These books won’t sell themselves — and the ads aren’t helping

Somebody’s wasting a lot of money on Facebook advertising.

I keep getting a steady stream of ads for Kindle Unlimited urban fantasy novels and I can’t think why. I read some urban fantasy but it’s not my go-to genre. I read very little ebooks. History books or reprints of old pulp novels would be much more tempting.

And the content of the ads…I can’t think of anything that makes me seem like someone who’s going to jump for “harem fantasy” or “reverse harem fantasy.” Or one book where the hook involves the female lead, clad in nothing but her underwear, facing a monster in a brothel. That feels way too sexploitative. Or ads that assure me the women in the book are “smokin’ hot” — I don’t object to sexy women in books, but it’s not something that makes me go oooooh, yes (as Orson Scott Card once said, no matter how hot you say a character is, it’s never going to intrigue like seeing the real person).

In short, nothing about these ads prompts me to buy, even when the downloads are free. I realize that digital advertising allows you to hit vast numbers of people, but I can’t imagine FaceBook ads are so cheap they can just spam people. So this is probably not the best use of someone’s money.


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