So if covid mandates is no different than requiring measles shots in schools …

The obvious conclusion is that measles and other vaccine mandates are unacceptable too. Because vaccine mandates are bad is now an absolute Republican axiom, not to be questioned. And Republican politicians won’t risk re-election by standing up and being the ones who question. Never mind how many children get sick or anti-vaxxers die. Case in point, Kansas state Senator Richard Hilderbrand who wants to eliminate liability for doctors who prescribe ivermectin — where’s the proof it doesn’t work?

It’s true that even the polio vaccine had its anti-vaxxers, but at least they were true believers, not cowards who know the vaccine saves lives (and I’m sure are vaccinated themselves) but don’t have the spine to say so.  Though to be fair, Sen. Ron Johnson says so many idiotic anti-vax things, maybe he doesn’t even feel any pressure on his spine. For example that Fauci overhyped covid like he overhyped AIDS — except overhyping AIDs was the opposite of what happened in the 1980s (check out Randy Shilts’ classic And the Band Played On for a look at how blithely health officials and the government approached the disease).

I doubt Dr. Joseph Ladapo is that ignorant about vaccines — he’s an MD after all — but to get his gig as Florida’s new surgeon general, he’s willing to say maybe vaccines don’t work. After all, Typhoid Ron DeSantis just fired a surgeon general who said the opposite. Likewise I suspect religious conservative anti-vaxxer osteopath Sherri Tenpenny is spewing bullshit (the vaccine will make you a transhumanist cyborg!) because as noted at the link it’s been great for her public profile. But hey, maybe she is batshit delusional.

Oh, and DeSantis himself, despite opposing vaccine mandates, masking or anything that makes the pandemic less lethal, is quick to whine about how it’s Democrats who want us to die. And how nurses shouldn’t be forced to get the vaccine because many of them want to have babies (no further explanation).

Patrick Howley, who once claimed the government plans to criminalize checking out women’s breasts, now claims vaccinated people shun him because they can sense he’s not a “Pfizerblood

Even Dr. Fauci’s feeling the pressure, and who can blame him?

I’m sure some anti-vaxxers are up in arms that getting vaccinated is a prerequisite for heart transplants. They’re perfectly happy to blame people who believe in medicine and say it’s their fault anti-vaxxers are dying.

You’d think the Supreme Court, who have lifetime appointments, would show some sense, but they’re part of the Republican death cult too.

If this were happening in the developing world, you know how the media would cover it. Ignorant superstitious natives, unable to comprehend Western medicine, fearful it will do something evil to their bodies or that it’s the medicines that make you sick! And yeah, that about sums it up. The anti-vax movement is like the witch doctors in countless old jungle movies. Terrified they’ll lose their power if people embrace the “white man’s medicine” they do their best to whip up the equivalent of a torch-burning mob.

In the movies, of course, those guys always lost. In reality, it seems they’re doing pretty damn well.

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