Out with the old, in with the new

So with some money Dad sent me for Christmas, I upgraded some of my electronics.

My iPad, after around 11 years of loyal service, was running out of steam. It couldn’t upgrade to a new iOS, the old one wouldn’t support the CW app or BritBox (the app for Doctor Who, among other things), and Hulu was glitching. So I put it out to pasture (technically; I still have to scrub all my data before I get rid of it) and got a new one.

It’s slightly smaller because a bigger one would have been a lot more money and a lifetime of struggling-writer income makes me very reluctant to spend more than I have to, even if I have it. But it can handle all the apps, it has 12 hours of battery life and the screen is certainly big enough to satisfy (my iPad is a small portable TV for watching in the kitchen or when I’m using the stationary bicycle).

I’ve had my DVD/VHS player even longer. I bought it after my last move in Florida (around 2006) so that I could transfer my off-the-air VHS tapes to DVDs, thereby saving massively on space. It’s a decision that paid off, I think, as I have several hundred movies in one drawer in the living room. Easier than sticking extras in my Netflix queue or paying Amazon streaming, even if they’re available. And we still have some stuff on VHS.

However the VHS player stopped working. So even though the DVD player still plays, I figured I’d upgrade to Blu-Ray. This one I did pay out a little extra for (after reviewing the choices with Consumer Reports‘ ratings). It was worth it. The images look really good, and it’s not freezing up the way the DVD player was starting to do. We don’t have any Blu-Ray discs but I’m sure that will change. For now though, I settled for one of my VHS to DVD transfers, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning as the initial viewing.

It’s nice to feel pleased with my expensive purchases.

#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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