Another “lying right-wingers” post, starting off with some good news!

Alex Jones who claimed the Sandy Hook shooting was a fraud, wrapped up his second civil lawsuit owing almost $1 billion in damages. He says no way he can pay, but there’s no doubt he has the money. Hopefully the attorneys will hound him until he bleeds out financially (I’ve heard different legal speculation how likely that is).

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the third-class celebrity pretending to be a congresswoman, feigns outrage because “all he did was speak words” so not respecting his freedom of speech is persecution. But there are many situations in which free speech doesn’t protect speaking words: slander, intimidation, extortion, and defamation, which is what they nailed Jones on. While Greene is a dim bulb, I suspect she knows that but she knows her online audience doesn’t care.

Similarly, anti-Muslim liar Laura Loomer says she’ll never pay the damages CAIR won for her lies about them because the money would fund terrorism — another lie.

In other Republicans Lying news:

Republicans talk about how harsh voting rules are necessary to prevent fraud. Turns out Ron DeStalinist is fine with loosening the rules for hurricane-hit counties — but only the ones that vote Republican.

By a great deal of dogged reporting, Christian reporter Mike Hertenstein found a tape of evangelist Billy Graham telling Nixon that while Hitler made some mistakes, he was only trying to free Germany from the control of The Synagogue of Satan. In other words, Graham embraced and spread one of the fundamental anti-Semitic lies.

The single largest source of lying and misinformation about covid? Donald Trump (though Fox News helps). And while his PAC talks big about the importance of winning Congress next month, “the group has contributed about $8.4 million so far directly to Republican campaigns and committees, while devoting $7 million to Trump’s lawyers and another $2 million to the nonprofits, which employ former members of his administration, including former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.”

Herschel Walker offered to pay for his girlfriend’s abortion, then stiffed her for the money.

Senator Tommy Tuberville says Democrats want to give reparations to criminals. Jennifer Rubin says reporters need to press other Republicans to take a stand on such statements.

Conservative judges are now claiming Yale is so woke, they won’t accept clerks from Yale Law School. Which if you believe their cancel-culture bullshit means they’re punishing conservative students who’ve already suffered persecution at YLS (supposedly).

Misogynist preacher John Piper claims sex is only for Christians — everyone else is just prostituting themselves.

Republicans claim they’re fighting groomers, but as I’ve mentioned before the grooming is coming from inside the house. And this house.

Propagandist Michael Flynn claims that state governors can declare war. I suspect he means “Republican governors.”

Right-wing ex-Dem Tulsi Gabbard (don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) and Seth Rogan spread that bullshit about schools catering to furries.

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