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Nursing is a world of danger, drama and death!

Because obviously a Bronze Age Marvel Comic wouldn’t lie about that would they?

And it is my imagination or does the protagonist have some serious push-up bra action going on?

#SFWAPro. Cover by J. Winslow Mortimer, a veteran comics artist dating back to the Golden Age. All rights remain with current holder.

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Garter belts and stockings are not typical picnic wear: cover art

As you can see, this woman believes in dressing up, even for a day in the country. Art by Charles de FeoBernard Sachs captures a heartbreaking (I assume) turning pointDe Soto gives us one of those chorus-girl costumes the pulps and early paperbacks seem to loveHere’s another example. Artist uncredited.She’s smoking … marijuana! Can anyone save her?More uncredited art. Dr. Palfrey was nothing like Doc Savage, but that is a striking cover.#SFWApro. Rights to covers remain with current holder.

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Cover art for Tuesday

OMG, she took off her face and shot rays out of it!

She’s been a baaaad girl!No discrimination here.And one by John Fernie. I suppose a round trip to murder is better than a one-way trip.#SFWApro. Art on all but the last is uncredited.

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Cover art for a Wednesday

First up, one by Zuckerberg. Simple, but I think it’s dramatic.

This Norman Saunders cover is also pretty arresting.Next up, a cover by Lou Marcetti that reminds me of the classic drama The Bad SeedHere’s another Powers cover—And one of those that suggests S-E-X is in the offing inside. Art by R. McGinnisThis cover by Abbett looks quite similar in pose and degree of skin showing.

#SFWApro. All rights to covers remain with current holders.

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A Merrittorious post

I absolutely love the science fantasy work of A. Merritt. For those who don’t know Merritt, the books have the trappings of fantasy (ancient deities, lost races, supernatural forces) but all explained by pseudoscience: other-dimensional entities, invisibility through superfast vibrations, reincarnation by ancestral memories. And such vivid and colorful settings they lent themselves to great book covers. For example Rodney Matthew’s wraparound cover for The Face in the Abyss

Or Matthews’ cover to Merrit’s Lemurian fantasy The Moon Pool  Though I admit to a fondness of this bizarre one (artist unknown to me)

Doug Ross does a rather Conanesque cover for The Dwellers in the Mirage

Here’s Matthews take, one of the few that doesn’t go Conan.  Though the monstrous Khal’k’ru looks a little dopey.Don’t know the artist, but here’s a third take.Next, Merritt’s only pure fantasy novel The Ship of Ishtar, cover by Stephen Fabian.Virgil Finlay (I think) provides a cover for Merritt’s horror SF, Burn, Witch Burn.

The sequel, Creep, Shadow, is a superior book. Here’s the best of the covers I’ve found and an interior illustration, but I don’t know either artist.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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Horror, robots and war: comics cover art for Tuesday

Nothing sinister actually happening on this Grey Morrow cover, but it’s still damn creepy, I think.

Veteran art team Ross Andru and Mike Esposito did most of the covers for the Silver Age Metal Men. The first appearance of the Missile Men is eye-catching, though I think their return adds some drama.

Joe Kubert brings the kind of distinctive POV that made DC’s war-book covers so memorable.

And here’s Jerry Grandenetti applying the same principles.#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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Once again, science links and science-fiction comics covers

Wow, that’s alarming. Scammers are using computer voice-fakes to impersonate people and swindle businesses by phone.

How the anti-vaccine movement got so big.

Baby Tyrannosaurus rexes were covered with down, like chickens.

Scientist David Shiffman writes about dealing with anti-Semitism in science.

A blogger suggests creationists attend science conferences, if only to know what the science is.

Turtle tracks vs. creationists.

Pseudoscience about racial differences still shapes medicine today.

An extinct bird has re-evolved. It’s not as miraculous as it sounds: there’s an island where a flightless rail has been wiped out repeatedly, but rails continue to land there, repopulate and lose their wings once again. Still pretty cool, though.

My fellow Atomic Junkshop blogger Jim MacQuarrie on how our visions of SF future have changed for the worse.

Evidence for the twin primes hypothesis.

Scientific evidence our dogs love us.

Women in science vs. stereotypes.

Earth’s magnetic poles swap positions more frequently than we thought.

The impact of climate change on French wine.#SFWApro. Covers, top to bottom, by Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson, Carmine Infantino, Kane, Kane, Anderson, Anderson, Kane, Kane, Anderson. All rights remain with current holders.

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A quick post of cover art

No work this week because I’ve been on vacation (details to follow in a later post). So only one post today, and it’s going to be cover art.

Now there’s a grabber of a cover!

Here’s another attention-getting thriller cover.Next, a joint image of Bob Pepper’s covers for the Gormenghast trilogy (combined image courtesy of The Literary Chick)Funny how many SF covers of the 1950s and 1960s had women in what look like chorus-girl outfits.

And of course, a Powers cover.To wrap up, here’s a Bob Brown cover from the comics. Like Mongo said, we’re just pawns in the game of life.#SFWApro. Cover art is uncredited if I didn’t give the name. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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Why don’t I have more time to write well-thought-out posts?

Well, a little extra dog care this weekend, for one thing. So covers it is!

One by Bergen. I’ve been told the book is excellent.

Another by JH Breslow

One by Lehr.

#SFWApro. All rights to covers remain with current holders.

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An interplanetary faux pas!

Don’t you just hate these awkward moments?   #SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder. Art by Dick Dillin.

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