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Science and comic book science fiction covers

Once again, a mix of visuals and interesting links.

A thought experiment suggests at least one of quantum mechanics’ principles (the theory is universal; it’s consistent; and two contradictory facts cannot both be true) are wrong.

How the right wing came to embrace the anti-vaxxer movement. Oh, and Russia helped.

“Someone I was dating asked me if I could reschedule my period so it didn’t coincide with his birthday.” A look at things too many men don’t know about women’s bodies.

How worried should we be about facial recognition software?

Andrew Wiles cracked Fermat’s last theorem. He almost blew it.

Researchers look at black genes to explain racial differences when they should be focused on black lives.

IP mapping and its discontents. An article at Citylab argues this is one reason why print maps are still useful.

“Most people struggle with the idea that medicine is all about probability.” A look at why a lot of what doctors do to treat us doesn’t make a difference.

#SFWApro. All covers by Gil Kane, rights to covers remain with current holder.


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My computer’s back but not early enough to write this post

So it’s covers! For starters Bob Pepper’s cover for Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast.

Naturally when the troops came ashore in Normandy, they found women crouching at their feet.

I don’t think “gay masters” conjures up the image the cover text was originally going for.

I don’t think we see enough lavender horrors in specfic. Cover by Robert Gibson Jones.

And this one by Milton Luros comes from the school of “sexy astronaut” cover women.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holder. Top two covers are uncredited.

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Science and science fiction covers

Once again, a mix of science links with DC science fiction comics covers.

The many worlds theory of quantum mechanics says every quantum action creates a new universe. Philip Ball sees some problems with this. Researcher Heinrich Pas argues that all these universes are just faces of an underlying quantum reality.

Turns out blockchains aren’t unhackable.

The struggle to preserve Stonehenge.

Forensic science is more fallible than we think. And facial recognition systems in China labeled a woman as a jaywalker after seeing her photo on the side of a bus.

Why so many new transportation ideas founder because of tunnels.

Blogs and media threw a lot of attention at a study that claimed women had better orgasms with rich men. The later retraction by the authors? Not so much coverage.

Could elephants qualify for personhood?

Paleontologists claim to have discovered a major site that captures the day the dinosaurs died. National Geographic on what it means and why there are skeptics.

#SFWApro. All rights to covers remain with current holders. Covers top to bottom by J. Winslow Mortimer, Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson, Murphy Anderson, Anderson again and Gil Kane.

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This was a chaotic week

So I’ll mark it with these images from Michael Moorcock’s Swords trilogy with its themes of Order vs. Chaos. Details of the personal chaos in this afternoon’s post.

Bob Haberfield did the art. I found these on a visit to England in my tweens and was instantly captivated by the weirdly alien imagery. I still am (if I didn’t have so much to read, I’d whip them out right now).

#SFWApro. All rights to cover images remains with current holders.

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So when I set my last two posts to publish, I set them both to Tuesday (I think I did that while I was exhausted from Trixie’s diarrhea). So in lieu of actually writing a post, here’s some Virgil Finlay art.

First a cover:

Next an image from Merritt’s Ship of Ishtar

And one from Face in the Abyss (Merritt again)

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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Real science links and DC Weird Science covers

As I’m getting reorganized after Mysticon a simple links and  images post:

Hand transplant surgeons say they’re so routine now that they should be covered by insurance. Not everyone agrees.

A biologist discusses his feelings after an AI outperformed him. Another researcher says scientists using AI for data analysis are doing it wrong.

How much of the Internet is fake?

Flying cop cars!

A scientist offers revolutionary evidence that heart cells can regenerate. Years later, the results turn out to be bogus. The unsettling thing for me is that even though good science requires replicating results, repeated failures by other labs to confirm the findings didn’t seem to matter (one doctor dismissed the researchers as simply not being good enough to make regeneration work).

And despite the FBI’s claims, the science behind its photo analysis evidence looks dubious too.

#SFWApro. Covers (top to bottom) by Gil Kane, Ruben Moreira, Murphy Anderson and Anderson again, then Ruben Moreira. All rights to images remain with current holder.

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Big scary monsters and more!

First a Kirby cover. Grottu was eventually killed by dousing him with sugar so his ant armies ate him alive.

Next, Virgil Finlay. I’ve no idea why they’re lying on top of the world.

Paul does the next one.

And we wrap up with another Kirby cover. The giant is a radioactive mutant scarecrow but it’s actually a good guy.#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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Friday morning art

Art by Brillhart. At first I thought it was Powers.

Art by Hullings. I like the intensity of it.

Leo and Diane Dillon did the next one.

Here’s one by Don Maitz

And one by James Meese from the early fifties. I find it interesting that pre-Sputnik, pre-ICBM, just the idea of a rocket taking off was good enough for a cover. I’m also tickled the engineer’s holding a slide rule, once a symbol of engineering know-how, now forgotten.

#SFWApro. All rights to covers remain with current holder.

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Sex, sin and … darts? Covers for Wednesday

As I’ve mentioned before, for a long time paperbacks were the go-to source for stories with S-E-X. Case in point:

I think we all know what they’ve been doing, right?

This one’s not only rapey, it’s fricking weird. In that position, I’m pretty sure her breasts should not be rising upwards like that.

Sex and SF combined! But I have to say even as a horny teen I wouldn’t have found “endless games of sex” with a cyclops a turn-on.

Cover by HG. I’ve no idea what darts have to do with anything, but I like the look.

Now, for something completely different—
A scene from Marv Wolfman and Steve Gan’s Skull the Slayer, a 1975 comic about a former Vietnam POW and several others (angry black guy, angry feminist, rebellious youth) who find themselves in a lost world inside the Bermuda Triangle. While DC’s Warlord took a similar concept and made it a hit, Skull one never quite found its footing. Still it’s an interesting mix of multiple 1970s pop-culture tropes, as I wrote about over at Atomic Junkshop.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holder. Art for the first three covers is uncredited.

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Pssst, want some weird books?

I always enjoy when the used-book website Abe Books periodically posts a display of weird books. These include the truly weird, the extremely specialized and some that I don’t find weird at all. The page at the link, for instance, includes the book Tulipomania about the financial speculation in tulips in the 1600s. It was the first known financial bubble and more worthy of study than listing as a Weird Book makes it sound. Others, however? Well, take a look, first at some specialized topics:

Daghestan medicine symbols may, like tulipomania, be a subject worth of study, of course. Some of the others below, however …

Like Tulipomania, this seems a worthy reference book if you’re interested in snails.Not that there’s anything objectionable in books catering to a niche market, but even so …. English smocks?

Next, some that strike me as really odd.

I believe this one is a humor book.

There’s lots more at the link.

#SFWApro. All rights to cover images (I don’t know the artists) remain with current holder).


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