This is why I haven’t made it to the in-person writer’s group for a while.

In addition to the bi-weekly writer’s group Zoom meetings, I really enjoy the live action meetings on the alternate Tuesdays … but I haven’t gone to many this  year. It means staying out late, which is fun, but I do need to get to work the next morning. And with the dogs needing more morning care as they age, plus the cats, I don’t have as much flexibility as I used to.

Tuesday I went anyway, had a great time but even though I skipped the after-meeting get-together I got home late enough to be exhausted. That did not leave me in peak form Wednesday morning; coupled with knowing I had a blood donation appointment that afternoon, my brain just stopped cooperating. I did some blogging, that was about it.

Then Wednesday night I had an absolutely awful insomnia leaving me largely fried mentally the next day.  I’ll definitely have to plan better next time I go.

I wound up spending a lot of time on my Savage Adventures book about Doc Savage because polishing and expanding my blog posts is a lot easier than writing more creatively. I’ve now completed about 19,000 words.

I got some work done on the rewrite of Oh the Places You’ll Go and another chapter finished on Let No Man Put Asunder. I edited my rewrite of Love That Moves the Sun and did some more proofing of 19-Infinity. I met with Kemp Ward, who did the cover on Undead Sexist Cliches and he’s going to work up some cover sketches from my ideas.

I was on a  time travel panel at Con-Tinual and posted on Atomic Junk Shop about Fantastic Four Annual #4 and the tragedy of Quasimodo, the Quasimotivational Destruct Organism, shown below. I also blogged about comic-book loose ends.

Sunday I’m hosting a writer’s work day so I’ll make up some of the lost time.

#SFWApro. Cover by James Bama, comics panels by Jack Kirby.

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