Tea for two and one for tea

One of my Christmas presents this year is the same as last year, a trip to local store Southern Seasons to pick up some tea (seen here with some of TYG’s personal purchases and the assorted bottles of the kitchen counter). As you can see, it’s a generous gift, probably the most expensive one (I somehow didn’t include the big tin of Winey Keemun). And TYG doesn’t even drink “boiled leaves” herself (Diet Coke is the IT drink of choice) so it’s not like she’ll be sharing.

I’m not a tea expert; I can’t describe the differences between blends and plantations, but I can tell they’re there. I’d be perfectly fine with just one good strain, too — I don’t have to have so much variety (right now I have fourteen different choices). My mug is big, so I only drink a couple of cups most days, plus a third if I wake up really early. But it’s nice to have the variety. So why not?

Of course, TYG’s purse isn’t infinite so I still have to make choices. There were several more expensive brands ($6 to $10 an ounce) and I passed on them, opting for quantity and variety. Perhaps in the next month or so I’ll go back and pick one or two of them up on my own dime.

I used to keep the transparent bags of tea in a small roll-top on the kitchen island to shield it from the sun. I’ve rearranged the kitchen now, though, so all the tea is in tins and the roll-top is elsewhere in the kitchen holding assorted medications and supplements. Little rearrangements like that satisfy my vague but constant urge to jazz up the kitchen without actually spending any money (and they’re practical — there’s much more space on the island now). Likewise I moved several bottles of alcohol that just sit on our kitchen counter (we don’t drink much) on top of the fridge and brought all the flour containers down to the counter. I use them a lot so that makes sense. And the bottles are positioned where there’s no risk of falling on TYG’s head, which happened with a flour container once when I didn’t put it away properly. Oops (don’t worry, no injuries).

I also got a Penzey Spices gift card from my best friend Cindy, but I haven’t decided to what to get yet. Try something new? Restock old stuff (I don’t think anything needs restocking though)? Replace some jars that are just too old to be flavorful? I haven’t decided yet (is the suspense killing you?).

Happy New Year y’all. We never risk New Year’s Eve traffic to drive anywhere, but we spent a nice evening at home with the pups, and a leisurely New Year’s Day. Let’s hope for a good 2019 at the personal level, no matter how crazy politics gets.

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