Because it’s Thursday, let’s link to sexism!

Women talk about seeing their lovers turn misogynyist and racist under the influence of right-wing videos. The Outline looks at how believers in the far right’s extremism convince themselves they’re completely logical. Which is not a new thing; I remember an article by one sexist years ago explaining that since his critique of feminism was perfectly logical and feminists disagreed, that proved feminists weren’t logical!

Patriarchal Christian masculinity is a powerful drug. It makes many church men believe that the world desperately needs their perspective on everything. It makes their followers believe that asking such men to step aside from leadership is somehow tantamount to cruelty.Stephanie Krehbiel.

Bilgrimage on the argument churches simply can’t rein in sexual abusers effectively: “let a church leader or congregation make a statement proposing ordination of women or acceptance and respect of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ people, and watch how quickly the supposedly ‘loose’ and ‘disorganized’ church structures act.” (hat tip slacktivist)

I’ve heard how reluctant doctors are to say yes when a woman wants her tubes tied, but the article at the link really puts everything in perspective.

Neomi Rao, Trump’s nominee to replace Kavanaugh’s appellate court position, wrote in college that a woman who gets drunk is partially to blame if she’s raped.

Fred Clark points out that when people talk about #metoo and how we didn’t know how bad it was before, “A third of all women worldwide were the victims of sexual assault and harassment. Those women all knew. Billions of them.” It’s more accurate to say we didn’t acknowledge what we knew. Case in point, despite lots of accusations against Jon Reese, a Georgia journalism teacher, he’s still teaching.

A judge blames a pair of tween girls in a Kansas case for being sexual aggressors in a case involving a 67-year-old who paid them for sex.

Pro-choice terrorism hardly exists, but the FBI’s very worried about it.

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