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The tin anniversary

So a week ago, TYG and I celebrated our tenth anniversary, the “tin” one. I suggested she buy me some tea for the various empty tea tins I keep around (I know I’ll eventually fill them again). And so she did.

Wimey Keemun is a really good tea I enjoy as my first cup of the day (I don’t have the tea-tasting vocabulary to articulate what makes it good, sorry). Darjeeling Superba 6000 is just a very good tea. And 8 ounces of each will keep me going for a while, though I intend to buy some other varieties down the road.

My anniversary gifts weren’t tin-centric (“diamond” is the alternative but neither of us likes either diamonds or baseball, so …) but they were welcome. Toffee bars for a desert, zucchini lasagna — thin, baked zucchini slices substituting for noodles — for a meal (several meals, actually). Both her favorites.

We also went out Saturday to one of our favorite restaurants, Sage, a vegetarian place in Chapel Hill. They made it through the pandemic, though with a smaller menu. Food’s just as good as always.

Unfortunately last weekend also involved some Plushie problems which I’ll get into in my second post of the day.


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Everything in motion but nowhere near the finish line

On the whole this was a frustrating week, though part of that’s the cabin fever I was talking about this morning. However it did have one huge upside, which is that yesterday, TYG and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. This is, of course, a cool thing in itself, especially in the current crisis: I’m not alone and we don’t drive each other crazy, even with all the extra time we’re spending together. Plus I actually went out and got takeout from a local restaurant last night. We haven’t been out to eat since Valentine’s Day; my birthday and TYG’s were both spent safe at home. I’m a good cook so I don’t mind eating at home usually but it really felt good to indulge in a large pizza last night, followed by cheesecake (chocolate flourless torte for TYG).

So not such a bad week after all. And I did pet Wisp.

But things were still frustrating. For one thing I got two short stories back today. One was just a form-letter “no” which didn’t surprise me — I wasn’t at all sure my story was a good fit but I didn’t want to self-reject (as they say). The other was a disappointment: they’d told me back in December that I’d been shortlisted and I hadn’t heard since; I emailed them today to check and they wrote back (with apologies for not doing so sooner) that no, while they liked the story quite a bit, it just (drum roll) didn’t fit their needs. In some ways it’s more frustrating to come close and miss, though it’s happened to me quite a bit (nine times out of 10 getting shortlisted turns out to be the kiss of death).

The other source of frustration is that while I worked on several projects this week (plus some Leaf articles) and it was mostly productive, none of them are anywhere near finished. I’m editing the final draft of Questionable Minds but only part of the way through. I fixed the footnotes of the first two chapters of Undead Sexist Cliches and put them into a standardized format, plus starting the final draft but it’s barely a fraction of what has to be done. And I worked on redrafting Oh the Places You’ll Go! and I like the changes, but again, it’s slow going.

The biggest accomplishment was that I did some replotting on Impossible Takes a Little Longer and fixed, I think, a number of problems.

So not a bad week, but it would be nice to wrap something up or, you know, sell a story. Still, I’m better off than whoever lived here, so that’s something.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.

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