a shame that’s the worst he’ll get.

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Grift, folly, self-delusion and petty people

Shasta County in California has been increasingly angry in recent years with right-wig militia making threats against the county supervisors. The result of a recall election is that the militia now run things. I’m sure that will work out well. Carlos Zapata, one of the militia leaders, did the usual protests that he didn’t want to get violent, but you know, if the county doesn’t get with the anti-vax position … It sounds rather like a spousal abuser rationalizing his action (“She disrespected me! I had to hit her!”) or a protection racket (“If you don’t buy my ‘insurance’ you’re really going to be sorry.”).

Supervisor Partrick Jones, who’s on the extremists’ side (the alternative side was right-wing bu still sane) offers another bit of bullshit: “We’ve been demonized as radicals and various things like this. We are not. We are just simply business owners. We’re mothers, we’re fathers, we’re grandmothers, we’re grandfathers – and we want to return to a county where we grew up: a safe, prosperous county that we can be proud of.” Guess what, radicals can be parents, grandparents and business owners. Parents, grandparents and business owners lynched black Americans, joined the KKK, hurled epithets at black kids going to school. The Duggars covered up their son molesting girls. Of course, lots of business owners, parents and grandparents are perfectly decent people, but it’s not something I assume automatically.

The article at the link mentioned that businessman Revenge Anselmo contributed $400,000 to the recall effort that put the new guys in charge. It turns out his motive is less pure politics than personal ambition: the previous administration rejected Anselmo’s planned restaurant as violating the zoning code.

For self-delusion, there’s a QAnon claim that the National Butterfly Center, which is awesome (I visited, long ago), is a center for trafficking. Evidence? None. They still had to close the center for a while because of threats.

It will get worse, for a while at least. A Republican Tennessee lawmaker wants to reprimand the Associated Press for saying there’s racism in the military. An Oklahoma lawmaker proposes firing teachers who offend students’ religious beliefs (goodbye evolutionary theory and an accurate history of this country).

Then there’s Michelle Evans, a new right-wing hack running for the Texas house. She’s latched onto an urban legend and claims some schools are catering to furries by having tables low enough they can eat as if from a trough. It is, of course, bullshit and I’m sure Evans knows it; she subsequently said that it’s just something a concerned parent told her and it wouldn’t surprise her if it was too — in short, trying to weasel out of it. Republican voters may choose to believe it, as noted at the link, because it feeds their desire for outrage.

We can be so much better than we are, but too many of us don’t try.

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Republicans are not patriots. A year ago, they proved it.

“At no point in his political career — not a single day — has Mr. Trump enjoyed the support of the majority of the country he governed for four years.” Which, Osita Nwanevu says, is part of the reason he and some Republicans can’t believe he lost: the anti-democratic features of the Constitution so favor Republicans, it seems natural they should rule. As Michelle Goldberg says, “What’s terrifying is that even if Democrats win back public confidence, they can win more votes than Republicans and still lose.”

But the truth is, Trump lost the election. Not because of fraud or hinky election machines (which somehow failed o unseat enough Republicans in Congress to give Democrats a filibuster proof majority). Every attempt to prove otherwise has failed. The attack on Congress Jan. 6 2021 was a blatant attempt to overthrow the legally elected president and install the loser. Any claims that, for example, Mike Pence as Veep had the authority to decide the election are lies. If they weren’t lies then Kamala Harris has the same authority and I guarantee, no right-winger believes that.  They won’t be troubled by that inconsistency, just as they can swing from the mob were patriots to the mob were antifa without batting an eye.

Despite which, Republicans have embraced Trump as the real president and 40 percent of them think violence against government is justifiable. Republicans in public office have rebounding from saying how much they disapproved to kissing Trump’s ass again. As NMMNB notes, we should also be skeptical of Republicans who were wringing their hands when it looked like Trump would give a rabble-rousing speech on the anniversary of his attempted coup (plans have changed)

This is why, as WaPo says, we can’t let Republican lies stand. The media are reporting on Republican plans for the next coup, but they need to do even more. And in other ways do less: how about not presenting Trump supporter JD Vance, who’s outraged by Twitter suspending Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account (“These companies need to be crushed.“) for her anti-vax lies as some kind of sensible, salt-of-the Earth Repubiclan who’s critical of business (more thoughts here) and outraged by liberals and elites (as a millionaire venture capitalist, he’s plenty elite).

725 individuals have been charged with sedition day crimes. Unfortunately Republican politicians are hoping that by jamming the gears of the 1/6 investigating committee, they can block it from investigating their own crimes until they gain enough seats this November to shut it down. As noted in the first link, that’s really odd behavior if they believe the mob were actually BLM/Antifa revolutionaries from the left. But “belief” is irrelevant in a lot of ways these days — they “believe” whatever will get them re-elected.

Jan. 6 supposed martyr Ashli Babbitt was shot attempting a coup against the lawfully elected president, Joe Biden. Turns out she has a lot of violence in her past. Her adultery isn’t relevant, though it kind of amuses me to see a white person shot by police get the “she was no angel” treatment.

“To help cover their legal bills, the factions have set up online merchandise shops targeting their most loyal followers. Fans of Powell’s bogus conspiracy theory can, for instance, buy a four-pack set of “Release the Kraken: Defending the Republic” drink tumblers from her website for $80” It’s always grift with them.

There was some speculation last year that the rich would pull the reins on the Republicans rather than see us slide into whatever lies ahead. Instead, they’re giving heavily — as noted at the link, they presumably think that a permanent Republican dictatorship won’t hurt their bottom line much.

The Capitol Police are still struggling to rebuild after 1/6. Some civil servants are also too shaken to go on.

I don’t think I could sum up the right better than this: “They will proudly recite the pledge of allegiance while demonizing Black Lives Matter protesters, reform-seekers or any movement that promotes liberty and justice for all. ” — Michael Harriott on how un-patriotic the American right wing has become. “They detest democracy and loathe any prospect of a more perfect union. They have pledged their allegiance to the flag, but not the republic for which it stands. Patriotism as performance is their only protection because a country that provides liberty and justice for all is too unbearable a thought.”

As I’ve said before, Republicans hate the real America. They love the fantasy America in their heads where women stay home pregnant, white men run everything, black people are invisible except as servants and gay people disappear into the closet.  As Harriott says, they would sooner tear the real America apart than give up on that dream.

I don’t know if their anti-American party can be stopped, but I’ll spend this year doing what I can to help fight.

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The Republican Party is pro-covid (and other links)

That’s Paul Campos’ argument: treating social distancing, masks and vaccination as personal lifestyle choices is no different from someone who argues drunk driving is a personal lifestyle choice, not any of the government’s business.

We know masks and social distancing help control the Trump Virus, but some right-wingers are still peddling the “don’t be afraid of covid” bullshit — and getting to do it in major mainstream outlets. As a subsequent LGM post says, the problem with the post is not an argument “people don’t care about covid policy” but liberals are fools for caring. 

“I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they cant bring themselves to admit it.”

New York governor Kathy Hochul referenced people claiming a religious mandate exemption as “people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” That’s a fairly standard religious sentiment, routinely uttered on the right but to Neal Gorsuch it’s proof of anti-religious bias. As noted at the link, this didn’t bother the Supreme Court when it was bias against Muslims at issue.

Another anti-vax Republican dies of something, hmm I wonder what?

Why even Trump can’t get his voters to reverse course on the vaccine.

Anti-maskters left a blistering review of a Durham’s Luna Rotisserie, grumbling its mask policy shows the place is “full of Satanic activity.” Which is now the logo on the restaurant’s T-shirt.

I anticipate The Former Guy’s new social network, Truth Social, will crash and burn. But even though it’s not yet live, he’s already using it to fleece the flock.

Balloon Juice argues the Jan. 6 investigation is hitting harder than I thought with things like finding Mark Meadows in criminal contempt. Time will tell, but there’s only so much time left. On the plus side, using felony obstruction against the insurrectionists has passed its first court test. Oh, and when the hearing brought up Fox News, Fox News doesn’t mention its own anchors’ ties to the coup.

The DC attorney general is suing Proud Boys and Oath Keepers over their 1/6 involvement.

Trump is suing the New York state AG to stop her investigating his business.

Similarly the Supremes permitting Texas “anyone can sue an abortion doctor” won’t stop them ruling a proposed California “anyone can sue over guns” law unconstitutional. As discussed in this comments thread, though, there may be a political gain in showing non-Republican voters how the game is rigged.

More Republicans are more openly white supremacist. At the link, one bigot notes that “great replacement theory” plays much better in the mainstream than “white genocide.”

I linked to this earlier but here it is again: former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs offers an example of how to fight poverty and how to stop talking about the poor as if it’s all their own fault. By contrast we have Megan McArdle explaining that sure, Scandinavian countries might cover your education and health expenses, but you can’t afford servants — as if the average American family had maid service, or might not think that was a fair trade off. In contrast to Tubbs, McArdle has claimed when poor people are poor, it’s always their own fault.

Electric companies “don’t make money off of solar power generated from rooftops” which is why one Florida company is trying to make rooftop panels less of an investment.

Ever heard those Facebook rants about how Dems being men forced Republicans to elect Trump? Tucker Carlson’s a believer.

The right-wing never tires of the lie that Democrats are setting up concentration camps. Presumably because that’s what they’d do if they could.

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Extremists, liberals and Joe Biden the Red Menace

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, there’s always a push from centrists, moderates and “sensible” people in the Democratic Party to push against the left. Just compromise on abortion. Or stop worrying about the special problems of blacks, gays, Hispanics and women. That’s how to win!

The current incarnation of this theory, Jamelle Bouie writes, is that the moderates in the party are complaining that the left winger such as A-OC are alienating moderate and conservative voters. As Bouie points out, though, moderate politicians such as Biden and Pelosi currently dominate the party. They’re setting the policies; if they’re not connecting, they should take the blame.

Of course, as NMMNB pointed out recently, it doesn’t matter how moderate Democrats hew. Republicans will always paint them as ultra-extremists, as in all the claims I’ve seen that Biden is converting America into a communist state or that sure, Biden’s fine but Kamala Harris is his evil commie puppet-master! She pulls the strings! Moderation won’t change that (more discussion in this thread).

Case in point: after 9/11 Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, both major players in Republican politics, said God let it happen to punish America for something or other (I don’t remember which hobbyhorse they were riding that day). So did Sen. James Inhofe. On the Democratic side, the Republicans had to dig up Ward Churchill, a professor at a Colorado university who thought the attack was a reaction to America’s Mideast policies. Conservative voices held him up as proof of how liberals hated America and he wound up getting much more attention than Falwell, Robertson and Inhofe did (IIRC at least).

Similarly, although liberal cancel culture is a blatant right-wing lie,millions of mainstream voters have bought into the myth of woke political correctness ruining careers and suppressing discussion (more here). Typhoid Ron DeSantis has just announced, a la Texas’ abortion laws, allowing private citizens to sue schools for teaching critical race theory (presumably anything short of “white people are god’s favorite” will qualify) but that won’t get the same outrage. Nor will Louisiana anti-vax attorney general Jeff Landry demanding LSU punish a professor for calling Landry’s assistant a flunkie.

For another example, Clinton ran as a centrist and adopted a variety of centrist policies (as Bouie points out). Welfare reform. NAFTA. Tough on crime laws. Said abortion should be safe, legal … and rare. He was still the ultra-liberal, pot-smoking, draft-dodging president (at the time a lot of Republicans pretended they couldn’t stomach a draft dodger, but they were fine with W, and with Trump mocking the military). His sensible welfare reforms, cutting back most federal programs if you weren’t working, were supposed to end welfare as an issue — nobody could complain now about welfare queens getting handouts! The results were people wound up worse off but the right-wing remained adamant that nobody but them should receive any government help.

I don’t mean that if the Democrats support left-wing policies they’ll win over Republican voters, let alone win office. I support them because in many cases (“left-wing policies” is obviously a very broad label) they’re the right policies. As one former congressman said recently, only a small fraction of America will ever have the power the members of Congress do — use it for more than winning re-election. Former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs offers an example.

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We should not give up or lose hope

Watching the march of Republican Stalinism is certainly depressing. In Michigan, Republican activist Nancy Tiseo wanted Trump to declare martial law in 2020. She’s now an election canvasser. I have a strange feeling she may not be impartial in her work.

It’s tempting to just assume Republican totalitarianism is inevitable, but that’s partly because Republicans work to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Matt Gaetz, for example, claiming that the far right will take over the House in 2022. But the truth is, except for 2004 Democrats have won the popular vote in every election of the past 30 years. That doesn’t count for as much as it should in our messed up electoral system but it’s not inconsequential. Whether it will be enough to overcome Republican fascism is unknown — but it’s worth trying. I’ve started reading up on ways to encourage turnout and do other things to contribute. More than I contribute by blogging.

I think No More Mr. Nice Blog is right about this: Republicans and their right-wing media machine work to make any liberal with a bad opinion the embodiment of all liberals and Democratic policies, everywhere. Democrats don’t make the counter-argument that everyone still in the Republican Party supports Trump and the coup. “The result is that the Republican Party is a party that’s run by extremists but is perceived as moderate, while the Democratic Party is run by moderates but is perceived as extremist.” Similarly they’re an anti-American party that successfully paints Democrats as opposing American values. That’s something I can push back against, though obviously I have a very small platform. But I’ve always believed pointing out the right-wing emperor has no clothes is worth doing, just to put an alternative view out there.

Another problem, WaPo‘s Dana Milbank says, is that press coverage of Biden is as negative or worse than Trump got in the middle of the pandemic. LGM adds commentary. LGM also cites the Afghanistan withdrawal as an example: the coverage was negative despite the lack of any alternative beyond “stay there forever.” Just as the media’s take is often “the economy is tanking” when jobless claims are at record lows. And now we’re having complaints — not at all influenced by sexism, I’m sure — that Kamala Harris doesn’t use bluetooth enough. This kind of thing can definitely affect the election so it’s one more hurdle to keeping our democracy.

Now, some links:

Republicans remain committed to no gun control measures of any sort, which is damn extremist. But it seems Sen. Chuck Grassley considers school shootings like the recent one in Michigan less horrifying than inconveniencing gun owners. So we teach kids active shooter drills or close the schools. But never mind, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro explains that the teachers not stopping the kid is because they’re liberals (see what I mean about blaming our side for everything?).

It is of course bad to prosecute political adversaries purely out of politics. The people involved in the Jan. 6 coup attempt deserve prosecution but Merrick Garland ain’t having it.

An ICE program to enlist sheriffs across America to report dangerous immigrants unsurprisingly generated racism, profiling and abuse.

Two lawyers who filed Stop The Steal lawsuits will have to pay more than $100,000 to cover the legal fees of people they sued. Even outside Stopping the Steal Sidney “the Kraken” Powell remains an incompetent grifter. However she’s very successful at raising cash from suckers.

A right-winger criticized his school and got coddled by the legislature. Minority students got much less sympathy.

“How can you detain an enemy combatant when there’s no war going on?”

Cop shows have obsessed for years about guilty suspects getting off through legal technicalities. What happens when innocent people stay in jail because of technicalities?

“Corruption is bipartisan. Support for anti-corruption measures is less so.” — a look at a new Biden administration paper on fighting corruption.

Florida’s Education Department has removed an anti-bullying page with links to LGBTQ resources. No surprise: the right-wing has a history of opposing anti-bullying efforts because then they can’t push around gays.

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They’re better at this than we are

Starting in the 1980s, the right-wing has been screaming “political correctness” every time they got criticized. It’s fine for them to tell gays and trans people they’re disgusting but it’s PC thought policing to punch back up at them. More recently it’s cancel culture — never mind that very few people are actually canceled over saying something politically incorrect, it’s an effective rallying cry.

It works for pouty right-wingers who feel they should be able to scream racist insults without any blowback, but it also works with a lot of mainstream people. Somehow the fact that the right-wing are the ones currently banning books doesn’t register. I don’t know why. Is it that, as Ta-Nehisi Coates once said, white grievance is automatically assumed to be valid? Or that the left are supposed to be tolerant so it disturbs people more when we do it? But either way it’s annoying as hell that we can’t seem to rouse the same reaction against the right.

Bari Weiss has built her brand on fighting cancel culture. She coined the phrase intellectual dark web to pretend that unremarkable right-wing ideas — identity politics are bad, men and women are fundamentally different — as stuff nobody can say in the mainstream without getting canceled. Of course people say that stuff all the time, but apparently the shtick works well for her. She signed the briefly notorious Harper’s letter and complaining that people are being terrified into self-censorship. Which even if true, is meaningless without context. If they’re terrified of saying the N-word or discussing how Biden’s cabinet has too many Jews, I’m fine with them not wanting to say that crap aloud.

Now Weiss has found a new angle, trying to launch a new university because academic freedom! Except as noted at the link, she’s recruiting founders who oppose academic freedom (more discussion here). One of them is a conservative Catholic who specifically says freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry are NOT the highest goals of  college education. Weiss’s response is that she knows — that’s why she wants him on board! I presume the point is, unlike liberals she embraces FREEDOM so much, she even supports people who oppose FREEDOM! Except when they’re liberals; she’s not making any attempt to find anyone on the left who doesn’t like free speech (admittedly there’s a lot fewer) just as their mission statement doesn’t discuss Republican attacks on said freedom.Weiss is, as usual, full of shit. Here’s more about one of the grift organizers.

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Time to check in on the grifters

As I’ve said before, while Republicans are sincerely committed to white supremacy and misogyny, they’re also shameless about scamming the marks. It may be unfair but that’s my default assumption. For instance, Rep. Lauren Bobert insists nobody needs maternity leave — she gave birth in a truck, then got back to work! The possibility that not giving birth in a truck and going back to work might be a good option doesn’t come up. But like pretty much every Republican politician, she has to oppose all things liberal and love Trump to have a future.

I assume QAnon cult leader Brian Protzman is sincere about his raving anti-Semitism. However he’s also pushing a financial scam in which you invest in dinars or other low-value currency, then become rich when they’re revalued to be worth $1 per dinar (currently it’s like $.00069). And he also claims Covid testing swabs are designed to track down the descendants of Jesus so the Jews can kill them. As Fred Clark says, to fleece the suckers, “the only lie you’ll ever have to tell them is the lie they were already telling themselves.”

“Donald Trump won Arizona by a quarter million votes,” according to Mike Lindell. He’s been consistently wrong about overturning the election, but he’s still selling the same snake oil.

Trump-lovin’ preacher Shane Vaughn now claims the Founding Fathers were descended from the tribes of Israel. It appears the dude has a history of fraud before he become a MAGA grifter. Though Vaughn’s penny ante compared to billionaires such as Kenneth Copeland (more here).

Then we have not only the bullshit about Critical Race Theory but the pretense it’s a grass-roots movement. Roy Edroso’s pointing out it’s costing teachers their jobs. And now we have a Texas politician whose criticizing school districts with books that make (white, straight, probably male) students uncomfortable. Or TX Governor Greg Abbott claiming there are pornographic books in school libraries. Ah, remember the days when they sneered at safe spaces  for snowflake liberals? I’m sure Republicans are sincere about wanting to ban books that discuss race or gay rights, but they’re playing to the bigots in their voting bloc too.

In a sense, the entire GOP is now a scam. They’re presenting themselves as a party that didn’t support violently overthrowing the election and they’re getting away with it. Partly because the media keep assuring us the system worked. A mob attacked Congress but they didn’t succeed so clearly Republicans aren’t that bad.

Speaking of the media while this story about how milk used to be just $1.99 a gallon before Biden took over isn’t grift per se, but it is a lie, one the reporters should have caught. Even the cheapest milk hasn’t been that cheap in a while.

In our current environment there’s very little consequence for the people who spew this crap. But there are exceptions:

James O’Keefe has a history of incompetent scam operations against liberals, but that hasn’t killed his career. We’ll see what this FBI investigation does.

NewsMax correspondent Emerald Robinson warned that the covid vaccines are evil because “the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked.” Luciferase is indeed a component of fireflies’ cold light, but it’s not in the vaccine (it was used in research) and despite the name it’s not Satanic (Lucifer in Latin is “light-bringer”). Newsmax contradicted her and temporarily benched her, while Twitter has suspended her, apparently permanently.

Jenna Ryan, the seditionist who bragged that a pretty white woman would never do jail time, has received 60 days. She’s milking her martyrdom, but I’ll take the slight win.

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The plague, and the people who plague us

“America’s Frontline Doctors, a right-wing group founded last year to promote pro-Trump doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, is working in tandem with a small network of health care companies to sow distrust in the Covid-19 vaccine, dupe tens of thousands of people into seeking ineffective treatments for the disease, and then sell consultations and millions of dollars’ worth of those medications. The data indicate patients spent at least $15 million — and potentially much more — on consultations and medications combined.” I am … not surprised.

“We don’t have sovereignty of our own bodies, we have to take a vaccine that’s not really a vaccine, it’s MRNA.” — professional Fox News liar Lara Logan.

” You’d think if you had a world-class medical school, you wouldn’t empower a case manager in financial risk management to overrule renowned experts in their field. ”

Anchorage anti-vaxxers are the latest to equate themselves to Jews in the Holocaust by wearing yellow stars. Despite criticism from Jews in the community, the town mayor says it’s a tribute to Holocaust victims.

In the same vein, right-winger Dennis Prager says if Americans won’t stand up to vaccine mandates, they wouldn’t protect Jews from Nazis.

“We’re created in the image of God,” is why one Fox News guest says masking is bad.

“Only one out of 2,200 state troopers actually quit over the vaccine mandate in Massachusetts so far. Not even dozens, just one guy.”

A teen mistakenly saying on social media she had covid does not justify jail time.

“Some people in groups that formed recently to promote the false cure ivermectin, an anti-parasite treatment, have claimed extracting Covid patients from hospitals is pivotal so that they can self-medicate at home with ivermectin.”

One Iowa community’s response to school mask requirements: keep kids out of school which will lower the state’s budget for the school district. Elsewhere the approach is to block the highways — hmm, I have a feeling all those “it’s okay to run over protesters” laws passed this past year will miraculously not apply.

To fight mandates, seize the food court!

One firm asked its employees to submit proof of vaccination. The result: the unvaccinated work remotely, the vaccinated must be back in the office.

“The Box still has rules in place to bar potentially infected employees from working but the supports once provided to enable those workers not to work are no longer in place.

” That word ‘flatteries’ means feminism, it means de-masculinization of mankind. That’s what the mask does. That’s what the vaccine does. That’s what complying with these inhumane, ungodly orders does.”

““The response was this diatribe about how evil the vaccine was, how much harm it causes, how data and reports are being covered up. Which told me that it really wasn’t about fetal cells at all. It’s all about a vaccine hesitancy.”

I know Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum as a bullshit-spewing antifeminist. Turns out that to keep IWF’s donors happy, she’s also an enthusiastic anti-vaxxer.

“Somebody gets stopped at a traffic light for a traffic violation, window goes down, officer leans toward the person … if they go to a house where there’s been a complaint, they go into the house,” said Jack Greene, professor emeritus of criminology and criminal justice at Northeastern University. “They’re always going into public spaces.” — a look at first responders’ reluctance to vaccinate and why it matters.

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The Republicans have an edge in branding

I’ve often thought Republicans have an advantage in the media because their brand is known to be “shitty, bigoted authoritarians.” Democrats, by contrast, are supposed to be decent people. When Republicans act like scum, there’s a sense of shrug; when Democrats do it, there’s a sense of shock. We’re supposed to govern well, and clean up the mess Republicans make when they have power.

Republicans want to discriminate against gay? Well, of course. But stories about Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz not getting invited to parties or liberals saying they won’t date conservatives? Then suddenly intolerance is a big issue. If anyone on a Biden task force had suggested letting the Trump virus flourish in red states for political gain, it would be front page news. That someone on Jared’s task force proposed it? Hey, they’re Republicans, what do you expect?

Columbia Journalism Review makes the same point discussing coverage of the Jan. 6 commission. Republicans refused to cooperate unless coup-supporters such as Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were on it. Pelosi wisely shut that down, which the media portrayed as a Dem failure: Pelosi has doomed the chance the commission will accomplish anything (as if having two anti-American extremists on the commission would fix that). The article concludes that “‘Republican bad faith… is just a feature of the landscape,’ whereas a given Democrat is ‘an actor with agency, and subject to scrutiny.'” Republicans gonna Republican, that’s just the way it is.

Likewise the right-wing would pillory any Democrat who didn’t Rah Team for our Olympic competitors. We won’t see the same outrage against the Newsmax host who’s happy America’s losing. No surprise: I remember during football season last year, a bunch of FB posts said we should tune out football so we didn’t have to see players supporting Black Lives Matter.

That said, let’s look at what the American Hating Party has been up to:

Pro-coup Sen. Josh Hawley, meanwhile, has introduced a bill that bans federal funding for schools that teach the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were “the product of white supremacy and racism.” Just because the Constitution said Congress couldn’t ban the slave trade until 1808 and introduced the three-fifths clause to preserve the slave power I can’t see any reason to think slavery played a role in our founding. Comrade Hawley, as I’ve said before, would have fit well in the old USSR.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers wants us to know that “I like Indians and I like Redskins. I like Aunt Jemima and I like Uncle Ben. I like Robert E Lee and I like Stonewall Jackson. I don’t like traitors who hate America. Stand up for our culture!” Nothing says hating traitors like supporting the Confederacy — and she’s also a big supporter of stealing the White House from Biden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is suing Pelosi because mask mandates are segregation. By amazing coincidence, the website her tweet links to is a fund-raiser for her. It’s part of the proud right-wing tradition of grift.

Rep. Elise Stefanik isn’t as batshit as Greene. But these days even mainstream Republicans blame Pelosi for Jan. 6.

And these days, Candace Owens is in the Republican mainstream by suing because Facebook fact-checked her Covid posts and said they were wrong.

If colleges provide medication abortions (which is currently legal), a Republican bill would strip their federal funding.

Trump wishes he’d lowered the flag for Ashli Babbitt, dead anti-American militant. Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde says the Jan. 6 mob were just tourists. And Tucker Carlson, of course, thinks cops traumatized by the attack are just big babies.

Matt Gaetz’s fiancee’s sister says he’s creepy as hell.


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