“They don’t have any evidence because there is none” Right-wing double standards.

Anti-gay activist Matt Barber has often decried Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups is fomenting hate against Christians and conservatives (who strangely enough make up a lot of hate groups). It’s a baaad thing. So his recently announced solution is … a list of what he considers anti-Christian hate groups. Isn’t he doing the same thing? Heck no! “What they’re doing is dishonest, it’s not rooted in truth … they don’t have any evidence because there is none.” Whereas his group will speak the truth! So completely different, what do you mean he’s a hypocrite?

As I’ve mentioned before, many conservatives think old saying about “they came for the Jews and I did not speak up, because I was not a Jew,” doesn’t apply to them: It’s okay and sometimes desirable if “they” come for the Jews/Muslims/liberals/blacks/gays/feminists; it’s only unjust if they come for conservatives. Even though the point of the saying is that “they came for me … and there was no-one left to speak up” the conservatives of this worldview aren’t going to speak up for the other, even if that rebounds back on them. Better to gamble it won’t and enjoy the sweet spectacle of the Other being suppressed, bullied, condemned. It’s the same logic by which some conservative Christians scream about how they resent liberals judging them while loudly asserting their right to judge everyone.

Likewise, keeping out dangerous immigrants is a holy cause on the right. But nobody should establish standards that keep white extremists out!

And no matter how bad right-wing extremism and terrorism gets, the tough-on-terror conservatives don’t want to hear about it. Or about torture. And I’m curious if we’ll hear much about these apparent terrorist bombings in Austin Tx.

The left gets labeled as “special snowflakes” for believing people should have “safe spaces,” but that doesn’t stop white supremacist Richard Spencer from whining because he can’t speak out without opposition (I suspect the same fear of blowback is why one conservative Christian judge refused to marry gays but tried to hide it)

Then there’s “lying liar” Tony Perkins argument that liberals just bring up Stormy Daniels to shame evangelicals and drive them out of politics.

As I’ve said before, hypocrisy and double-standards aren’t the real issue. Conservative positions would be horrible even if they lived by their own rules. But it’s worth nothing they don’t.

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