News from the world of business, property and money

First some good news: while community activists have struggled to reform the police, insurers for PDs and cities are imposing changes.

Abbott Laboratories has faced multiple allegations of selling tainted baby formula. Here’s how their lawyers protect them from scandal.

Are you ready for fast-food restaurants that are exclusively drive-through?

As a reporter in Florida I covered multiple conflicts involving beachfront owners vs. tourists. Colorado’s facing the same thing.

“More than anything, they have succumbed to a mindset where “winning” means earning enough money to insulate themselves from the damage they are creating by earning money in that way. It’s as if they want to build a car that goes fast enough to escape from its own exhaust.” — a look at how billionaires have decided rather than avert the apocalypse, they’ll just save themselves.

A cash infusion for Trump’s Truth Social network may be falling through.

“They were clearly pumping their prowess as a crypto hedge fund after they already knew they were in trouble.” No surprise given their guiding investment principle apparently didn’t go beyond “cryptocurrency will go up for years!”

When turnover becomes high, it’s always someone’s first day at work.

“But it turns out that running a publicly traded company, with its attendant fiduciary duties, analyst calls and slog of quarterly earnings, is a far cry from the hustle and thrill of start-up life.” Which is why so many Silicon Valley stars are riding off into the sunset.

Republicans think corporate America should fight harder against efforts to reduce climate change.

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