I’m 60 now. I have absolutely no deep thoughts about this

Age is one of those topics where I suspect everything deep has been said. It did amuse me, though, that I woke up Sunday morning (March 18) with a sore shoulder (there’s some impingement) and the dogs and TYG snuggled up with me. My body continues slowly accumulating, but I have a wife and two pups I love more than anything. And compared to many of my friends, I’m in good shape, something I appreciate more with every year.

My career isn’t anywhere near where I hoped or thought it would be by this point. But my love life is a lot better. I’d like both, but if I’d been asked to choose at some point, I’d have gone with love. TYG isn’t the kind of woman I thought I’d end up with, but she’s a lot better.

The birthday itself was very quiet; due to a scheduling glitch, I wound up spending much of the day playing solo dog-parent. But the night before I did something I don’t usually do, throw myself a birthday party.

We had around a dozen people show up, members of my writers’ group plus some spouses/dates.As you can see, Trixie and Plushie got lots of attention. By this point, Trixie was pretty much exhausted from the excitement.

There was food (a lot of it remains), good conversation and a game of Dick. That’s Cards Against Humanity, but with all the answers lines from Moby Dick (spoiler: as it’s about whales, there are a lot of lines referencing sperm).

I’m glad I did that. It appropriately represents my sort-of goal for the coming birthday year: Relax. Have fun. Remember how good your life is. Enjoy what you do. All of which I know but sometimes between deadlines and other demands, I forget.

Now, onward to becoming a successful senior writer. Oy, vey.



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4 responses to “I’m 60 now. I have absolutely no deep thoughts about this

  1. Happy birthday, Fraser! Wishing you well and it looks like you had a great time. I am turning 50 soon and I, too, don’t have deep thoughts about this–just want to have more fun (games playing), writing, and love (I’ve been with my partner for 18 years and we’re still in love!). I am aware though that taking care of one’s body is a must for longevity as a writer.

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