Wonder Woman in images

So as I’ve written so much about Wonder Woman, I figured I’d showcase some of her memorable covers. Like HG Peters’ cover for the start of her series in Sensation ComicsAnd a Ross Andru cover for one of Robert Kanigher’s rather zany issues—Here Andru captures Kanigher’s insanely racist and just plain insane concept for a new villain, Egg Fu.And one for the Wonder Family era, also by Andru.Now we get a Dick Giordano cover featuring Catwoman, Diana and Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser (face it true believer, this one has it all!).The George Perez cover that kicked off his Wonder Woman reboot.And Perez’ truly chilling version of Ares from a few issues later.Then we have Gene Colan from his too-brief run with Roy Thomas.A Mike Sekowsky cover from Diana’s depowered years.I’ll end with two bits of interior art — this Ross Andru scene from the late Silver Age story in which Kanigher fires most of the supporting cast (this particular scene among fans looks like a prescient parody of online fan debates)—And this HG Peters scene giving us a memorable example of William Marston’s interest in bondage and dominance.#SFWApro. All rights to all images remain with current holder.

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