A week of falling short (#SFWApro)

For the first time since I started rewriting Southern Discomfort, I fell short of my word-goals for the month, about 3,000 words. That’s not a disaster: I was shooting for 60,000 words after three months and I’m ahead of that, because of how much extra I turned in at the start.

The main obstacle is that as I move into the finish of the story, I’m finding a)I haven’t thought out the details as well as I thought; b)a lot of the details don’t work. I had to rewrite a couple of chapters this week, and the actual rewritten wordage would more than make up the difference if I were counting it (but I’m basing it on total length of the manuscript, not total words typed). This next stretch is obviously going to be tough, but I’m hopeful I’ll have the draft finished by the end of summer.

On the plus side, I rewrote A Famine Where Abundance Lies and I really think it’s progressing. I emailed TYG a copy so she can see where I’m off-base (or on) in my portrayal of the IT aspect. I also finally rewrote Oh the Places You’ll Go! again and I think it’s crossed the border from “a mess” to “needs a lot of work but there’s a story there.” The key was giving both the protagonists a kid so that both kids are working with the other mother and wondering “Damn, why can’t my mom be this awesome?” It’s a familiar trope and I’m not at all satisfied with the resolution, but I can tell it’s the right way to go. On the other hand I tried reworking It’s Never Jam Today and didn’t get anywhere. I’m not giving up—I know from experience early drafts are unworkable—but I’m not feeling positive about this one right now.

I decided to go ahead and begin a rewrite of Good Morning Starshine. I think much as I liked the previous draft, the rewrite may be difficult: like the early drafts of Southern Discomfort it may be a little light on plot in favor of witty banter. But for various reasons I think it fits the zeitgeist right now, which is rare for me, so I think I’ll forge ahead.

And I’m done with rewriting Impossible Takes a Little Longer. Now it’s just a matter of finding somewhere to submit (I have somewhere in mind, but I’d like to research their books first and see if mine is really a good fit).

Plus I submitted my latest And column, and it’s out. The topic is a recent blog post by George Lakoff arguing that Democrats can easily lure Trump voters to support Clinton instead.

As this is the last week of the month, I suspect I’m going to fall short on my July writing goals. However, I’m pleased with the work I did get done. And I once again had a really good weekend. I think the key is prioritizing fun stuff and fitting chores in around that, instead of vice versa. It’s particularly relaxing to set aside a big chunk of time for reading, which is hard to do during the week.

And when all else fails, there’s always Plushie and Trixie (and TYG, but she doesn’t like me posting photos of her).



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