My poor little puppy!

So a week ago, Trixie started needing to go out every couple of hours to take a very diarrheal poop (I give her top marks for doing her best to get me to take her instead of just going somewhere in the house). Not good, but not that alarming.

Early Saturday morning, she puked. Which dogs do, so not disastrous (yet).

Then I went out around 6:30 to wait at the closest driver’s license office. I needed mine renewed and it’s easiest to go on Saturday. Of course it’s easiest for a lot of people so there were already a dozen ahead of me, waiting for the office to open at 8 a.m. To the staff’s credit, once it was open, things moved smooth as silk, and I was out and back home pretty quick.

By then TYG had texted me that Trixie continued puking, so she’d made a vet appointment. We arrived around 11, with Plushie in tow (so he wouldn’t be completely alone — he hates that). The vet said she’d keep Trixie for tests and to see how she progressed, so we left her and came back around 4:30. They’d given her antinausea meds for the vomiting and found gas bubbles in her stomach, nothing more. Usually when she’s nauseous she’s eaten something, but perhaps this was just a bug.

When we brought Trixie home, she was tired, listless and miserable. And then vomited again. So we did what the vet said and took her to the 24-hour vet service. They kept her overnight, giving her meds/food/water intravenously.

We brought her home the next day and she was even more miserable. No surprise; she hates needles and they’d stuck her quite a bit. So we worried and fretted about whether that’s all it was, or whether she’d need to go back.

Not to worry. By Tuesday she was completely back to her usual self, thank goodness. But needless to say, that was not a restful weekend. And dealing with a sick pup was very distracting when the work week started up — but I’ll get to that with this afternoon’s post.

#SFWApro. Rights to image are mine, please credit me if you use.


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