Party hearty!

Last weekend, for the first time since 2019, TYG and I got to host my writer’s group’s Christmas party. We’d hoped to do it last year but covid trends convinced us to hold off.

Despite several friends coming down sick (not Covid, though) and bowing out, we had more than a dozen people. I made chili, cornbread (from the Bread Head book I mentioned a week ago), apple tart (a very easy recipe) and gingerbread and got rave reviews. TYG did an amazing job organizing party prep and laid out a cheese and a dip tray, which you can see below.My stuff is tasty, but rarely looks that good.

There’s also the side effect that we had to do some straightening out and throwing out before the party, so that’s an extra win.

I know covid’s still out there, and still killing lots of people. Even so, little steps towards normalcy like this make me so happy.


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