There’s never a shortage of material when I write about sexism.

Hilary Clinton is now the first woman nominated by one of the Big Two parties for president, which is awesome. But no, it hasn’t created a post-sexism world:

•Echidne looks at one argument for not voting Clinton: she’s ugly. Which is, of course, a ridiculous standard for judging a potential president (even if she wasn’t up against Trump, who is hardly studly), but of course, Clinton’s a woman, so for a lot of people it’s perfectly logical (because if feminists are ugly, obviously they can’t be right). And here we have actor Scott Baio endorsing Trump as someone who can “attack Hilary.”

•Mike Pence is Trump’s VP. His anti-abortion record includes banning insurance from paying for abortion costs; proposed a bill that would only allow federal funding to cover a rape-related abortion if the abortion was “forcible”; and recently signed a bill requiring all remains from abortions or miscarriages receive burial or cremation. And he’s generally a sexist, for example declaring Mulan shows why women shouldn’t serve in the military (because if women are around, men can’t control themselves).

•A Pakistani woman dissects the recent honor killing of celebrity Qandeel Baloch, honor killing in general and the hypocrisy underlying it.

•The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found hundreds of cases of physicians sexually harassing patients. Very few of them led to punishment from the state medical board, and the punishment was often ineffective (the doctor simply applies for a license in Florida or Alabama and starts over).

•The recent failed coup in Turkey seems to have sparked a surge of sexism.

•According to Trump’s campaign chair, women’s big political issue is that their husband can’t cover their bills.

•Saudi Arabia requires every woman to have a male guardian who has to sign off on travel, getting a passport and countless other decisions. Even though the law no longer requires guardians must approve a woman getting a job, the law doesn’t stop businesses requiring a guardian’s OK, for instance.

•The recent charges against Roger Ailes as a sexual harasser have led to several people asking why Gretchen Carlson didn’t just quit her job at Fox News. At the link, Digby explains why women stay quiet. Or consider the DC Comics example: DC’s response to sexual harassment allegations against editor Eddie Berganza was to keep women out of the Superman offices when he was wroking there. And Megan McArdle discusses how easy it is for men to assume it doesn’t happen (much as I usually loathe McArdle, most of this piece was good).

Now, some more upbeat stuff.

•The Safe Bar program trains bartenders to prevent sexual assault.

•Designing cities with women’s needs in mind.

Newsweek recently ran an article on the founders of the IT industry, focusing entirely on men. Backchannel looks at the women they didn’t mention.

•Jim Hines looks at how we’d write about men if we wrote about them like women.

•And here’s a photo of Aaron Douglas’ oil painting Harriet Tubman from the North Carolina Museum of Art. Because how better to conclude than with a painting about an amazing woman? (photo is mine, please give credit if you use it).

harriet tubman

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