After the election: some links

Of course the election battle is ongoing in Florida and Georgia. And sure enough, some of my Republican friends are parroting the claims that not having it settled on election day represents some kind of fraud. Sen. Marco Rubio is doing his best to play the refs on that one, as is former governor, possible future senator Rick Scott. And because Democrats who thought Jeff Sessions was too racist for attorney general (his last act as AG is both racist and authoritarian), also think firing him to put in a devoted Trump acolyte as acting AG is bad, Democrats are therefore full of shit.

While I think the Democrats did well, as I noted last week, no question Trump’s party having a lock on the Senate is a win for them: little chance of stopping whatever shit judges they push through now. And it’s unlikely, despite Bernie Sanders’ optimism, that Trump will swing left. How it will all play out, only the next two years will show. Now, links:

Republicans are losing suburban white women. Given they’re not going to change course, do they have any way to counteract that?

Bret Stephens at the NYT thinks Democrats blew it completely, and got very pissy being told he was wrong.

Despite the Democratic gains, some pundits still say the election was a case of messaging fail.

Did Democrats win because they didn’t go after Trump full-throttle?

A militant right-wing group in Georgia is threatening violence if Stacey Abrams wins.

A white nationalist still hopes to take over the Republican Party. Like most people who long for a white homeland, he’s full of shit, believing everyone should live in an ethnic homeland: whites in the US and Western Europe, Hispanics in Latin America, for instance. Only Hispanics were in the Southwest US and Florida long before whites, so why doesn’t that figure in (and, obviously, Native Americans were here before everyone)? The “white homeland” is just a pretense at sounding like there’s some historical logic to what white supremacists want.

We just elected several scientists to Congress.

New acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker has a history as a scam artist. He also thinks judges should make decisions based on New Testament morality. I have a feeling he doesn’t mean opposition to usury, sympathy for the poor and judging not lest ye be judged.

Prior to the election, a CNN columnist called for an end to service sex, where women give their partners sex even when the women aren’t in the mood. Unsurprisingly, the sexists at the Federalist say service sex is good and women should put out whether they want to or not.


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2 responses to “After the election: some links

  1. Zosimus the Heathen

    Just a heads up: your link to the article about the Republicans losing the support of suburban white women probably needs fixing – it leads to the article about Bernie Sanders.

    That piece on the white nationalist trying to infiltrate the GOP was interesting. I’m not sure why people like him feel the Republican Party needs to be secretly taken over by the likes of them, though, given that said Party seems to be pretty open about its white supremacist agenda nowadays. Disturbingly enough, a similar thing seems to be happening here – for example, our own main conservative party (or, more precisely, its youth wing) recently found itself compelled to expel a number of members who were revealed to have links to Australian neo-Nazi groups.

    My first exposure to the alt-Right occurred around ten years now, and many of the people from it I encountered then (albeit online) came across as fairly reasonable and likeable individuals, as that Patrick Casey individual no doubt does to many of those who encounter him in person. The whole shtick of those first alt-Right people I came across seemed to boil down to: “We’re not like those stodgy old conservatives and right-wingers of decades past! We’re young! We’re hip! We believe in dressing well, keeping fit, and eating healthy! We enjoy popular culture, just like you do, and even have a modern, liberal attitude towards things like sex and drugs! Now that we’ve gotten your attention and impressed upon you what nice, reasonable people we are, let us tell you about the dangers of race-mixing, and warn you how the globalists are trying to take over the world!”

    As you say, white nationalists are full of shit. To me, nothing better exposes the complete lack of internal consistency and logic in their beliefs than the fact that, during the Second World War, their hero Hitler viewed the Japanese as “honorary Aryans” and the Slavs (whose numbers include some of the whitest people I’ve ever seen) as subhuman trash. Then there’s the way that fellow whites they deemed “race traitors” (and I’m sure there’d be a lot of those!) would no doubt be treated in their all-white “utopias”, and the fact that, as you also point out, they have no desire to leave those parts of the world that they *weren’t* the first people to live in.

  2. Link fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Conservatives claiming they’re Cool and HIp has been a thing for much of the 21st century. There were the South Park Republicans (they’re not old-fashioned, they watch South park), the Crunchy Conservatives (they like granola and breastfeeding!), or just asserting that in a decadent liberal world, being oldfashioned and conservative is the new counter-culture (I actually saw skits on TV making that joke back in the 1970s, but these guys are serious). Or pundits proclaiming that Hip New Conservative Thinkers such as X or Y have liberals shaking in their boots.
    It reminds me of the suggestions some bloggers have made that lots of conservatives are resentful they’ve never gotten to be the cool kids.

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