I like Dilbert, but I’m beginning to loathe Scott Adams

I started disliking him when he asserted that “women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently” in a post on men’s rights.
His latest insight is that when men commit rape, sexual harassment, adultery, etc. (like a number of people, he seems to think rape and adultery can be lumped together as men misbehaving——which is like lumping speeding tickets in with axe murders), it’s because it’s just their nature. And women object to being the victims because it’s their nature. So we can’t really blame anyone, because everyone’s acting in tune with the way nature intended.
The problem is (according to Adams) that male nature doesn’t conform to what society requires to maintain order: Society demands they fit in round holes and men are naturally square pegs. While he assures us this is necessary and proper, he also implies that we should question the wisdom of a system in which men can never fit comfortably.
As I previously observed, rape has nothing to do with some innate need of male nature. Millions of men go through life just fine without actually raping or assaulting women. Men who do rape are making a conscious choice, not following some blind evolutionary urge.
Nobody would consider this even a half-logical argument for explaining anything other than rape. Sociopaths, after all, are incapable of caring for anyone other than themselves: They’re the ultimate square peg unable to fit into society’s round hole. If we apply Adams’ reasoning, then the problem isn’t that sociopaths have no qualms about killing, it’s that society has been set up with rules that run against their nature.
The links (another one here) are not to Adams, though you can click through. I see no reason to give him more hits.


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