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Goals for September, plus Wisp

So I made about 49 percent of my goals for September. This is not great, though I blame it mostly on circumstances, like lingering summer making it hard to get out, being sick that couple of days late in the month and various pup and cat issues.

Plus Sexist Myths is just slower to write than I hoped. I made a lot of progress during the two weeks when I wasn’t doing any Leaf articles, but even so. And I let it spill over into time I’d marked off for fiction which is always a mistake. I’ve done that with other nonfiction projects and the added work on them doesn’t make up for the unwritten fiction. Bad me!

And once again, I think my schedule needs some micro-adjustments. I’ll detail them another time.

On the plus side, Wisp is getting increasingly friendly, though she’s still making it clear she’s her own cat — no indoor-cat life for her! Though when I accidentally shut the door with her inside a week ago, she handled it with aplomb, just sitting there and going “mew …. mew.”

She forgave me. And as you can see, she’s down with letting me pet her belly.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.

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I hadn’t planned on a three-day week

I’d thought maybe a four day. Trixie had to go in for a dental cleaning yesterday, which threw my schedule off enough (not only trips to and from the vet, but wanting to cuddle her once she made it home) I figured maybe I’d take the day off and clean. But I also started to feel run down; I’m not sure if it’s due to a bug or allergies (they don’t usually get this bad up here, as opposed to Florida, but once in a while …) butI started to feel tired yesterday (though I did get some major cleaning done) and wiped out today. So no work. Though I take some comfort that my reaction was “darn it, I was going to be creative!” rather than “yay, vacation!”

Plus Trixie got up very early to poop a couple of nights, so I had to take her out and got little sleep after that. Happily it seems to have passed.

So what did I get done? Well, a lot of work browsing through various books with information for Sexist Myths, and adding it to the manuscript. I’d hoped to over the early chapters and straighten out the footnotes (I haven’t kept up with the constant addition of data) but still, I think the book’s coming along well.

I rewrote most of Bleeding Blue. I plan to be reading at one of the upcoming writer’s group meetings so I wanted one, or preferably two rewrites first. That would have been a major part of today’s work.  And after thinking about Oh, the Places You’ll Go last week, I started on a rewrite. Didn’t get far, though.

On the bright side, I was able to apply Wisp’s topical anti-flea meds this week. The vet told me it would be easy (and it’s only once every three months) but I had my doubts. She was right though. And Wisp has been very friendly, asking for pets and catching Trixie to rub up against her when we go out. So here are some photos.

#SFWApro. All rights to images are mine.

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It’s the Wild Kingdom around here this week

Once again, TYG is growing some basil in planters on our deck. The herbs in one planter are doing absolutely awful, which puzzled us. However I think I’ve found the answer—they’re being crushed under several pounds of cat!

Wisp is definitely comfortable out on the deck. She’s also trying to get closer to Trixie. A couple of times she’s come in and nuzzled Trixie before being distracted by food. Trixie’s reaction the second time was to spin wildly around.

Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone further experiments along this line. Wisp has a wound on her side, probably from one of her catfights, and we don’t want to risk exposing the dogs to whatever germs might be in it. We’ve been trying to gauge whether it’s getting worse or better the past week, but she doesn’t stay still long enough for us to really tell. It might be scabbing over; it might be getting worse. Though she’s still as lively as ever when she moves, so it can’t be too bad.

Monday we tried setting out the cat trap again, figuring that if she went into it we’d take her to our vet and let her check out the wound (TYG’s idea. I think it’s very sweet of her). Unfortunately she seems to remember this didn’t go well last time: even with a small bowl of tuna beyond the pressure plate that closes the trap, she wouldn’t go in. After a day without her eating, we compromised: Tuesday morning I set her food out inside the trap, but close to the entrance. Hopefully we can get her used to going inside until … gotcha (too bad she’s not as dumb as Plushie. He never thinks twice where food is involved).

This will probably not be fast enough to treat her wounds, but it’s coming up on time for her to get booster shots (we got her initial round last year when we had her fixed), so we’ll need to do it eventually.

Fortunately none of our new behaviors are freaking her out enough to stay away. She is, after all, our cat now, sort of.

Not so fortunately, when I opened the blinds this morning to see if she was waiting for breakfast, I found the trap had been sprung. But not by her.

This guy (female?) wandered in to lick out the plates, I guess. And wandered all the way back and triggered the pressure plate. I lifted up the gate (with a stick, I wasn’t sure I should get close), but he just stayed still until we were gone, and then for a while afterwards. He was remarkably chill about the whole thing.

Oh, and to round out the week, Wednesday morning TYG and a woman dropping her kid off at the bus stop spotted a hornet’s nest in our magnolia tree.

Hornets being aggressive, and Plushie liking to poop under the tree — not to mention it’s right near a bus stop — we decided to call Orkin, who took care of it. If it had been in a better place, we might have tried coexistence.

Quite a lively week.

#SFWApro. Photograph is mine.

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