Writing, creativity, copyright: a smorgasbord of links

Turner Classics looks at classic films with problematic parts: Gunga Din, The Children’s Hour, The Searchers and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Camestros Felapton looks back at a specfic flare-up online known as Racefail.

So perpetual lecher/harasser PePe LePew won’t appear in Space Jam 2. As I was never a fan of his one-note stories, I’m surprised anyone is up in arms about it. Though Laurie Penny says it’s a shame the scene where he gets his butt kicked for how he treats women won’t appear.

Conservatives are citing the Gannett chain dropping Mallard Fillmore by Bruce Tinsley as more cancel culture. As noted at the link, this isn’t new: lots of strips have been dropped by many papers over the years (Doonesbury, for instance). Personally I think the papers could legitimately drop Tinsley’s work for being crap; even allowing for my bias against a strip spouting right-wing cliches, it’s really poor work, visually and humorously.

Just what constitutes general knowledge for a crossword puzzle?

Amazon’s control of ebooks doesn’t work out well for libraries.

Does font influence how readers perceive our words and rate the truth of our arguments?

It seems John LeCarré is another writer who got unacknowledged help from his spouse.

Amazon says it’s no longer carrying books that portray LBGTQ people as mentally ill.

The right wing may complain about cancel culture, but conservative Christianity has been canceling people  and books for decades. As have gun-rights groups.

Doing nothing can benefit your creativity.

A good discussion about copyright on John Scalzi’s blog.

The author’s alliance weighs in on new copyright law proposals.

The long and somewhat unsuccessful struggle to create a pristine, perfect new master copy of Citizen Kane.

“The creator is rewarded for transcending expertise, and going beyond the standard repertoire.” — a look at why that 10,000 hours of practice metric doesn’t work as well for writing and other creative professions as other types of skill.

In the midst of Syria’s civil war, a forbidden library bloomed.

What happens to your brain when you’re invested in a story.

Trump says he’s going to launch his own social network. One blogger laughs.

Trump was right about one thing, without him in office, the news media have hit a slump.  It’s a fair trade-off for him not spouting bullshit, I think.

A judge says the media are biased against Republicans. Lawyers, Guns and Money responds that the “the prestige legacy media — are biased against Republicans, in the same way that climate scientists are biased against climate change denialists, astronomers and geologists are biased against the flourishing Flat Earth movement — this is really a thing by the way — historians are biased against Biblical literalists, economists are biased against the idea that tax cuts pay for themselves.”


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2 responses to “Writing, creativity, copyright: a smorgasbord of links

  1. I remember when Mallard Fillmore first came out. Heavy-handed, no subtlety at all, all politics all the time. No competition for Bloom County in either entertainment or political commentary. Or Doonesbury, for that matter.

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