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This is why I haven’t made it to the in-person writer’s group for a while.

In addition to the bi-weekly writer’s group Zoom meetings, I really enjoy the live action meetings on the alternate Tuesdays … but I haven’t gone to many this  year. It means staying out late, which is fun, but I do need to get to work the next morning. And with the dogs needing more morning care as they age, plus the cats, I don’t have as much flexibility as I used to.

Tuesday I went anyway, had a great time but even though I skipped the after-meeting get-together I got home late enough to be exhausted. That did not leave me in peak form Wednesday morning; coupled with knowing I had a blood donation appointment that afternoon, my brain just stopped cooperating. I did some blogging, that was about it.

Then Wednesday night I had an absolutely awful insomnia leaving me largely fried mentally the next day.  I’ll definitely have to plan better next time I go.

I wound up spending a lot of time on my Savage Adventures book about Doc Savage because polishing and expanding my blog posts is a lot easier than writing more creatively. I’ve now completed about 19,000 words.

I got some work done on the rewrite of Oh the Places You’ll Go and another chapter finished on Let No Man Put Asunder. I edited my rewrite of Love That Moves the Sun and did some more proofing of 19-Infinity. I met with Kemp Ward, who did the cover on Undead Sexist Cliches and he’s going to work up some cover sketches from my ideas.

I was on a  time travel panel at Con-Tinual and posted on Atomic Junk Shop about Fantastic Four Annual #4 and the tragedy of Quasimodo, the Quasimotivational Destruct Organism, shown below. I also blogged about comic-book loose ends.

Sunday I’m hosting a writer’s work day so I’ll make up some of the lost time.

#SFWApro. Cover by James Bama, comics panels by Jack Kirby.

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Party hearty!

Last weekend, for the first time since 2019, TYG and I got to host my writer’s group’s Christmas party. We’d hoped to do it last year but covid trends convinced us to hold off.

Despite several friends coming down sick (not Covid, though) and bowing out, we had more than a dozen people. I made chili, cornbread (from the Bread Head book I mentioned a week ago), apple tart (a very easy recipe) and gingerbread and got rave reviews. TYG did an amazing job organizing party prep and laid out a cheese and a dip tray, which you can see below.My stuff is tasty, but rarely looks that good.

There’s also the side effect that we had to do some straightening out and throwing out before the party, so that’s an extra win.

I know covid’s still out there, and still killing lots of people. Even so, little steps towards normalcy like this make me so happy.


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We don’t normally have this much empty space in my house

Not on the kitchen island, where I normally keep tea, teapot and toaster.Nor the living room floor which is normally covered with dog toys.But last weekend was the annual writer’s group Christmas party, one of the few (currently the only) social events TYG and I host. I cleaned up some the Thursday before, did the last cleaning Saturday, then shopping for beer and soft drinks and then the cooking: roast potatoes with veggie sausage and goat cheese, vegetarian chili, cornbread. Plus everyone brought stuff, as you can see below.

It’s always a fun event. Good friends hanging out, talking about writing or personal lives or whatever. Plus Trixie and Plushie getting into the act.TYG had to work most of the day, so I was on my own for prep more than usual. When the party started she was still busy, so Plushie eventually went up stairs to hang with her. Trixie stayed downstairs having fun.

It was great fun and ran until 11:30 when I called it a night. Next day I was quite wiped and pretty much did nothing. But that’s okay once in a while.

A few more photos below.#SFWApro. All photos are mine.

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