Let’s hang out with some unpleasant people!

I honestly don’t care that Trump dodged the draft with made-up bone spurs. That he continues to position himself as a tough guy while mocking veterans with PTSD as weaklings who couldn’t cut it is pretty disgusting (to say nothing of the people who pretended Clinton’s draft-dodging was a dealbreaker but voted happily for W and Trump).

Cream rises to the top. But so does scum. And, of course, grift. And, alas, Shit-Gibbons who blame a child’s death in government custody on everyone but himself.

A special judicial board found Justice Bret “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh‘s conduct includes serious alleged ethics violations. Too bad that there’s nothing the board can do now that Kavanaugh’s on the Supreme Court. Oh, and some of the misogynist rape apologists who supported Kavanaugh have a new way to attack his accuser, Dr. Ford: she doesn’t sound the same when she’s not testifying about the rape so she must be faking.

Republicans have realized that just because they’re outnumbered and unpopular, they can still rig the game to win. Case in point.

False prophets of the right wing.

“Trump is every villain in every Christmas movie rolled into one.” Which doesn’t stop him whining about how hard he has it. And the Republican Party is all in on Trump.

Tucker Carlson, white supremacist dog-whistler.

Pundit Erick Erickson once blamed mass shootings on Americans not being meaner to trans people. He is, however, baffled why Trump supporters behave so poorly.

Speaking of Trump supporters, Michelle Goldberg says we often focus too much on politics and ignore that some of his lackeys just want to be close to power.

Alice Walker gushes about an anti-semitic author (it seems she’s a known anti-Semite herself) in an interview and the New York Times doesn’t catch it. Though in fairness, my thought when an interviewee recommends a book is not to rush and check out whether it’s any good. Bari Weiss thinks this is beyond the pale even though she postures about how we shouldn’t repress discussion of edgy topics.

As NYC mayor Rudy Giulani claimed that by repressing trivial acts such as littering and graffiti, cops could keep serious crime down. As Trump’s lawyer, he wants us to ignore supposedly trivial crimes. As the Times points out, the “broken windows” theory of policing was also wrong.

Awww. The white nationalist League of the South just lost its convention site.

A former Trump speechwriter’s theory: if you support tolerance, gay rights or trans rights, it just shows you’re full of hate.

Some conservatives are obsessed with the importance of being an alpha male.

Lame-duck Republicans in Michigan have pushed through a bunch of bad bills. Including one that bans local governments from passing ordinances that prevent pet stores buying from puppy mills.

Rep. Louis Gohmert pushes conspiracy theories about George Soros. Even Fox Business was embarrassed.

Roy Edroso gives us two people for the price of one post: long-established second-tier pundit Rod Dreher arguing that the fascists in the Spanish Civil War were the better side, and Kat Timpf, a new National Review hire who claimed a male student was labeled as a sexual harasser because he asked her out and he was bigger than her so presto, power imbalance! In reality the dude was a stalker, and the magazine has retracted the article but not taken it down, so Timpf’s babble about how this is terrible for men (he was accused of a perfectly harmless everyday activity!) and for women (if men can be charged just for asking a woman out, how will women ever get dates?) remains online, at least at time of writing. But as there’s always a market for right-wing women who oppose feminism, I’m sure it won’t hurt Timpf’s career any.

How about an unpleasant bank?

Roy Edroso brings a whole bunch more right-wing unpleasantness to light with his look back on 2018 (and part two)

To end on an upnote, accused sexual harasser Matt Lauer of the Today Show has given up on plans for a comeback.

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