We elected Trump. Is it surprising the Egyptians worshipped the dung beetle?

Herewith, a round up of people who seem to have prestigious, high-paying positions despite … well, dung.

For starters, Trump himself. I missed it, but last year he undid much of Obama normalizing relations with Cuba. Now he’s decided to tear up the Iran nuclear deal. And he apparently thinks any negative news about his glorious self is fake news by definition. As Lance Mannion says, among Trump’s goals as president is to reinforce his own delusions how wonderful he is, and to undo everything Obama accomplished that makes people respect Obama more. But Mannion’s right, a hundred years from now Obama will have a record of accomplishment and Trump won’t.

Next, rape apologist Robin Hanson, whose views on redistribution of sex I ripped into a week ago or so. Along with claiming nonviolent rape isn’t as bad as cheating on your husband (because having your body violated isn’t as awful as a man unwittingly raising someone else’s child) he also wonders why stealing food when you’re starving is less objectionable than raping someone when you’re horny. Okay, fair enough. Besides the fact lack of food kills and lack of sex doesn’t; stealing food (at least in his example) doesn’t involve assaulting anyone (I don’t know of anyone who thinks say, drugging someone so you can take their food nonviolently is OK); so yeah, totally interchangeable.

Bari Weiss at the NYT, for example. According to her the “intellectual dark web” is a daring group of right-wing freethinkers who tackle ideas that are utterly repressed in the mainstream, like “There are fundamental biological differences between men and women” and “Identity politics is a toxic ideology that is tearing American society apart.” I’m very impressed they could come up with groundbreaking, paradigm-shattering ideas that sound exactly like the same cliches conservatives spew every day (we’ve been hearing about the evil of left-wing identity politics since Trump got elected). How long before Hanson’s on the IDW, I wonder? In related links, Mother Jones responds to Weiss’s article, one writer questions an account in the article and CJR looks at all the left-wing voices getting much less coverage in the media. Nathan Robinson points out that the people in Weiss’ article are not silenced at all.

Male supremacist and misogynist Paul Elam offers an impressively awful list of excuses for Bill Cosby’s rape history: the problem is he liked sex too much which makes a man weak! And the sluts were totally asking for it! And the evil feminists want to take down powerful, successful men! Etcetera.

Sure, podcaster Nick Fuentes wants white Americans to have a white homeland (as usual, he’s not advocating white people go back to whatever homelands their ancestors came from) but that doesn’t mean he’s a racist or anything! Hopefully his career will suffer as much as Richard Spencer’s.

Scott Pruitt likes shielding himself from public scrutiny for good reason.

Theocrat Bryan Fischer who insists based on his personal reading of the First Amendment that it only protects Christian rights. Which would be a bad thing for Christians if it were true — but fortunately neither the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution says anything about discriminating between religion. Fischer also claims it only applies to Congress, except when he wants it to apply to the states. Or anyone else Fischer needs it to apply to. And like those IDW types, Fischer likes to whine a lot about imaginary persecution.

Southern Baptist powerhouse Paige Patterson has a long history of saying the right option for women abused by their spouses is to suck it up. I linked to something about Patterson Monday, but it seems worth adding this.

Self-help guru Tony Robbins thinks women are just joining #metoo to feel significant (sort of the way they cry rape because it gives them perks, I guess). And it’s a bad movement because it’ll just piss men off! Which I’m sure hasn’t occurred to anyone before he pointed it out (Robbins subsequently apologized).

And UPDATE: NY AG Eric Schneiderman, violent abuser.

To illustrate this article, here’s a tree against the sky (no symbolism, I just like the photo).


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11 responses to “We elected Trump. Is it surprising the Egyptians worshipped the dung beetle?

  1. “rape apologist” is an entirely unfair label.

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