Out of chaos, order! Though it doesn’t look like it

As my purchase of graphic novels and trade paperback comics collections has expanded, finding space for them has become a problem. So last weekend I switched a couple of bookshelves around. It took a while, as I had to clear off the shelves, dust the shelves, move the shelves and then restock them, but it was worth it.

This is the shelf that now sits by my recliner upstairs.

It holds books I’m going to read, TPBs I’m going to read, stuff to sell on eBay, reference books. As such I don’t need it to be terribly orderly, as the contents are impermanent and subject to change. In case you’re wondering, I read about one issue of a TPB per week (at the moment it’s about every two weeks, due to the number) so they’ll stay on the shelf a while.

This is the shelf that holds comics TPBs I’ve already finished (at the moment, Abe Sapiens through the Avengers, but that will change) and lots of tchochkes.

I need this one to be orderly because it’s (so to speak) my permanent collection. The big wide shelves work much better for permanence than the weird mix of shelf heights on the other bookshelves. The switch reduces the immediate need to buy a new bookshelf, which is nice.

Both bookshelves, however, need more order than they have at the moment. The photos need to be straightened out or moved somewhere. The books on the impermanent shelves still need to be better set-up than they are (but as long as TPBs and books to be read are in good shape, it’s not urgent).

I also bought a couple of cheap stacking wire shelves to hold our shoes by the door. That makes things a lot more orderly, and it’ll make it easier to vacuum up the crap from that area.


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