It’s the centennial of women’s suffrage—

Though as Vox points out, the history of women getting the vote is a messy one, with white suffragettes prioritizing their own right to vote over women (and men) of color (while not mentioned in the article, that cut both ways: black activists during Reconstruction were willing to back off support for women’s right to vote as a compromise toward securing their own). And of course, getting the vote didn’t end sexism —

Roy Edroso points out how the women of “the Squad” have been crushing their primary opponents but the media portray them as barely surviving. And while the initial attacks on Kamala Harris are mostly about race, they’re also going with She’s a Slut. While that’s a classic approach to squashing women, I have a feeling the party of confessed sexual harasser, adulterer and lover of porn stars Donald Trump will not be able to make an effective attack out of someone else’s sexual errors. Though Rush Limbaugh, of course, is trying.

Jordan Hester was a star bar manager in the Raleigh NC restaurant scene. This Indy piece says he was also a chronic abuser and rapist. The story has some depressingly familiar traits: women who aren’t at first willing to call it rape, a guy with a general fondness for dominating women, friendly gestures that turn nasty.

A Monica Hesse piece discusses how conservatives feel entitled to judge women’s clothes, abortions or their sex life but suddenly decide they’re not going to dictate and be all big government when it comes to masks: “You might believe that abortion is murder, but you cannot say that it is contagious and airborne, something you can catch or transmit unknowingly to others. You cannot argue that, upon choosing to have an abortion, a pregnant person walks into a grocery store and infects 50 other innocent shoppers with abortion. As clever and self-righteous as anti-maskers may believe themselves to be, public health concerns are completely different from individual medical procedures. But if that’s the comparison that anti-mask folks want to make — fine. Prepare to be judged and harangued the way women are for seeking abortions. And prepare to deserve it, because unlike what goes on inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, public health actually is the business of the public.”

Want to keep Internet misogynists at a distance? Tattoos work. But they remain convinced women who say they’re lonely are really getting lots of sex.

Some conservatives argue that as most women fail strength tests for the infantry or special forces, that proves women don’t belong there. A military captain makes the counter-argument that this proves women who pass deserve to fight. And as he says, if lots more women were passing, there’d be loud complaints about how the tests had obviously been made too easy.

Another look at Isaac Asimov, professed feminist and self-confessed dirty old man.

A woman with three kids by three different men is a right-wing nightmare (ditto a black man with three different kids by three different mothers). This white guy, however, brags about getting three women pregnant because he doesn’t like condoms.

By now Rep. Ocasia-Cortez’s slap down of colleague Ted Yoho for calling her a “fucking bitch” is old news. But this is still a good article on A-OC’s response and Yoho’s faux-pology that he insulted her because he loves his country. The Cut looks at how NYT portrays this as some elaborate media-manipulation by Ocasia-Cortez, for example putting quotes around ‘accosted and publicly ridiculed’ as if that was an interpretation rather than a fact.

“While it is a husband’s God-given right to use spanking as a form of discipline on his wife (with or without her consent), a husband should be wise in regard to the hostile culture we live in.” just part of a horrible article on the God-given right of husbands to enslave their wives.

The United States has pushed for the rights of women overseas in the past. Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks the only rights we should care about are property and religious freedom. I’ll bet money that won’t include the freedom of the right to abortion, birth control, or religion other than right-wing Christianity.

Donald Trump’s proof he’s the women’s choice for president: He’s pardoning Susan B. Anthony! Which is not a bad thing, but it’s nothing that’s going to redeem him or make him less of a sexist and rapist, either.





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