Political links again

Rep. Tom McClintock explains that if you raise the minimum wage, you’ll shut out minorities’ chance to get employed, just like teenagers. I presume that’s a variation on the usual myth that regular working adults don’t work minimum wage jobs, so it doesn’t have to be high: if you raise the minimum wage, you’re benefiting Those People. Oh, and food stamps are just a bribe to get poor people’s votes.

•Like so many other Republican “moderates,” Jeb Bush isn’t one. Specifically he’s a hard-core enthusiast for American world domination. But frankly I can’t see that turning off enough people to really affect the race.

•Repub Dave Brat argues we can get schools into shape by bringing in CEOs and private sector personnel. Which will presumably mean that the CEOs will suck up all the money, pay will get slashed and the services will be shit. And it seems Brat’s a Ph.D and former economics professor himself.

•A woman in Idaho assaults a Jewish neighbor to force her to convert to Christianity.

•Conservative columnist Patrick Howley writes about how he gets some respect from black people, but then wimpy white liberals cause him to lose it all because all blacks see is that they’re both white so therefore, both wimps! Signs of wimpiness include reading in a black neighborhood, reading Emily Dickinson and ordering chicken salad. Howley previously wrote about how the oppressive federal government is plotting to make women miserable by making it a crime for men to check out a woman’s rack.

•In 2011, 10 young white teenagers murdered a black man in Jackson, Miss., solely because of his race. It wasn’t their first assault. At their sentencing, the judge Carlton Reeves, had a lot to say, and it’s worth reading.

•Comcast promises many things about its merger with Time-Warner, but it’s not willing to improve its Internet Essentials program which provides very limited Internet access to the poor.

•The League of the South wants to celebrate the death of Lincoln.

•Police assault a 57-year-old Indian man for walking in a white suburb.

•A look at the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd and her history of manufacturing quotes or critiquing Obama’s performance compared to how movie characters to.

•In the name of transparency, Jeb Bush releases a big cache of emails from his time as governor … including lots of personal data and Social Security numbers. Consumerist looks at the legal issues involving public records and Social Security numbers.

•G. Willow Wilson on her faith.

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