Some good covers, and one bad one

The great thing about comics is that there are times you actually have to ask “how do you stop a human killer whale?” Art by Marie Severin.

Art is uncredited. I think it’s a neat one, though IIRC Anthony Gilbert’s writing just annoys me.

Jeff Jones doing his best Frazetta riff

Uncredited. The one I don’t like. It’s not bad, but it’s very generic Gothic; given the premise of Conjure Wife is witchcraft in a modern college town, I think a more mundane setting would have fitted the book better.

By Valigursky. I like the little alien dude.

Uncredited art.

Len Goldberg’s work.

E.K. Bergey offers a take on Hamlet and Yorrick.

#SFWAPro. All rights to covers remain with current holders.

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