George Will, rape apologist (and other links)

Like Rod Dreher, right-wing pundit George Will has a simple explanation for all the campus rapes: It’s “the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults.” But then he goes Dreher one better by explaining it’s liberals making “rape victim” a “coveted status.”
This is, of course, a stock conservative claim: liberals make being a victim cool. Women and minorities just play “the victim card” which is totally different from when conservatives describe how gay activists are as vicious to Christians as Bull Connor to civil-rights marchers. But of course, women on campus get so many perks out of being identified as rape victims. Oh, wait, wrong (and I notice Will doesn’t explain exactly what those perks are).
Of course, George Will, once described as a vinegar decanter, often seems like the kind of dour prude who was horrified by college sex even when he was in college.
More from Alternet, LGM and HuffPo.
•Of course,it’s not as if society has a double standard for men and women. Oh, wait, wrong again.
•An employer in Tennessee tells a black employee the drinking fountain is whites only.
•Meanwhile other conservatives freak out over how the Evil Kenyan Usurper actually brought a Taliban prisoner back alive. Bad Obama!
•As another reminder conservatives are often not the friends of the troops, here’s an account of gun activists belittling a Marine who disagreed with the way they conducted themselves. Or James Taranto discussing (again) how Bergdahl the rescued soldier is really just a bad American like anti-war veteran John Kerry. More in this vein from LGM and Digby, while CNN unsurprisingly discloses the people we’re swapping aren’t actually “the worst of the worst.”
Of course nobody on the right (IIRC) had any problems painting George W. Bush, a man who by his own statement joined the National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam, then blew off his Guard commitment (having qualified as a fighter pilot, he transferred to a unit with no planes so he could work on a Repub political campaign) was somehow a two-fisted, manly jet jockey who would crush the Taliban as relentless as he cleared brush off his farm (that last comparison was one actually made). Because while he didn’t fight in ‘nam, W loudly supported it and that’s what really counts, right?
•A man allegedly convinces two med-center employees to post his ex-girlfriend’s STD diagnosis, name attached, online.
•Now for something interesting: WaPo looks at the second largest religion in each state. Christianity wins everywhere, but Buddhism is #2 in thirteen states, Islam in 20 and both Baha’i and Hindu have their share.
I bet money the religious right will not be trying to coalition with them any time soon.


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