Suspended in time

Felt like that for much of the week. As part of that family project I mentioned, I went up to Virginia to help my mum with some stuff. It was productive——I think it really did help——but even more time-consuming than I expected.
I returned home last night to the arms of TYG, and found myself still dragging today——I’d hoped to do nine eHows (that would be three extra) but just managed the usual six thanks to a couple of naps and ninety minutes wasted on articles I couldn’t quite make work (normally I’d have skipped on to easier stuff, but the deadline for all of them was this weekend, so that wasn’t an option). I think that everything I did at Mum’s drained me more than I realized.
But now I’m back, and while I still have some services to contribute, it shouldn’t be as intense or demanding (knock wood).
It’s funny, much as I love being back with TYG, I’m at least as enthused about getting my life back on a regular schedule. Last month we had studying for TYG’s project, plus wedding planning; this month, we’ve had Mum’s stuff, the wedding and——well, that’s enough, isn’t it?
I want to be back exercising again, eating healthy meals, drinking good quality tea (my mum favors generic)——which I am——and to have time in the evening for reading the newspaper (online) and sending stories out (I have a half dozen sitting and waiting). And even cleaning and organizing.
I know disruptions are inevitable, but I’ll happy if life can dial it down a notch for the next couple of months at least.
Still, with eHows for fi

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