Talent is not always rewarded

Lance Mannion writes a great post about men who support Trump: “They believe in their hearts they should have been rich. They should have been physical heroes. They should have been football and baseball and basketball stars. They should have been irresistible to beautiful women—still should be! They should have had the power and courage to tell anyone who got in their way to fuck off. They should have had the power and courage to make them if they didn’t.” So they look to Trump and relieve their frustration by living through him.

Mannion wrote that for free, on his blog. Right-winger David Gelertner got to write a piece about how liberals hate Trump because they hate America for pay (I presume) in the editorial page of the Wall-Street Journal. Even given it’s run by rape-apologist James Tarantino, it’s still some primo op-ed space. In a Slate interview with Gelertner, the dude comes off like an idiot whose response to everything (Trump objects to a Mexican judge, Trump says Mexicans are coming here bearing disease) is to declare it’s totally not racist! Saying he’s racist and sexist is slanderous! Repeat, rinse, repeat. As NMMNB puts it, Trump’s just an excuse for Gelertner to whine about how he hates liberals. It’s still lousy writing. Mannion’s better, but he’s writing for free.

And then we get Bret Stephens, who writes a regular column for the New York Times. In addition to being a climate-change denier, he’s a rape apologist who explains Harvey Weinstein is the fault of liberals and their support of sexual freedom. Now he’s shared his deep thoughts on false rape accusations: They’re worse than being accused of murder because “one can think of excuses for killing a man; none for assaulting a woman. But if that’s true, so is this: Falsely accusing a person of sexual assault is nearly as despicable as sexual assault itself. It inflicts psychic, familial, reputational and professional harms that can last a lifetime.”

If he couldn’t think of any excuses, he must have been half-asleep when he wrote that column. Or maybe he didn’t want to try. Because the truth is, there’s no end of rape excuses that get men off.

She’d had sex with him before. She’d had sex with someone before. She was unconscious so she didn’t say no. He’s a really good guy and he shouldn’t be punished. She was out alone at night. She looked sexy. She dressed sexy. She wasn’t a virgin. She didn’t fight hard enough. He was her husband. It’s men’s nature to rape. Not to mention the excuses offered by Stephens and other apologists, which usually come down to liberals! Sex! Promiscuity!  All Stephens is doing is promoting the idea we can’t trust accusers which is bullshit.

Mannion could do a better job than either of them, but like me, he lingers in relative obscurity. Which I wouldn’t really mind — there’s no shortage of crappy novelists with way better careers than me — if Stephens and Gelertner weren’t pumping so much bullshit into society.

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