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A recent blog post on the Wicked Cozy Authors group blog spoke enthusiastically about the Plot Your Work planner for writers. So as I still have some Christmas money left, I splurged and bought one.

The concept is pretty simple. I have five project sections. In each I can break down the month-by-month activity to get it completed — or as close as I expect to come — for the year. I don’t expect to complete Impossible Takes a Little Longer for instance, just to rework it so I’ve resolved the problems the manuscript has now.

The five projects? Glad you asked.

  • Reworking Impossible Takes a Little Longer
  • Finishing Southern Discomfort.
  • Finishing four short stories (I may be ambitious on that one).
  • Finishing Undead Sexist Cliches.
  • Publishing the hard copy of Atlas Shagged and the hard and ebook versions of Atoms for Peace.

Which looks like a lot (and it’s not like that’s all I want to do) but I don’t think it’s unattainable. There’s a lot of year left. The big challenges will be finishing the short stories — I don’t write those fast — and making the hard decisions for the final draft of Southern Discomfort. And of course, there’s always the challenge of added assignments turning up. The Leaf articles are currently keeping me very busy, and there are a couple of nonfiction projects that will keep me busy if they actually get the go-ahead.

Still, I suffer absolutely no penalty if I fall short of my goals, so I’ll shoot for it. I’m writing the workbook in pencil so I can adapt if anything falls through.

Of course I already knew I wanted to do all five of those projects. And I had a rough idea of the time frame. It’s not like I absolutely needed the book. But actually writing it in rather than just typing it in Scrivener really pushes me to break the five goals down into incremental steps. Then consider whether I can actually do that much stuff in the time allotted, then rewrite if I can’t (pencil!).

I’ve written the outline for the five projects. This weekend I’ll transfer the incremental steps to the month-by-month section of the planner. If I see it all together, freak out and cry No Way, I’ll go back and erase and rewrite.

I think this may prove a wise purchase.

All rights to the journal images remain with current holder (I don’t know it’s unique enough for that to be an issue, but just in case). #SFWApro


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