Hurray, the weekend’s here!

It was a good week, but awfully busy.
I’ve been trying to pump my fiction hours up to 15 a week, and I think this is the first time I’ve done it. So that took a little extra time. Plus I gave blood yesterday, which took a couple of hours out of the day: I’d originally planned it for when TYG was out of town so I’d have the car. Due to the snowstorms, her trip got cancelled; I got the car but I had to run her into work first so the donation took up more time than expected. But the blood bank is only a few miles away, so I’ll be back in May, preferably managing my time better.
It was a productive week. I made my Demand Media quota, and I’ve almost finished an article for Brass. I submitted my first magazine nonfiction query in a while and got a tentative thumbs up—I need to check with the subject and see if we can tie their project to an event. Fingers crossed!
•I rewrote Mise-en-Scene (I may go with a less arty title, like Apocalypse on the Cutting-Room Floor) and it’s really picked up. I’ve worked out the underlying logic problems, tightened my lead character—but I’m not sure the sinister cult in the middle of the book is quite the thing. I’ll pay close attention to that part on the next draft.
•I got 4,000 words into Let No Man Put Asunder and finished my months’ quota for Southern Discomfort. I think the latter is moving into climax, so I may have this draft finished next month.
•I did get Glory That Was and Impossible Takes a Little Longer back from their respective publishers, but I don’t feel discouraged.
•I published another And column, this time on the clash between fetal-rights (which I don’t believe in) and women’s rights (which a lot of right-to-lifers apparently don’t believe in).
And that’s pretty much it—but I’d say it’s more than enough. I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Well, not counting taxes. And a non-writing project I committed to.
I’m zonked, so I’ll skip my usual list of Demand titles. Time to relax.

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