Separating the genders and other political links

Franklin Graham is shocked, shocked and appalled that Target is no longer separating children’s toys by gender because that’s the same as forcing us into unisex concentration camps or something. And Rachel Held Evans has a few questions for the gender essentialists freaking out about this.

•Paraguay denied a 10-year-old rape victim an abortion. At 10 years old, she had to have a C-section. But he insists he’s really looking out for the interests of the girl.

•IV fertilization clinics destroy lots of embryos, but they aren’t usually subject to the same restrictions as abortion (in fact this Christian news article counts that as a plus). Hmm, could it be because unlike abortion, right-wingers don’t feel that IV lets women have sex without consequences?

•You may have heard about the New York Times portrayal of Amazon as a cutthroat workplace, but if not, click on the link.

•Kristen McQueary of the Chicago Tribune talks about how Hurricane Katrina gave New Orleans a wonderful gift—destroying old buildings, forcing city hall to slash its budget for services, breaking up unions—and wishes the same is true of Chicago. But she’s in no way minimizing the tragedy of Katrina! Erik Loomis recoils.

•Comparisons between government violence in South American and rebel violence are frequently wrong because the crimes aren’t equal. And genocide is not a valid response to a revolution.

•Right-winger Erick Erickson has no problem saying our refusal to demonize Caitlyn Jenner is a cause of mass shootings. But when conservatives get angry at Erickson (for saying Trump is not an acceptable candidate), they’ve gone too far. And no candidate “whose base of support generates rage and hate” could ever take the White House … so I guess Erickson’s not voting Republican.

•A man allegedly murders his ex-girlfriend, her six kids and her husband because the kids weren’t respectful and didn’t honor their father.

•In Rotherham, UK, 1400 young girls were raped, gang-raped or pimped out over a sixteen year period while authorities largely ignored it. Echidne discusses the details, the speculations and the implications at the link.

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