A road trip with TYG

TYG and I had crappy luck traveling in 2017. Outside of Mum’s funeral we didn’t get to take any trips together. Happily that problem seems to be in the past. Last weekend we drove down to a Mensa gatherings in South Carolina (we missed it last year because Trixie was sick). It’s always a good event because we have lots of Mensa friends who attend so it’s our chance to catch up and hang out. And eat. And play games. And hang out some more. And for TYG and me, snuggle in bed without the dogs. Love them though I do, it’s nice to focus on TYG once in a while.

The road trip itself was fun, or as much as 3.5 hours in the car is ever fun. TYG and I really enjoy each other’s company and spending several hours with her in the car is pretty cool. Much joking, teasing, occasional discussion of serious subjects. As it’s one period when she can’t stop and tackle some work emergency, she gets to relax. And of course, we got to see the Gaffney giant peach on our way down.

The organizers had chosen a Get Smart theme for the gathering. Friday night, I delivered a speech about the show’s history and backstory (hence my watching the first season recently) which had a good turn out and went over well.

Saturday TYG and I competed in Blonde Bowl, a quiz bowl-style tournament in which everyone wears blonde wigs. The end of every question contains the “blonde clue” which makes the answer obvious such as “name this central character of the novel Robinson Crusoe.” Although one team heard a Blonde Clue and one of them buzzed and got it wrong.

We (me, TYG, and our friends Doug and Steve) totally kicked butt, winning both our initial round and the final with a 50-point lead. I can say with zero modesty that I’m really good at Blonde Bowl (and the non-blonde quiz bowls at other Mensa events) — it’s not just that I know a lot of the answers but that I’m willing to guess a “probable” where most players wait for “certain.” I do well enough a lot of people think, inaccurately, that I’ve never lost (yes, I own up that I have).

TYG competed in the poker tournament Saturday night. Regrettably she did not parlay the $10 stake into a retirement fund, but she had fun.

We really had a great time, and it’s only the first of several trips we have planned this year. We headed out late Sunday morning, after catching up with my mother and brother-in-law. That gave us more than enough time to get home, unpack, and pick up the pups from boarding.

I hope all our trips this year are this fun.

#SFWApro. Photos are available for noncommercial use, please credit me if you use them.


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