A not so productive week

First, for various reasons, I wasn’t working the whole week. And when I did work, it was another case of being nibbled to death. Enough distractions, spaced the right amount apart, that I couldn’t focus very much.

Tuesday morning, for example, I’d figured out a new approach to Only the Lonely Can Slay and was about to try it when the electrician arrived to fix our side-of-the-house floodlights. When he was gone the pups were freaking out (human! We wanted him to pet us! Why weren’t we petted?) and by the time they’d calmed down I had to call our alarm company with a couple of questions. By the time that was resolved, it was time to walk the dogs. And in the afternoon, I worked on my Leaf articles. So the new draft remains unwritten.

Tuesday night, I went out to the writers’ group and got thwarted there: instead of going out to eat afterwards, there was sleet in some parts of the area, so I thought it safer to go home. Initially I told myself I was probably worrying over nothing, then I saw there was ice on the car windshield. Not so nothing. Happily the trip home went fine.

So not much to blog about. But most of the current contractor stuff is done so next week should go a lot better.


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