More COVID-19 thrills and thoughts!

“The U.S. may end up with the worst outbreak in the industrialized world.” — From an Atlantic article about where the U.S. screwed up, what we should do now, and what the possible outcomes are. They’re not necessarily catastrophic. Yet. But they could be.

“Donald Trump’s response has been so predictable. He has not changed. He has not grown. He has not admitted errors. He has shown little humility.” — the BBC on what COVID-19 reveals about America. As I’ve said to a couple of people, “apocalypse” in the original Greek meant a revelation. It’s going to show a lot of people for who they are. Of course it’s not much of a revelation when right-wingers decide God is punishing America for the same things they don’t like (in this case The Gays — Arizona conservative Rep. Andy Biggs likewise voted against the coronavirus package because some of the benefits apply to gay couples). Or that Ann Coulter lies.

But on the other hand, there’s Kent Taylor, CEO of Texas Roadhouse: he’s foregoing his salary and his bonus and using the money to support restaurant staff. And a few Trump devotees have had the sense to challenge him on this; they’re still scum, but I’ll give them credit for getting one thing right.

•”Panic never helps. Panic implies that you lose your mind, and that in a war — even a war against a microscopic enemy — gives aid and comfort to the enemy. When you panic, you don’t think rationally, and in times of crisis, rational thought is the greatest weapon you could possibly have.” — from an interview with author Max Brooks.

*I wrote this morning about why blaming China is inaccurate and racist, but I’m not surprised that concept is taking hold on the right. In some people’s eyes it absolves Trump of blame; I’ve had a couple of people Trumpsplain that closing the borders proves he was on top of things from the first. And for others it gives them an enemy to punish, which makes them happy, happy, happy. Tom Cotton (who believes that if someone violates the sanctions on trading with Iran, we should be able to imprison their families without trial) now says ““China unleashed this plague on the world and there will be a reckoning when we’re on the back side of it.” Bigots are likewise unsurprisingly jumping on the hate-China train.

However the sudden swing of the right to declare it’s better if some of us die than the stock market drop any further did startle me some. Apparently Trump is freaking out about his election chances (and possibly that his hotels are now hemorrhaging money) so he wants social distancing over by Easter. The federal government can’t override states that impose stay-in-place orders but of course Trump saying it’s no big might undercut them. And it will let him blame the states when the economy tanks, a tactic he’s using already.

Like good little toadies, multiple politicians and pundits have taken it a step further, declaring it’s better we lose a few million people than make the economy slump any further. Of course there are alternative approaches, like having the government help people, but that’s anathema to conservatives: better people die than turn to the government! While some of them say they’d willingly sacrifice themselves, I take it as a given they’re lying, or confident they have the money and connections to get medical care (like these guys).  It’s the little people who must sacrifice. After all I know they’re  lying about how us older folks are willing to sacrifice ourselves so Trump’s hotels can get back in business. Though as Jeet Heer says, if these folks’ grandparents are living, they’d better watch their back.

Then we have Christian publisher Steve Strang declaring earlier this month that the coronavirus would end March 28. Antisemite shitbag Rick Wiles declares COVID-19 is targeting Jews. And megachurch pastor Rodney Howard-Browne blaming it on Jews (“globalist … money cartel“), Bill Gates, China, the communist controlled media, Big Pharma and by implication Satan (he strongly implies that a vaccine would be the Mark of the Beast). Or it’s simply that Americans have sex before marriage.

To end on an upbeat note, here’s a Sheldon Moldoff cover that shows the importance of self-quarantining even back in 1962.#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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