Writing, censorship, reading and watching: assorted links

“The fear of having your show or movie deleted on an executive’s whim — a growing reality for many, including Katai — is compounded by the fact that in the post-DVD digital age, viewers may never be able to access the shows again. Showrunners might not even have physical copies of their own work. And that’s not the only downside for creators.”

I agree with Paul Campos: if reporter Maggie Haberman knew Trump refused to leave office before it happened but held back the information for her new book, that’s bad and probably unethical journalism.

The WaPo bends over backwards to show the new owner of Politico is politically deeper than bog-standard Trump dude (“Do we all want to get together for an hour in the morning on November 3 and pray that Donald Trump will again become President of the United States of America?”). Similarly the magazine Evie pretends that being anti-feminist is edgy rather than spouting Undead Sexist Cliches (“Evie has long stressed the notion that women should only engage in “feminine” exercise, discouraging lifting heavy weights, and written about why women shouldn’t, in its words, ‘work out like men.'”).

“Censorship is the desperate rear-guard action of a movement that has already lost the fight for hearts and minds.” Which doesn’t mean it can’t do a lot of damage, as noted at the link.

A high school newspaper published a Gay Pride issue so the administrators shuttered the journalism program.

An OAN host thinks Nazi book burnings are a role model for America.

I’ve often wondered about the number of urban fantasies that treat the Catholic Church as the thin holy line between us and the forces of darkness (and rarely cover the church’s documented dark side). An article on Catholics in horror films looks at how the same dynamic happens in horror films, and how the church in real life uses its standing to perpetuate abuse.

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort on watching creative people work when they’re supremely gifted.

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