Republicans are not patriots. A year ago, they proved it.

“At no point in his political career — not a single day — has Mr. Trump enjoyed the support of the majority of the country he governed for four years.” Which, Osita Nwanevu says, is part of the reason he and some Republicans can’t believe he lost: the anti-democratic features of the Constitution so favor Republicans, it seems natural they should rule. As Michelle Goldberg says, “What’s terrifying is that even if Democrats win back public confidence, they can win more votes than Republicans and still lose.”

But the truth is, Trump lost the election. Not because of fraud or hinky election machines (which somehow failed o unseat enough Republicans in Congress to give Democrats a filibuster proof majority). Every attempt to prove otherwise has failed. The attack on Congress Jan. 6 2021 was a blatant attempt to overthrow the legally elected president and install the loser. Any claims that, for example, Mike Pence as Veep had the authority to decide the election are lies. If they weren’t lies then Kamala Harris has the same authority and I guarantee, no right-winger believes that.  They won’t be troubled by that inconsistency, just as they can swing from the mob were patriots to the mob were antifa without batting an eye.

Despite which, Republicans have embraced Trump as the real president and 40 percent of them think violence against government is justifiable. Republicans in public office have rebounding from saying how much they disapproved to kissing Trump’s ass again. As NMMNB notes, we should also be skeptical of Republicans who were wringing their hands when it looked like Trump would give a rabble-rousing speech on the anniversary of his attempted coup (plans have changed)

This is why, as WaPo says, we can’t let Republican lies stand. The media are reporting on Republican plans for the next coup, but they need to do even more. And in other ways do less: how about not presenting Trump supporter JD Vance, who’s outraged by Twitter suspending Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account (“These companies need to be crushed.“) for her anti-vax lies as some kind of sensible, salt-of-the Earth Repubiclan who’s critical of business (more thoughts here) and outraged by liberals and elites (as a millionaire venture capitalist, he’s plenty elite).

725 individuals have been charged with sedition day crimes. Unfortunately Republican politicians are hoping that by jamming the gears of the 1/6 investigating committee, they can block it from investigating their own crimes until they gain enough seats this November to shut it down. As noted in the first link, that’s really odd behavior if they believe the mob were actually BLM/Antifa revolutionaries from the left. But “belief” is irrelevant in a lot of ways these days — they “believe” whatever will get them re-elected.

Jan. 6 supposed martyr Ashli Babbitt was shot attempting a coup against the lawfully elected president, Joe Biden. Turns out she has a lot of violence in her past. Her adultery isn’t relevant, though it kind of amuses me to see a white person shot by police get the “she was no angel” treatment.

“To help cover their legal bills, the factions have set up online merchandise shops targeting their most loyal followers. Fans of Powell’s bogus conspiracy theory can, for instance, buy a four-pack set of “Release the Kraken: Defending the Republic” drink tumblers from her website for $80” It’s always grift with them.

There was some speculation last year that the rich would pull the reins on the Republicans rather than see us slide into whatever lies ahead. Instead, they’re giving heavily — as noted at the link, they presumably think that a permanent Republican dictatorship won’t hurt their bottom line much.

The Capitol Police are still struggling to rebuild after 1/6. Some civil servants are also too shaken to go on.

I don’t think I could sum up the right better than this: “They will proudly recite the pledge of allegiance while demonizing Black Lives Matter protesters, reform-seekers or any movement that promotes liberty and justice for all. ” — Michael Harriott on how un-patriotic the American right wing has become. “They detest democracy and loathe any prospect of a more perfect union. They have pledged their allegiance to the flag, but not the republic for which it stands. Patriotism as performance is their only protection because a country that provides liberty and justice for all is too unbearable a thought.”

As I’ve said before, Republicans hate the real America. They love the fantasy America in their heads where women stay home pregnant, white men run everything, black people are invisible except as servants and gay people disappear into the closet.  As Harriott says, they would sooner tear the real America apart than give up on that dream.

I don’t know if their anti-American party can be stopped, but I’ll spend this year doing what I can to help fight.

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