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Cat’s cradle

So this week Snowdrop has been coming in more, often in company with Wisp.But Snowdrop’s come in much further than that and even begun exploring the house cautiously. He still won’t let us pet him, but he’ll come close enough to sniff our hands. And he seems to anticipate food being read for him in the living room when he shows up. This is good. Hopefully he’ll come to spend more time indoors and become amenable to petting (TYG really wants to pet him). And won’t turn out to be more troublesome than Wisp (we’ve been very lucky with how easy she is to deal with).

Wisp has been in a lot and she’s getting along well with the dogs. Most of the time at least. Snowdrop sometimes walks up to Plushie and sniffs or rubs him the way Wisp used to in the early days.

One morning this week, I tried closing the door out to the deck while Snowdrop was further inside. When he returned and saw there was no exit he began circling the nearest chair in obvious confusion and distress. I opened the door quickly.

He came back in shortly afterwards.

Little baby steps.


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Crunch time!

So my manuscript for Alien Visitors is due a week from tomorrow. The work is progressing, but nowhere near fast enough to suit me. So while I will be posting through the next week — I’m not about to break my years-long streak of daily posts — it may not be more than an image or two.

However I will present you with this photo of Snowdrop coming in this week to eat breakfast indoors.Given how skittish she is — I had to stand half the room away — I think this is a real accomplishment. A long way from getting her indoors as much as Wisp is, but she’s come this far much sooner than Wisp did, so there’s that.

And that’s about all I have time for, alas. Time’s winged chariot ain’t waiting on me.


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Plushie on guard, Wisp on the couch

First, let’s look at Plushie in one of his more regal poses.Now, as to my week, it went well. Non-stop work on Alien Visitors and it’s freaky to realize how close it is to deadline but it’s coming along well. It’s less a question of finishing on time than how good I can make it before I send it in. I definitely won’t have time to catch all the movies and TV I’d like to take a look at but honestly, I don’t think it’ll hurt the book.

When it’s done, I really need to think about my schedule. My time in the morning seems to keep getting smaller; my time in the evening is getting increasingly hard to concentrate (reading, writing, whatever) as we have both Wisp and Snowdrop showing up. I have to break to put food out for them, and there’s also insane barking from the dogs at THE CATS DADDY THE CATS!!!! Impairs focus.

Further impairing focus, I had some legal paperwork that suddenly had to be done. All taken care of except for the mailing.

Oh, and I reworked one of my old columns into a new column on Dr. Fate for Atomic Junkshop.

Wisp, as she did last winter, is starting to come in a lot more. This was very disruptive Thursday — she was in my lap (I can’t bring myself to say no) and the dogs were not happy. But this morning she came in and went to sleep on the couch. Much simpler — she didn’t even look up when I moved away.Snowdrop is much warier. I set down some food right inside the back door one morning and he stepped inside, licked at the food, then ran out. That’s progress, a little, but I had to put the food back out so he would eat. We’ll see how it goes. At least we have our shelter on the back deck so they both have somewhere to huddle when it’s below freezing.

Oh, I did get Southern Discomfort back from another publisher. I’ll blog more about that sometime soon.

#SFWApro. Cover by Murphy Anderson, all rights to images remain with current holders.

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Got my booster vax!

Happily I didn’t suffer any ill effects other than a sore arm so I gained some extra work time (I’d planned for a couple of dies lying inert. As I’ll be going to the movies to catch Eternals next week, I figure it’s just as well to be extra vaccinated.

I don’t have a good image for my vaccination so here’s a photo of Wips and Snowdrop waiting on the front steps to be fed.If I have the energy I’ll post this afternoon. If not, this will serve as my week in review post.



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Snowdrop has forgiven us for trapping him

He’s back to showing up regularly for his breakfast and dinner. TYG thinks he’s eager to come inside. I’m not sure how well that will work with the dogs, or what he’d be like inside. He’s much more of a climber than Wisp —— so I can see him doing all the things Wisp doesn’t, like climbing on counters, knocking things off them, etc. However the adoption scenario isn’t good even for a nice cat right now (adoptions down, euthanasia up at the shelter) so we’re probably going to end up keeping him.

Wisp and he seem reasonably comfortable together, but I’m annoyed she’s spending nights out with her new friend instead of inside with me. I want my snuggly kitty back! But however this plays out, we’re in it to win it, whatever winning is in this context.


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