So did my new planner really help me? March and quarter goals

So March, I did okay. 50 percent of my goals, but given Trixie being ill, my birthday and our Mensa trip, that’s a lot of days my mind was on other stuff. While some goals I missed eat at me (I really wanted to have No One Can Slay Her done), others I missed by inches (I need one last look at my hard copy Atlas Shagged before greenlighting it). And some were partly out of my hands, like finding an artist for the Atoms for Peace cover.

March 31 also wrapped up the first quarter of the year, which I’d planned out using the Plot Your Work Planner (well, February and March, I didn’t have it for January). Obviously it didn’t make me a flawless, frictionless fiction-producing machine, but I didn’t think it would.

What it did do was help me take my year goals for the biggest projects and break them down. Quarter by quarter. Month by month. Week by week. I found that a large help. I’m not always good about turning my year-goals into month-goals. I can also lose track of goals within a month; saying Finish X and Y by the 31st doesn’t always translate into “I need to do X this week, Y next week, proof both the week after.” Having a hard-copy journal with spaces for this week, next week, and for steps in each project — turns out that’s a huge help.

Reviewing the first quarter it’s obvious that having the planner doesn’t stop me setting slightly more goals than I can manage. But I hadn’t anticipated all the Leaf work I did last month. It looks like I’ll continue doing Leaf for the next couple of months, so my second-quarter goals (plus catching up what I didn’t get done first quarter) are probably a stretch. But what the heck, it’s not like there’s a penalty if I miss them.

#SFWApro. All rights to journal design remain with current holder.

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